Call Your U.S. Senators
(You Can Use the Capitol Switchboard

URGE THEM To Support the "Raise the Wage Act of 2021"
It Lifts 1.3 Million Americans Out of Poverty

The federal minimum wage, currently $7.25/hour, hasn't been increased since 2009! This means that it's become tougher and tougher for families to survive on that low salary, particularly tipped workers who get paid a subminimum wage of $2.13/hour plus their tips up to $7.25/hour. Gray Panthers joins with other organizations, such as the Service Employees International Union, the Poor People's Campaign and One Fair Wage campaign, to support raising the federal minimum wage to $15/hour. President Joe Biden's COVID relief bill included this important reform. However, Democrat Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), and many Republicans, oppose this reform. On February 4th, the U.S. Senate adopted a non-binding amendment to not raise the minimum wage during the pandemic. Bernie Sanders, author of The Raise the Wage Act of 2021, stated that his bill would increase wages in steps over five years after the pandemic. Good News: The $15/hour minimum wage was added to the bill in the U.S. House and Rep. Nancy Pelosi has insisted that the wage hike will be in the House bill being sent to the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has been working to get this wage hike legislation to be passed -- like the COVID bill -- by "reconciliation" that only requires 50 votes (plus V.P. Kamala Harris). With resistance in the Senate, our advocacy will be even more important! (Click HERE for more information.)

Call Your U.S. Senators (see # above)
(Your call is very important if your Senator is Joe Manchin or a conservative)

1. The federal minimum wage hasn't increased since 2009, when the wage was $7.25/hour;
2. Raising the minimum wage to $15/hour is supported by two-thirds of Americans;
3. According to a Congressional Budget study, a $15/hour minimum raise would boost paychecks for 27 million American workers and would lift 1.3 million people out of poverty;
4. Many states, including New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois and Florida, have already adopted a $15 minimum wage; 
5. Vote YES on the Raise the Wage Act of 2021 that's part of the COVID relief bill.

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Together, we can do great things,

Randy Block, MSW, Chair (he, him, his)
National Council of Gray Panthers Networks

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