Kroon Grant is Saving Lives

Kroon grant logo Animal rescue groups often pull pets from shelters. Michigan Pet Fund Alliance wanted to help rescue groups save more at-risk dogs and cats, and had received a bequest from a donor. Putting the two together, the Judith Middleton Kroon Life Saving Program Fund was created. The program provides funds for seniors (over age 7), pets with medical or behavior problems, or those designated as "Rescue Only".  Is it working as intended?  We think so! Response has been steady, and we received this wonderful letter from a participating rescue group:

To Whom it May Concern, 


My name is Erica McCarthy and I run the day-to-day Operations at Canine Companions Rescue Center. I want to let you know how helpful the Kroon Grants have been and how they have factored into my selection process when pulling dogs. I have a huge soft spot for the seniors and so do many of our volunteers. However, the majority of the seniors, if not all of them, need dental work, and of course we never know what is going to come up in the bloodwork, etc. when pulling an older dog. We already reduce our adoption fee for the public for senior doggies so we often take quite a financial hit with the seniors we pull.  Knowing that we have the Kroon Grant to back us up makes my decision to pull them so much easier. 


We have pulled and placed so many wonderful seniors since we have been receiving this grant (probably close to tripling our average number of senior adoptions), and it has been an amazing experience for our group. We even have more volunteers stepping up to foster them, and they all rave about the benefits of fostering seniors. 


I just wanted to let you know how important you are to our organization and what a difference you have made for us and the dogs! THANK YOU! 


Erica McCarthy

Canine Companions Rescue Center

Operations Manager

A recent Kroon grant success story is Leona, who was pulled from a shelter in October.  Due to her age and medical condition (mammary tumors that had to be removed), Leona would have been a difficult dog to place from within a shelter.  She was nurtured by a caring foster until her forever family adopted her on 11/26/14 in time for the holidays.  Leona is being given all the love she deserves by her wonderful new family: a human mom and dad and three canine siblings. 

Are there any Kroon pets available for adoption?

Currently CCRC has two Kroon grant recipients awaiting their forever homes. More information on Sochi is here and Dasher is here. An ongoing list of Kroon grant recipients and their adoption status is here
Sochi - CCRC


How can a rescue group qualify for Kroon Life Saving program funds?


Become a Michigan Certified Rescue. Information is here. If you're already certified, apply for a Kroon grant here


Is the fund accepting donations? 


Yes! Donating to the Judith Middleton Kroon program fund is one way to ensure that 100% of your giving goes directly to rescue an at-risk shelter pet. Just select "Judith Middleton Kroon Fund" on the form here

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