Q3 2022

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The Great Hall Project has reached some significant milestones over the last several months as Phase 2 construction continues on the new security checkpoint in the northwest corner of Level 6.

In August, the new escalator located on the west side of Level 6 near United’s new check-in lobby opened to the public. This new escalator takes passengers between Levels 5 and 6. A similar escalator will be constructed on the east side next to the Southwest and Frontier check-in lobbies. This escalator will be installed as part of the Great Hall Completion, which will begin later this year.

With the opening of this new escalator, DEN welcomed back one of DEN’s gargoyles that watch over passengers' bags in the terminal. The popular bronze sculpture is part of ‘Norte Denver’, a public art installation by artist Terry Allen. The second gargoyle remains in storage while construction continues on the east side baggage claim area.

Shots of the new escalator located in the middle of Level 5 on west side that takes passengers between Levels 5 and 6. One of DEN’s popular gargoyle bronze sculptures has returned as well.

Another significant milestone is the completion of the refreshed and modified space now being used as new airline ticketing/check-in space on the south end of Level 6. By moving the airlines from the northeast and northwest ends of the Terminal to the south end, DEN can make room for the new security checkpoints on the north end of Level 6! Keep reading for more information about the airline moves.


If you have been in the center of Jeppesen Terminal on Level 5 over the last several months, you may have noticed the construction box on the north end of the arrivals area. As we have shared before, this is where the new triple escalator is being constructed to take screened passengers from Level 6 to Level 4. Since our last update, all remaining steel has been installed, the framing and concrete have been completed on the new elevator, and a large hole has been cut in the floor between Levels 4 and 5. Progress can be seen from the balcony above overlooking the Level 5 arrivals area. Although this massive hole is covered for safety, take a look at this view from Level 4 behind the construction walls.

This two-story escalator is a key piece for moving screened passengers down to the train platform once the new security checkpoints open. By installing three escalators, DEN can accommodate the larger passenger volumes expected in the future. These escalators will eventually be complemented by new elevators and an additional escalator to the north that will also take screened passenger from Level 6 to Level 4.

View of the triple escalator construction from the Level 4 departures platform, behind the construction walls.

All of these are options will get passengers to the departures train platform and will help DEN prepare the terminal for 100 million annual passengers in the next 8-10 years.

Stay tuned for more updates as we watch crews continue work on this element of the project!

Conceptual rendering of new triple escalator coming from Level 6, through Level 5 in center of Jeppesen Terminal and down to the Level 4 train platform.

Crews installing structure and framing for the triple escalator located in the arrivals area of the Great Hall.


As we mentioned, many airline check-in areas began moving in August from the north end of Level 6 to the south end of Level 6 to make room for the new security checkpoints.

Here is a list of airline relocations that have taken place to date (pod numbers are noted on the overhead yellow signs hanging from the ceiling in the ticket counter areas).

  • Allegiant is now located in Pod 3 on the southeast side of Level 6 near Door 615
  • American Airlines is now located in Pod 3 on the southeast side of Level 6 near Door 613
  • Boutique Air is now located in Pod 4 on the southeast side of Level 6 near Door 615
  • British Airways is now located in Pod 4 on the southeast side of Level 6 near Door 615
  • Sun Country Airlines is now located in Pod 3 on the southeast side of Level 6 near Door 615
  • Delta Airlines is now located in Pod 6 on the southwest side of Level 6 near Door 612
  • Denver Air Connection is now located in Pod 4 on the southeast side of Level 6 near Door 617
  • Frontier Airlines is now located in Pod 2 in the center of Level 6 east near Door 611 (this is the new check-in area that was completed last fall and includes new self-bag drop units).
  • JetBlue Airways is now located in Pod 4 on the southeast side of Level 6 near Door 617
  • Southern Airways Express is now located in Pod 4 on the southeast side of Level 6 near Door 615
  • Spirit Airlines is now located in Pod 5 on the southwest side of Level 6 near Door 616
  • Volaris is now located in Pod 3 on the southeast side of Level 6 near Door 615

Delta’s check-in area now located at the southwest area of Level 6.

Spirit’s check-in area now located at the southwest area of Level 6.

Upcoming airline check-in relocations include Aeromexico, Air Canada, Air France, Cayman Airways, Copa Airlines, Edelweiss, Icelandair, Lufthansa and WestJet. The remaining relocations will take place in October.

To help passengers find the new location of their airline, Peña Boulevard and terminal curbside signage has been updated to direct passengers to the correct set of doors on all levels. If you need assistance finding the location of your airline once inside the airport, please look for a DEN Ambassador in a purple vest, employees with badges, or construction personnel who can help direct you to the right location. Temporary signage will be installed at the old check-in counters to assist passengers who may be unaware that the airlines have moved. You can also check out DEN’s interactive map at https://maps.flydenver.com or by scanning posted QR codes throughout the airport.


