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It’s official. Phase 1 of the Great Hall Project is complete and the new check-in areas on Level 6 are now open (United on the west and Southwest on the east) and the walls in the center of Level 5 have been removed. This allows passengers to walk from north to south on Levels 5 and 6 in just minutes rather than taking a detour.


On Oct. 27, Denver International Airport (DEN) held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate this notable milestone. Attendees included DEN staff, Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock, DEN CEO Phillip Washington and airport partners including the Federal Aviation Administration, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and contractor Hensel Phelps. With more than 200 stakeholders and local contributing Minority/Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) firms in attendance, the event marked the beginning of an exciting new stage for the Great Hall.


DEN is thrilled to be able to offer these new spaces and amenities to the millions of people who use the airport each year. We hope you get the opportunity to experience it soon!

DEN-CC-Phase1-RibbonCut-OPT _1_.gif

Photo 1- Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock and DEN Chief Executive Officer Phillip Washington were joined by the Federal Aviation Administration, Hensel Phelps and United Airlines representatives to cut the ribbon on the new ticketing area on the west side of Level 6. Photo 2- Ribbon featuring DEN, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Hensel Phelps for Phase 1 ribbon cutting event. Photo 3- DEN Chief Executive Officer Phillip Washington delivering key remarks at the Phase 1 ribbon cutting event.

Nov. 4 also marked a major milestone for travelers — Southwest airlines opened their brand-new check-in areas, providing all Southwest customers the opportunity to use new self-bag drop units for the very first time. Thanks to our partners, the day went smoothly and passengers are enjoying the new space and streamlined check-in process.

DEN-CC-SWA-OPT _1_.gif

Photo 1- The newly opened Southwest Airlines check-in area on the east side of Level 6 in the center of the Jeppesen Terminal. Photo 2- The new ticketing kiosks and self-bag drop units installed in the new Southwest Airlines ticketing area as part of Phase 1 of the Great Hall Project. Photo 3- Wide view of both sides of the new Southwest Airlines check-in area on the east side of Level 6.

On Nov. 10, United Airlines opened their new check-in space to passengers for the first time with the assistance of some very important Denver celebrities: Miles the Mascot and a few Denver Broncos cheerleaders. This opening marked the completion of all Level 6, Phase 1 components, allowing passengers to walk from north to south across the terminal on Level 6. Thanks to United for helping bring the project down the home stretch in a fun and exciting way for all of our passengers.

DEN-CC-United-OPT _1_.gif

Photo 1- The newly opened United Airlines check-in area on the west side of Level 6 in the center of the Jeppesen Terminal. Photo 2- The new ticketing kiosks and self-bag drop units installed in United's new ticketing area as part of Phase 1 of the Great Hall Project. Photo 3- Miles the Mascot with a DEN Ambassador and United Airlines agent.

In addition to new check-in areas for United, Southwest (and eventually Frontier), Phase 1 of the project also delivered:

  • 158,500 square feet of newly renovated space and 31,000 square feet of additional space for the Jeppesen Terminal.
  • Upgraded ticketing areas that include new ticketing kiosks and 86 automated self-bag drop units for streamlined check-in.
  • Four new restrooms and upgrades to existing restrooms.


The check-in process for United or Southwest Airlines may look a little different than it has in the past. Don’t worry! The new process is not as intimidating as it looks. Take a look at this brief video that explains the process from start to finish. You’ll be a pro by the time you arrive at the airport for your next departing flight with these airlines.


Phase 2 of the Great Hall Project broke ground in July of this year. Since then, crews have been making their way through the northwest area of Levels 5 and 6, tearing down the existing spaces and making way for a future security checkpoint. By December, demolition is anticipated to be 90% complete, and the escalators that previously operated in this space will be completely disassembled and taken down.

DEN-CC-Phase2-Progress-OPT _1_.gif

Photo 1- Demolition of Level 5 and Level 6 spaces in the northwest portion of the terminal as part of Phase 2 of the Great Hall Project, making way for a new security checkpoint on Level 6. Photo 2- The area where the escalator connecting Levels 5 and 6 has been removed. Photo 3- Level 5 area where previous tenant spaces have undergone demolition to make space for the extended balcony above on Level 6.

All of this work is preparing the construction site for the next big activity. Beginning in December, crews will be installing new structural steel that will support the balcony extension needed for our new security checkpoint. Crews will work to extend the current balcony footprint — and in order to do this, structural steel needs to be installed first to ensure there is a sound foundation. This extended balcony will become the post-security area for passengers to re-collect their belongings and regroup.


