The Great CSP Giveaway Contributors!

Keep local businesses going during COVID-19 restrictions. 
Here are some of the prizes available:





And many more... How to enter?
  • Everyone is allowed one free entry with a suggested donation of $25.00. 
  • Entries are available to everyone 21 and over. One entry per person.
*Drawing will be held via Facebook Live on October 15th

We want to give a big thank you to all the local businesses that made this amazing giveaway possible. Please support your local ABQ businesses!

Join Maryann Harvey 
in a Night Club 
Online Video Series

Maryann Harvey, UCWDC Masters Grand Champion and Classic Open Division I World Grand Champion, will be your guide through an exciting ONLINE video experience sponsored by CSP Dance Studios!

This 6 week series, beginning Monday September 21st, will feature 5 weeks of instruction from either the leader or follower perspective plus a final Q&A session.  

Each Monday, you will receive an emailed link of four measures of novice nightclub patterns. These patterns will be presented, explained and demonstrated. The fifth week in the series will provide review and combine the material into a sequence.

Just purchase the package, access the Leader or Follower link each week, and enjoy. We're so excited to get started next week.