Can you believe it has already been a year since we completed Phase 1 and the new check-in areas for Southwest and United Airlines? Neither can we! In that year, work did not stop. Space in Pod 2 was built for Frontier Airlines and the airline recently moved to its new home in the center of Level 6 of the Jeppesen Terminal. Complete with the same great features as Southwest and United, Frontier is now checking in passengers with new, modern check-in kiosks and self-bag drop units that expedite the check-in process and get passengers to their flights more quickly. We are excited to welcome Frontier into their new space to continue to be a part of the DEN experience for millions of annual passengers. Take a look at these photos from their first day in their new space!

New Frontier Airlines check-in space in Pod 2


Nathan Walker is a friendly, well-recognized face at DEN and more specifically, the Great Hall Project Team. He began his role at Shrewsberry and Associates, LLC, a minority-owned, national engineering consulting firm, in 2019, as a project engineer, and was brought on specifically to join the Great Hall Project. Nathan or “Nate the Great” as many of his teammates call him, has made the airport and the Great Hall Project a home away from home for the past four years. More than that, Nate has found a sense of loyalty and a team that fosters an environment of comradery while working at DEN. As a project manager, he oversees Phase 2 Great Hall activities including the recent Frontier Airlines relocation.

Nathan Walker, Project Manager on the Great Hall Project through Shrewsberry.

Before his work at DEN, Nate grew up in Arizona playing basketball and continued to play while studying petroleum engineering at Marietta College in Ohio. Post-grad, he moved to the Centennial State to work in oil and gas. When the opportunity arose for Nate to join Shrewsberry– on the Great Hall Project, he leapt at the chance and hasn’t looked back.

Spending the last three years working on the Great Hall Project, Nate successfully participated in the completion of Phase 1. He loved being able to deliver these new spaces to DEN so that everyone has a place to enjoy their travel experience.

Now, Nate is gearing up for the challenges that the Completion Phase will bring, specifically the strategy required to finish the renovations in conjunction with keeping the airport operational and efficient 24/7, while ensuring DEN can meet its strategic plan of Vision 100.

Nate has become a conduit of information for many people on the Great Hall Project. He shared that “people look to me to communicate construction activities and help coordinate with their teams to ensure a smooth activity for all.” Through the years, he has built relationships and trust with a broad group of stakeholders on the project that look to him for the information they need to keep their operations running efficiently through construction.

Great relationships take work and Nate is no stranger to that. Nate deeply values the relationships he has been able to build on this project. Nate is a great advocate for these communications as he has the technical background to speak to the work happening and can ensure stakeholders are able to better understand work being done.

Working with the project team is one of Nate’s favorite parts of the Great Hall Project and has helped him grow as a professional by stepping out of his engineering box and embracing soft skills such as communication. Over the last three years, Nate has made himself an invaluable team member at Shrewsberry and on the Great Hall Project.


Barb Coleman has been working with DEN as a contractor since the airport was originally under construction. In fact, she started working at DEN in 1993 as part of the program management team that was formed to construct the airport. When her contracts were complete, she walked into a on-site DEN office of a recently retained contractor asking for a job. They hired her on the spot, allowing her to continue her work at DEN. In 2000, Barb began her own business, B&R Project Management and has been working with DEN ever since.

B&R began with only Barb until adding one employee in 2008. Today, 106 employees working on airport projects make up this successful company. Through Barb’s leadership and her hard working team, B&R has found a niche at DEN. B&R provides laborer support on job sites and management and administrative support. They have become the “go-to” company when DEN contractors need a large pool of manpower.

Barb is proud of the work her team has been able to accomplish on the Great Hall Project, most notably their work successfully meeting the demands of the Leve 5.5 baggage handling system. B&R provided local management support for the general contractor, and as the system modifications progressed, they called B&R in to help porter bags while the system was being tested. Barb notes this effort took more than 130 people per test!

Holding a Minority/Woman-Owned Business (M/WBE) certification has been beneficial in getting their foot in the door, but Barb believes it is B&R’s integrity that sets them apart.

Barb Coleman, owner and founder of B&R Project Management.

Barb shares that even when the requests seem insurmountable, B&R works alongside their clients to find a way to get it done. She shares advice to others in the industry, “if you prove yourself, the phone will always ring.”

Barb is grateful for the opportunity to work with many new clients as well as clients she’s worked with over her years at DEN. She has been able to develop friendships and working relationships that have positively impacted her time at DEN and hopes to continue building strong relationships with partners at DEN as the Great Hall Project approaches completion.


Photo 1 - Newly completed Baggage Service Office (BSO) located on the southeast end of Level 5.

Photo 2 - The new escalator on Level 6, next to United Airlines check-in area, recently complete.

Photo 3 - Framing activities on the northwest end of Level 5 for Phase 2.



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