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To all of our students on your September and 
 October bookings!

We are SO proud of all of your success.
Your amazing talent and hard work is paying off.

Carolyn Dodd
Gray Studios LA

Scarlet Spencer
Gray Studios LA

Mira Silverman
Gray Studios ATL
Booked a series regular role on the new Epix series 
Get Shorty!

Booked a lead role in the upcoming David Ayer/Max Landis feature film
Bright as Will Smith's daughter Sophia!

Booked a major role in the upcoming feature film
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: 
The Long Haul!

Kimberly Whalen
Gray Studios LA
Aryan Simhadri
Gray Studios LA

Jasmyn Rae
Gray Studios LA
Booked a recurring role on the series  Being Mary Jane with Gabrielle Union! 
Booked a SERIES REGULAR role in the new Nickelodeon series 
Mech Champions!
Booked a SERIES REGULAR role in the new Nickelodeon series 
Mech Champions!
Lucy Loken
Gray Studios Los Angeles
Kate Alberts
Gray Studios San Diego
Skylar Gray
Gray Studios LA
Booked a major recurring role in a hit TV show!

Booked a guest star role on a major kids network!
Booked a guest starring role on the CBS series
Life in Pieces with a possibility of recurring!

Eric Beigel
Gray Studios LA

Sanai Victoria
Gray Studios LA
Brittany Fisheli
Gray Studios LA
Booked national commercials for both Samsung (with Christoph Waltz) and  Chrysler
Booked a leading role in the Lifetime film 
Beaches  opposite Idina Menzel!  
Booked a recurring role on
Henry Danger 
on Nickelodeon!

Justice Smith
Gray Studios LA

John Posey
Gray Studios 
Scene Study Instructor 
Chad Roberts
Gray Studios LA
Stars as the lead role of the Netflix original series 
The Get Down !

 Booked a major guest star on  NCIS: New Orleans !  
Booked another episode of
Modern Family as the recurring role of Grayson and a leading role in a
 feature film!

Chloe Coleman
Gray Studios LA
Connor McGee
Gray Studios LA

Sarah Hoffmeister
Gray Studios LA
Booked the WGN original series  Roadside Picnic !
Booked a role in the Lindsey Stirling music vid
Something Wild for the Disney film  Pete's Dragon,
a national Canadian commercial for Sonnet Insurance.  a national commercial, industrial and internet for Reebok!

Booked a commercial for
Vodafone and can be seen in a commercial for 


Evan Warner
Gray Studios LA

Noveen Crumbie
Gray Studios LA
Vanessa Curry
Gray Studios LA

Booked a national / international music video for
Alex da Kid!

Booked the voice over role of  Camp Counselor Vanessa Jones in the Friday the 13th video game,  short film  Lux in Effect and a leading role in the USC film
Girls Club!
Booked a commercial for
Robbins Brothers and a commercial and print ad for
Sleep Number!

Nichole Doimer
Gray Studios Ohio
Jackson Geach
Gray Studios LA
Emmy DeOliveira
Gray Studios LA
Booked NBC/Universal's
Investigation Discovery: Disappeared - episode 805 (The Kayla Berg story) on The ID Channel!
Fresh off the Boat on ABC!
Teachers on TV Land!
Somali Rose
Gray Studios LA
Alyssa Bainbridge
Gray Studios San Diego
Emmersyn Fiorentino
Gray Studios LA
Booked a co-starring role on an Amazon series!
Booked a co-starring role on
Booked a segment for

Allison Nordahl
Gray Studios LA

Codey Pierce
Gray Studios ATL

Boston Pierce
Gray Studios ATL
Booked a national commercial for a luxury
 car brand!

Booked an  IBM Gaming Video and a  Safe Harbor 
Photo Shoot (PSA)!

Booked a comedy sketch for  Highwire Comedy Co. !

Audrey Holcomb
Gray Studios ATL

Thea Saccoliti
Gray Studios LA

Reilly Jacquemin
Gray Studios LA
Booked Discovery ID's
Murder Calls and the short film  3 Minutes !
Booked an episode of 
Game Shakers 
on Nickelodeon!
Booked the feature film

Mana Monshian
Gray Studios San Diego
Pilot Saraceno
Gray Studios LA

Malia Winfree
Gray Studios Skype Program
Booked VIVO x NBA,  a commercial for Vivo phone!

Booked a new episode of
Minimaster on Ticketmaster, hosting the show and interviewing Alessia Cara. She also booked a commercial for
MFS Insurance. Her BMW commercial was airing during the Rio Olympics! She performed with her band for the Rosie G Fashion Show!

Booked a music video for
Healthy Lives Matter!
Ava Bianchi
Gray Studios LA
Hannah Spiros
Gray Studios 
Ventura County

Kylie Hart
Gray Studios LA
 Booked the web series pilot Mad in LA  and a 
music video!
Booked  Criminal Minds 
on CBS!
Game Shakers 
on Nickelodeon!

Sage Tousey
Gray Studios LA

Toby Michele
Gray Studios LA

Emily Tosta
Gray Studios LA
Booked the short film
Common Threads and it is now being pitched as a 
TV show!

Booked the short films 
The Aspen Project and  Catharsis!


Samuel Robert Moody
Gray Studios ATL
Jesse Malinowski 
Get Scene Studios ATL

Paityn Hart
Gray Studios LA
Booked commercials for
Aaron's Big Score, LUND International, Nick Jr., Toys R Us, In Touch Ministries Inc, voice over for
Toys R Us, and an industrial for Childcare Rescue !
Booked  24: Legacy 
on Fox!
Booked a voice over for 
Columbus Zoo & Aquarium!

Selah Austria
Gray Studios LA
Stephen Enloe
Gray Studios LA

Brooke Renaud
Gray Studios LA
Booked a web-based film for  Mozell Films and a featured role in a Universal Advertising Campaign!  

Booked the lead role in the episodic new media series 
Brown Terror and a supporting role in a 
feature film!

Booked a commercial for 
National TP Links!

Abby Stark
Gray Studios
Skype Program

Tori Kostic

Gray Studios LA 

Juju Brener

Gray Studios LA
Booked the show
Scandal Made Me Famous
as an iconic role!

Booked a series regular role on the Dreamworks TV comedy science show Quantum Chaos Lab on the go90 app!
You can watch them all here
Booked the summer print campaign for  Grace Denim Girls (Its her second season booking for them).  Her short film  A Beautiful Day in which she plays James Brolin's Grandaughter won the First Prize at the 'Rhode Island Film Festival"!

David Kloehr
Gray Studios LA

Marissa Soto

Gray Studios LA

Bluebelle Saraceno
Gray Studios LA
Booked a hosting and voice over job hosting the opening and closing ceremonies of  Minecraft's 
Minecon 2016!
Booked roles on CW's 
Jane the Virgin and ABC's 
Modern Family !
Booked the lead in the USC film HoneyLou !

Ashley Yu
Gray Studios LA 

Maddox Henry
Gray Studios LA

Booked Teachers  on 
TV Land!

Booked a print ad for


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