Phase 1 construction extended the balcony edge on Level 6 on the east and west sides to provide more space for passengers. Expect to see similar updates in Phase 2.


Another important area for structural steel will be at the location of our new security screening lanes. Since crews have demolished the spaces that previously occupied this area, additional structural steel is required to make sure that what was previously used for office space will be one big open area to hold an entire checkpoint.

You may have also noticed things are very quiet and empty in this construction space. This is because crews are working exclusively at night to perform some of the more disruptive and noisier demolition work. If you want to see some of the work in action from the public space in the terminal, you will have to make a special trip out late at night, or book a late-night flight to catch it!



Concrete is composed of a mixture of aggregates such as sand, gravel, crushed stone and, you guessed it, cement! Similar to making concrete, the Great Hall Project requires a lot of “ingredients”. One of those ingredients is Coloscapes Concrete.


The concept for the company began in 2004 with John Borges, President of Coloscapes Concrete. The company started with one employee and now employs nearly 50 full-time employees. The company was built with the sole vision to create a first-rate commercial concrete company with the capability to provide clients a full-service concrete experience.


“When Coloscapes Concrete was founded in 2004,” said Borges, “my objective was to provide our customers with not only the best commercial concrete services out there, but also with unmatched customer service. I’m proud to say, after all these years, we still have the same goal. We’ve been able to work on some of the best projects around and have great partnerships with our customers. We can’t wait to continue providing top-notch service for years to come.”


Coloscapes Concrete has been working on the Great Hall Project since Phase 1. If it’s concrete, it was Coloscapes who poured it! When a project is all about setting a strong foundation, Coloscapes Concrete does the job.

Coloscapes Concrete_Phase1_GH.jpg

Coloscapes Concrete completing work inside the Jeppesen Terminal for Phase 1 of the Great Hall Project.

“We are passionate for concrete,” said Mike King, Coloscapes Concrete Director of Preconstruction and Business Development. “We have so many talented craftsmen who complete quality work. To see this project from start to finish, and see the end result, is a phenomenal feeling.”

Providing the highest quality product sets them apart from other firms. With the flexibility to perform work at any time, day or night, Coloscapes is helping general contractors and the Great Hall Project move that much closer to completion.

“Being part of DEN’s growth on a landmark project is exciting,” said King. “Also, putting a project like this on our resume adds to the different product types we provide.”

Coloscapes has made an impact on several projects across different industries including the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater, the UCHealth Anschutz Campus, multiple projects for Poudre Valley School District, the University of Colorado and Colorado State University. While most of their work is performed in Colorado and southern Wyoming, they have expanded their services to Arizona. Coloscapes provides a multitude of services like concrete flatwork, excavation, decorative sand-finish walls, and even design phase budgeting. To accomplish all of this at an expert level, King says, is a team effort.


Meeting the needs of their clients in terms of quality, cost and schedule — on top of running a small business — can be a challenging endeavor. Developing services, winning customers and contracts, and competing in the marketplace takes an extraordinary amount of dedication and hard work from the entire team.

“We have enjoyed our experience as a part of the MWBE community,” said King. “We’ve met many like-minded companies that are willing to share their experiences and provide support as we continue to grow. Being able to cultivate and cement those relationships is a great reward.”

While it’s a team effort, the goal to provide the best quality service is driven from company values and employee culture. Values that include putting safety first, striving for excellence and collaboration, are all reasons Coloscapes continues to provide such solid work. 

“Our culture is our number one priority so that we can grow and attract the best talent out there to enable us to do excellent work,” said King.

Coloscapes Concrete_Phase1_GH_2.jpg

Completed work inside the Jeppesen Terminal for Phase 1 of the Great Hall Project.

With Phase 1 of the Great Hall Project completed and open to the public, Coloscapes Concrete looks forward to continuing their work on Phase 2 of the project.


DEN-CC-POM-OPT _1_.gif

Photo 1- From Level 6 east check-in, Level 5 arrivals with nearly completed flooring and restrooms. Photo 2- From Level 6, artistic view of the iconic tents reflecting off of the new flooring installed with Phase 1 of the Great Hall Project. Photo 3- From Level 6 west check-in looking into the new Southwest Airlines check-in area. Photo 4- The new United Airlines check-in area on the west side of Level 6.


DEN Dashboard Graphics_Nov2021_Print_FINAL _1_.jpg

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