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Tomorrow morning I will be privileged to help kick off the Virginia Run for the Fallen from Fort Story in Virginia Beach to Arlington. Participants will be running through Virginia for three days in support of our Gold Star Families. What an honor it will be to sing the National Anthem for these runners and support the cause they are engaged in.


As I mentioned in my last communication about the vision I have for our Virginia, we must always honor our veterans and their families for their sacrifice and service. In Gold Star Families, the ultimate sacrifice has been made by a member of their family. Please go to Virginia Run for the Fallen and add your support for this cause.


Over the past four decades I have been privileged to minister in various ways in the urban areas of South Richmond and in Fulton Hill, where I also operated two businesses for a while. These are two of Richmond's more economically strained areas. Through those years I have met and worked with many brothers and sisters in Christ who have labored faithfully. I am thankful that so many of them who serve as pastors and shepherds of their respective congregations have offered letters of written endorsement for my candidacy for Lt. Governor.


These endorsements come from pastors in Richmond, Fredericksburg and Greater Hampton Roads, including Bishop Gerald Glenn, Pastor Victor Torres, Pastor Steve Parsons, Pastor Lonnie Stinson, Apostle Leon Benjamin, Reverend Michael Hirsch, and more. Throughout the years, they have come to know me well and happily offer their support. We will need the support they can provide our campaign this Fall in their respective communities.


We have a strong blend of support from around the Commonwealth. Convention Delegates want to nominate a candidate they can count on to win and serve effectively as their Lt. Governor. They will want to choose the candidate with a solid, faithful, 25+ year conservative record in which they can place their confidence in how he will conduct himself in office. I offer myself as that candidate. One whose record in and and out of office has been scrutinized and respected by the electorate through 10 successful elections.


I ask for your vote on the first ballot, on Saturday, May 18th (hyperlink to parties convention info page). If you have firmly committed to another I ask for your support on subsequent ballots. In nominating me as the Republican Party's candidate for Lt. Governor, you are nominating the candidate who can best run, win and serve. The candidate who will honor your trust and be faithful in service.


Let me know of your support, and join us at my Hospitality Suite at the Liberty Lounge, in the lobby of the Downtown Marriott on the evening of May 17th. I look forward to seeing you, and am forever grateful for the privilege of service.

God Bless,
Steve Martin

P.S. Pregnancy Counseling Centers around Virginia are doing a most important work. Please visit them and offer your assistance, as able. God bless you for your sacrificial service.