Great ESD flooring is sustainable
If you could only select one feature of SelecTech flooring to mention to a prospect, what would that be.

That’s the question we posed to Mike Blasek, vice president of sales for Spartan Surfaces. The answer may surprise you—not us. 

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FreeStyle Classic™ Glue Down Flooring
Glue Down Conductive Vinyl Tile
FreeStyle Classic™ is a low-cost, reliable, and attractive alternative for your static-protection needs. This direct glue-down option is a perfect alternative to our FreeStyle ESD™ Interlocking floor when installing in open spaces, where downtime isn’t a concern and where subfloors are ready to accept glue-down flooring.

Explosives and Munitions
A discharge of accumulated static in the presence of explosive materials or devices can have disastrous results. There are several standards that address the control of ESD in these vulnerable areas, including: NFPA 77, DoD 4145.26-M, DA PAM 385-64. These standards all require the use of conductive flooring with a suggested requirement of maximum resistance of a person’s body, the resistance of the conductive footwear. 

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