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Dear Friends,

Are you awaiting the start of a lush grazing season?  Are you corresponding with loved ones? Are you celebrating sprouting seeds? Are you rejoicing in a slower pace? Are you grieving someone you've lost?  There's a mix of emotion and activity each day, and wherever you are, whatever you're doing today,  we hope this newsletter lands softly.


Vera Simon-Nobes
Farm-Based Education Network Coordinator
Upcoming FBEN Meetings 
Thursday, April 20 | 2 - 3:00 ET

Join Maritza Rosario of The Food Project , Ellen Koehler of Michigan State Tollgate Farm , and Cat Wright of Shelburne Farms to hear how these sites are adjusting their teen-oriented summer offerings in light of COVID-19. Register! 

Friday, April 24 | 3:30 - 4:30 ET

How are you staying connected with coworkers? We'll dig into that question and learn from each other's strategies. Register!  

Friday, May 8 | 3 - 4:00 ET

A community check-in to responding to emerging needs and topics. Register!
Other Upcoming Meetings to Note
Tuesday, April 21 |  2-3:00 ET

Aimed at Vermont farmers, the information shared here could be relevant to you in your work of building food security wherever you are! Learn how direct market farms can get authorized to accept SNAP benefits (formerly known as food stamps) and obtain EBT processing equipment. With the temporary closure of farmers markets and the increasing number of Vermonters eligible for SNAP benefits, it is more important than ever to be able to process EBT payments. Register!

Wednesday, April 22 | 2 - 3:00 ET

For this gathering, the School Garden Support Organization Network will focus on " Garden  Care and Management", including:  Safe  Garden  Use/Harvest Protocol,  Navigating local city/county and district policies for access to  school   garden,  How to share  garden  produce, vegetable starts, etc. Register!

Wednesday, April 22 | 2:00 ET

As museums and cultural organizations push forward in their efforts to adapt to coronavirus closures, many are striving to redesign programming and educational resources for digital platforms, stay community-oriented, and embrace digital transformation across all departments.  Register!

Friday April 24 | 2 - 3:00 ET

Wear a party hat, share a mocktail and join other SGSOs for this social networking hour. Need some inspiration for making mocktails,  checkout these drink recipes from Sprouts. Register!

Wednesday, April 29 | 2 - 3:00 ET

Gather ideas for maintaining fundraising, including virtual fundraisers,  generating new streams of revenue, and learn about the s timulus bill s upport  through COVID-19 grants. Register!

Wednesday, May 6 | 2 - 3:00 ET

Discussion will focus on educator professional development,  HR Implications, s cheduling, and p rogram evaluations. Register!
ReVision Urban Farm, Boston, MA
We'd like Your Advice  
We've assembled a small team to begin honing resources to share with the Network. Would you consider  answering one question to provide guidance around the types of resources you're looking for? You can always  email us, too. 
Get Outside and Garden
Christine Smith is the Executive Director of Seedleaf, a community gardening organization in Lexington, KY. In her OpEd, she writes of her childhood, "In addition to feeding us, growing our own food helped to put our crumbling world back into solid perspective." Today, Seadleaf has a series of videos about planting seeds, dividing transplants, chicken-keeping and more.

Speaking of gardening know how, the Penn State Extension Master Gardeners are running a 10-week free course on gardening, and Cooperative Gardens Coalition has a list of online resources, including "Ask a Sista" every Friday at 4:00 when experienced Black womxn* farmers answer your call-in questions about gardening, livestock, agroforestry, plant medicine, and food preservation. 
 Eager to Graze? Patience is Key
If you live in a place where animals graze seasonally, now is the time when they (and you!) are eager to get out on pasture! reminds us why you must wait until your forage is really ready! If you let livestock graze too early, you'll have reduced spring production, AND reduced total production throughout the year! Learn more...
Don't Forget Craiglist 
Amidst a flurry of questions on the best apps, platforms, and tools for connecting virtually, it's easy to overlook some basic resources that worked well before covid and will work well during it. The Cooperative Gardens Commission explains why and how to use Craigslist to share gardening resources and knowledge. Why Craigslist? Because it already exists and is widely used in almost every community across the US. 
Photo: Civil Eats
Victory Gardens' Lesser Known History 
Did you know that one of the reasons the Victory Garden movement took hold so strongly was because of a food shortage resulting from the incarceration of Japanese American farmers on the West Coast? Many aren't aware of the connection between the oppressive treatment of Japanese Americans and Victory Gardens, but it's a part of our history that warrants attention.  This is NOT to say you shouldn't get out there and garden, but be aware of the language you use and implications it has for invoking trauma with some people.  Read more about one group's learning related to Victory Gardens... 
Photo: Peter Forbes, Knoll Farm, Fayston, VT
A Shepherd's Night 
We often say that farm-based education takes many shapes and forms. To that end, we wanted to share this book - an essay by farmer and editor, Helen Whybrow, with photos by Peter Forbes. It was published online this spring and will bring hope, struggle, surprise, and beauty to your screen.  
Photo: Smitten Kitchen
Tahini Carrot Muffins 
Nutty and sweet, packed with carrots, this recipe won't disappoint. Thank you Smitten Kitchen for your creativity and recipes that blend the breakfast/cake line. 
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Explore this question and more in our March newsletter.

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