September 15, 2015, Issue #5
Fall Workshops!
October 19
Location: The Bay School of SF
Facilitators: Crystal Land and Rachel Concannon
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October 22


Location: Polytechnic School

Facilitators: Crystal Land and Rachel Concannon

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November 13-14, March 16, May 9
Location: Nueva School
Facilitator: Ron Ritchhart

November 9


Location: Curtis School

Facilitator: Lori Cohen

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What is the BATDC?


The Bay Area Teacher Development Collaborative (BATDC), is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing professional growth opportunities for teachers and administrators from independent schools. Its member schools represent the diverse range of small and large elementary, middle, and high schools from all over the greater San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles areas.

What is the mission of the organization?

The aim of the BATDC is to: 1) Promote enriching professional development opportunities.

2) Support collegiality and cooperation among teachers and schools.

3) Inspire teachers to become educational leaders.

Why does a "Bay Area" organization also operate in Los Angeles?

The BATDC started in the San Francisco Bay Area in the year 2000, and has since grown to include a network of over sixty independent schools in the region. In 2012, a group of LA area heads of school asked if the BATDC could replicate its proven model by launching a branch of its operations in Southern California. Now, following the completion of the two-year pilot program, and with a thriving group of over twenty member schools in Southern California, we'll soon be changing our name to the "California Teacher Development Collaborative."

How can I take part in the BATDC's offerings?

1) If your school isn't already a member, encourage them to join here

2) Register for our upcoming events, and keep an eye out for our spring schedule of workshops.

3) Get in touch and let us know what kind of professional development opportunities you're looking for.

4) Let us help you leverage the power of the network by connecting you with colleagues from other schools. 

5) Join our mailing list to stay up to date on all our future workshops and events.

A Message from the Executive Director,
Janet McGarvey
Happy new (school) year! The theme of this first newsletter of the 2015-16 academic year is Great Expectations, and in it you will see why it seems an apt choice. Not only are we hoping that this year is a great one for each of you, but also we at the Collaborative have some significant changes that are very exciting. First, we are in the process of changing the name of the BATDC to the CATDC: the CaliforniaTeacher Development Collaborative. This reflects our permanent commitment to our presence in the Los Angeles/Pasadena area. Secondly, we welcome Virginia Paik as the new board President. Virginia takes over as former President Cathy Hunter completes her second term and rotates off the board along with Amy Richards, Tim Johnson, and Julie Elam. Each of them has served brilliantly, and I am so grateful for their leadership, service, and wisdom. We welcome new board members Jeff Bissell, Luke Felker, Valentina Imbeni, and Julia Eells who join Mitch Bostian, Travis Brownley, Monique DeVane, Katherine Dinh, Elizabeth McGregor, Mark McKee, Steve Morris, Bob Riddle, Howard Ruben, and Eric Temple. Third, we welcome Tracy Gallagher to our office at the Bay School and Eryn Hoffman to her newly-created position as Director of Programs in Los Angeles. Tracy takes Tori's Hogan's newly-vacated position and will serve as Communications Director and Events Coordinator. Tori is beginning some new adventures, including parenthood, and we wish her well as we enthusiastically welcome Tracy and Eryn. Finally, we have a full slate of programs that we hope you will find inspiring.  Please look at our web site for more details about them. Here's to a terrific year ahead of great expectations!
Great Expectations and a Beginner's Mind
By Lori Cohen,  The Bay School of San Francisco
When we teachers plan for a new school year, the word "expectations" is in our DNA. We think about expectations for our students; expectations for our subject areas and courses; expectations of our relationships with parents and colleagues; expectations of ourselves as we set professional goals. After several years at this gig, we know what to expect...most of the time.  But what about new teachers? What are their expectations?  Read more...
Great Expectations for the CATDC
By Virginia Paik, Live Oak School
Expectations are visionary and grounded; ambitious and informed. The "great" ones provide just the right stretch for an individual, an institution, or a community. They are reaches not strains, opportunities not obstacles. They pull us and drive us to be our best selves. As I look at the year ahead for the California Teacher Development Collaborative, I am filled with great expectations. Our name change from the Bay Area Teacher Development Collaborative to the CATDC demonstrates our understanding that our organization has the capacity to inspire collaboration, leadership, and professional growth to benefit the educators and students in our member schools throughout the entire state of California. The growth of the CATDC will enrich our professional community and we expect to inspire many more mind to work in active pursuit of many more answers.  Read more...
Introducing Eryn Hoffman as the BATDC's Director of Programs, Los Angeles
By Eryn Hoffman,  Director of Programs, Los Angeles
This summer, I began working with the BATDC, an organization that I have held in high esteem since it came to the Los Angeles area several years ago. Fortuitously, my start date corresponded with Ron Ritchhart's workshop  Creating a Culture Where Thinking and Understanding Can Thrive  at Westridge School in late July. I spent my first days with the BATDC at this workshop, learning from Ron and getting to know the incredible BATDC community.   Read more...
Introducing Tracy Gallagher as the BATDC's Communications Director and Events Coordinator
By Tracy Gallagher,  Communications Director and Events Coordinator
As I wrap up my first full month with the BATDC, I am so grateful to be a part of this engaged educator community. Working with facilitators who care deeply about sharing their expertise with the larger teacher community is an incredible privilege. Before joining the BATDC, I worked at Jossey-Bass/Wiley publishing, acquiring books for educators and helping to manage the Teach Like a Champion community. 
I learned a great deal from working with thought leaders in K-12 education and connecting with thousands of educators who used Wiley content to improve their practice.