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Theia’s award-winning family of motorized 4k lenses covers 4-10mm & 12-50mm focal ranges for up to 1/1.7” format, 12 megapixel resolution with IR correction for excellent performance in day & night. With motorized zoom, focus IR cut and Iris.
Ultra Wide, No Distortion Lenses
Learn more about Theia's lenses with patented Linear Optical Technology®
Our technology removes fisheye distortion optically without software. Up to 135° HFOV, 5 MP, Day/Night for up to 1/2.3” sensors.
Catch our Ultra Wide, No Distortion Lenses in Action!

Rail platform shown using our SL183 lens with patented Linear Optical Technology®.
Compact Telephoto Lenses

Explore Theia’s 5mpx and 4K resolution, NIR corrected Telephoto lenses.
These lenses are perfect for high detail applications like LPR/ANPR & analytics. With DC auto and P-iris options, CS mount.
Zoom in for high detail! See our Telephotos perform!
Watch Theia's SL1250 Telephoto lens capture high detail in city application.