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The National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) is a network of organizations committed to informing and encouraging girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Established in 2002, the NGCP has served over 20,000,000 girls through over 35,000 programs committed to gender parity across 41 states in the U.S. Via The Connectory, the nation's largest and most prolific search engine of STEAM opportunities for K-12 engagement, NGCP's tapestry of programs make their way to educators, parents, and the youth they serve.-
You might be finding yourself in need of some additional, cool resources for your kids - girls and boys. We recommend these awesome girl-centric shows, sites, and apps to spark the science in your household!
Contributed by Jennifer Stancil, Chair of the National Girls Collaborative Board of Directors
Who doesn't love the musical strategies around math in this charming, Emmy-award winning TV show. Peg, her beloved (and droll) cat, an operatic pig, one of the most helpful friends and her love of math will save the day. For kiddos under 6.
All the below resources are built for tweens and teens. Feel free to consult Common Sense Media for reviews and age-appropriate recommendations.  
This new Saturday morning series is hosed by Miranda Cosgrove and is part of a bold, nationwide initiative to empower girls in STEM. It's on your TV, but also YouTube. Don't miss the STEM STARS shorts, including the 3D printing of prosthetics, rapid ice cream chemistry, "bear" essentials for working with large carnivores and more.
SciGirls Logo One of the most prolific, well researched and award-winning TV shows of the past 15 years, SciGirls is inclusive. Don't miss diverse episodes on taming the wind, coding a concert (even when you are hearing-impaired) and the wild race to harness bike-power or code a new app. Many shows are translated and have Spanish resources with them. 
Six seasons of McKeyla McAlister as the lead agent of NOV8 (innovate) and her friends (my fav is culinary chemistry Adrienne Attoms) trying to save the world with science? Sign me up. Smart is indeed the new cool. Watch for the beloved Danika McKeller (Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years who is a producer on the show and also a mathematician) show up as McKeyla's mom.
  Troop Zero
We got to know Christmas Flint well, when this movie for teens came out in January from Amazon Studios. With her band of misfits, Christmas leads the effort to get their voices heard in space, via NASA's (real-life) Golden Record project.  
Fast Forward Girls Promo2 Fast Forward Girls, a YouTube series brought to you by the makers of Goldiblox (engineering toys made with girls in mind), has a really cool twist. FFG leverages girls your kids might already know... they've selected YouTube stars to go on missions with unique STEM role models, emphasizing that all girls need someone to look up to to see themselves in a STEM career.
Both New Moon and Teen Breathe center on the wellness for tweens and teens but have focused stories (in the case of New Moon, written by girls themselves in their own voice) about confidence, identity, and creativity - all central in developing girls' STEM identities.
This inspiring movie shows women defying odds, expectations and long-standing rules to compete in the Space Race to put a human in orbit. Mathematics, engineering and pure moxie move science by leaps and bounds.
For teens 14 and up 
In case you didn't notice, Doctor Who has regenerated... into a woman! With two seasons under her supersonic belt, Jodie Whitaker is riding high in the universe with a diverse cast and many problematic 
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