Q1 2023

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Denver International Airport (DEN) has had a great number of successes over the last two years on the Great Hall Project. After partnering with Sky Blue Builders and Hensel Phelps, immediate action was taken to move ahead with the Great Hall Project resulting in the many accomplishments that will allow the airport to serve our more than 69 million annual passengers.


As we look back on our progress, there are many highlights including completing the first phase of the project ahead of schedule and $25 million under budget! Take a look at this video that shows our progress over the last couple of years and read accomplishments below:


  • Contracted with a new designer and prime contractor
  • Quickly leveraged an existing contract with Sky Blue Builders, a Minority- Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) to address immediate construction and safety needs
  • Restarted demolition to enable construction of new ticketing areas
  • Improved coordination with stakeholders to better communicate construction impacts to airlines, concessions and other airport businesses
  • Opened new ticket counters for United, Southwest and Frontier Airlines
  • Built new automated self-bag-drop units to streamline the check-in process
  • Added 31,000 square feet of space for the Jeppesen Terminal as well as 158,500 square feet of newly renovated space
  • Opened four new restrooms and upgraded existing restrooms
  • Began construction of new the security checkpoint on Level 6 West
  • Constructed temporary ticket counters on the south end of Level 6 and relocated 20 airlines to this new area
  • Closed the northwest area of Level 6 to complete the full buildout of the new Level 6 West Security Checkpoint that is on schedule for completion in Q1 2024
  • Completed the curbside escalator on the west side of the terminal near United check-in and reinstalled one of two iconic gargoyles in DEN’s art collection
  • Started construction of the new triple escalator that will take passengers from post-security on Level 6 to the train to the gates on Level 4
  • Started construction on the second security checkpoint that will be located on Level 6 East

Center of the Jeppesen Terminal after the completion of Phase 1 of the Great Hall Project, including new check-in areas for United (west side) and Southwest and Frontier Airlines (east side).

Road to Recovery

DEN and its contractors continue to be within budget and on schedule. The next major milestone coming is the completion of the new West Security Checkpoint in Q1 2024, bringing passengers an elevated security experience with 17 screening lanes consisting of more efficient technology to expedite the process.


In order to prepare for 100 million annual passengers in the next 8-10 years, the airport is also building a second security checkpoint on the east side of Level 6 and constructing new ticket lobbies for all remaining airlines. Demolition is currently taking place in the northeast corner of the terminal to make way for the new East Security Checkpoint. This checkpoint is scheduled to be complete by mid-2026.


DEN continues to work with its contractors and airline partners to ensure operational needs and customer experience are balanced with the construction schedule in order to deliver an effective and efficient project for our passengers and business partners.


Overall, DEN and its small and large business partners are extremely proud of the progress made to date including completing Phase 1 of the project, entering the final year of construction on Phase 2 and starting the Completion Phase. All of these accomplishments have taken places within the last two and a half years. DEN is even more excited to bring the first of two new security checkpoints to passengers in Q1 2024 with even more enhancements coming soon as part of a project that remains on time and within budget.


Thank you to our passengers, business partners and employees for their patience as we build a terminal for the future!


2022 was a tremendous year for the Great Hall Project and 2023 will be an instrumental year as we work toward enhancing security, improving operational efficiency, increasing capacity and elevating the passenger experience.


The focal point of the year will be the construction of the two new security checkpoints on Level 6. The West Security Checkpoint will be the first to be complete in Q1 2024. This requires building out the new checkpoint with new flooring and finishings and installing the new security screening equipment. As construction progresses, DEN will continue working with TSA to test the new equipment and prepare for the opening of the new checkpoint next year.

Northwest area of Level 6, future new security checkpoint as part of Phase 2 of the Great Hall Project.

In addition to the West Security Checkpoint, demolition will continue on the East Security Checkpoint. The goal for 2023 is to get the northeast section of Level 6 cleared out so buildout of the new security checkpoint can begin. This second checkpoint will mimic the west side and will be completed by mid-2026, at which time all security screening will take place on Level 6, near the ticketing areas creating a more efficient and convenient experience. 

Northeast area of Level 6, future new security checkpoint as part of the Completion Phase of the Great Hall Project.

In the center of the terminal, a new triple-escalator is being constructed to provide direct access from the new security checkpoints on Level 6 to the train platform on Level 4. It will open in Q1 2024 with the West Security Checkpoint.

Triple escalator in the center of the Jeppesen Terminal that will take screened passengers from the new security checkpoints on Level 6 to the train platform on Level 4.

A new escalator will also be constructed this year between Levels 5 and 6 next to the Southwest and Frontier airline check-in areas. This will be the same as the new escalator at the United ticketing area on the west side. These escalators will allow for added capacity getting passengers from Level 6 down to Level 5 where security is currently located and more convenient options when checking in with three of DEN’s largest airlines. Once open to the public, the second DEN gargoyle art installation will also return, which has been in storage since construction began in this area!

The new westside escalator similar to what will be built on the east side of the terminal as part of the Completion Phase of the project.

Last but not least, 2023 will see the completion of design and the start of construction of the Center of Equity and Excellence in Aviation (CEEA), a first-of-its-kind training center that will help create a pipeline of aviation talent in Denver and provide under-represented communities and young people opportunities for future careers in aviation.


There is a lot to come in 2023 and we look forward to sharing the progress with you and opening our first new security checkpoint early next year.


Trish Holper’s passion is quality. Not just ensuring that work is completed according to requirements, standards and client expectations, but working with clients to integrate quality procedures and processes into all aspects of their organization’s work – making quality not just a task to complete, but a way of doing business.

DQP Enterprises owner, Trish Holper, and Construction QC Administrator, DeMonte (Thomas) Efferson taking 360- degree project photos

This passion led Trish to establish DQP Enterprises, a M/WBE, 19 years ago. Building on her early career working for Space Imaging, DQP Enterprises started small by conducting quality audits at a chemical plant, but quickly expanded their work by becoming the internal quality auditor for the Regional Transportation District’s (RTD’s) FasTracks transit expansion program. DQP also acted as the Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Manager for several Program Management Oversight (PMO) consultant teams working for the Federal Transit Administration. For each of these projects, DQP Enterprises focused not only on developing unique, organizationally focused quality solutions, but on training internal staff to champion quality over the long term, including constantly evaluating the effectiveness of quality programs and identifying and implementing improvements over time.

For nearly two years, Trish and a member of her staff, DeMonte (Thomas) Efferson, have been supporting DEN’s Great Hall Project by monitoring quality on the job site and communicating critical information to the contractor, Hensel Phelps, to ensure excellence remains at the forefront of the project. Thomas, in his role as Construction QC Administrator, is also responsible for taking the 360-degree project progress photographs and work with the office engineers and the DEN team on various support tasks.


Trish appreciates the support and opportunities her company has received from DEN and the City and County of Denver. For example, she and DeMonte (Thomas) have recently engaged with the City’s WORKNOW program that connects members to job training, coaching, and placement assistance, as well as family support services like childcare, transportation, and the purchase of construction equipment. Through this program, she and DeMonte (Thomas) recently received vouchers for work boots and equipment and will be attending upcoming safety training classes that are currently being prioritized for members of the Great Hall Project construction team.


“I love working on projects that transform how we live our lives,” said Trish, “That is why I am so excited to support quality efforts on the Great Hall Project, a project that will make it easier, more efficient and safer for passengers to travel through one of the world’s busiest airports.”


With the help of the DQP team, DEN can rest assured that quality and excellence remain a top priority for the Great Hall Project.



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