Winter 2013 

Linda Richmand, CPC, PCC

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Thoughts on Time Management 

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5 Reasons
 Time Management Apps
 Don't Work
(And Coaching Does!)


1. Apps Don't Account For Sabotaging Self-Talk: I recommend various time management strategies depending on clients' needs. However, strategies are useless when clients' talk themselves out of their own plans.  If a client, for example, is prone to saying "I can do it later" whenever he feels tired or overwhelmed, then remedies for sabotaging self-talk must be addressed before a time management plan can be effective.
2.  Most Apps Use Prioritization Methods That Decrease Efficiency: Planning your day based solely on priority can lead to anxiety producing schedules that most people will not adhere to.  What if your priorities on a given day are to write a proposal, change air conditioning filters, pay taxes and pick up dry cleaning?  That's a crazy day! There are much more efficient ways to organize schedules that actually DECREASE anxiety.
3. Smart Phones Come Equipped with All The Organizational Tools You Need: Most smart phones already come with everything you need to plan your day, week, month, and year.
4. Apps Don't Test Assumptions:  Coaches uncover and test the validity of assumptions that get in the way of proper time management. For example, some people prefer to complete projects in one sitting, and will put something off indefinitely until they can find the appropriate block of time.  Meanwhile, anxiety and other consequences increase each day the project remains on the list. I work with clients to chunk down large projects into parts that can be accomplished in smaller time intervals.
5. Apps Don't Delegate: Tasks that have been on your list for months and continually get pushed aside can be a cause of great frustration.  In most cases, I ask my clients to give themselves one more week to "just do it!"  If the task still isn't completed after the week, we discuss how to delegate or hire someone to complete it.  A cost/benefit analysis usually determines that hiring someone costs less than leaving it on the list, especially when increased anxiety and lowered self-esteem are figured into the equation.
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