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July 2020
I love the line from the well- known hymn „Great Is Thy Faithfulness”, “Morning by morning new mercies I see”. This has been so true for us this month. 

As many of you may be aware, it is not easy for churches to be registered with the Croatian government. One of the requirements is that a church must have 500 members to register! Without official registration, they lack the legal rights to several activities such as marrying or burying their members. Mario, for the past several years, has made it possible for many smaller churches to register with the government through our church. These are not sister churches of our church in the sense that they are our denomination and carry the same name, DNA, and vision; rather they are more like a charter church (or loose fellowship). This month we had the privilege of signing on one more church from Varaždin, “Svijetlo svijeta” (Light of the World). We love Pastor Zdenko Horvat and genuinely believe in the wonderful work his church doing in Varaždin. 

We have been experiencing a wonderful season of fellowship among our leadership. They had been expressing a desire to come together and fellowship on a more regular basis, so we organized a family bowling party at a near by bowling alley. What a fun time we had together! It is so important for us to connect as families outside of the church setting. Please continue to pray for our leadership, for the protection of their families, and that our relationships continue to strengthen. 
> God provided us with the $7,500 we were praying for last month for the purchase of our home!
> God has begun to provide finances for a new family van.
> God has been moving in a powerful way in our services and among our young people. 

Our women love to get together every other month and just hang out together and fellowship. However, during the month and a half when we were in quarantine, they felt a shift taking place in the nature of their times of fellowship. They began feeling that the most important need (that of spiritual encouragement) was not being met as it should. This month’s Night Out was amazing. The first hour was spent in worship and a short word of encouragement from a dear sister that helps to lead our mission’s work in Virovitica. The presence of the Lord descended in such a powerful way during worship and prayer. It is in times such as these that God breaks us and changes our hearts. 
> Continued provision for a new van (ours has about one more year and we will no longer be able to register it). 
> For the Lord to continue to strengthen our church leadership.
> The children and teen camps- that God’s presence would change our children’s lives.
OUR FAMILY... doing well. Divna and Filip are volunteering as camp counselors at a kid’s camp, and all four of our kids are looking forward to the teen camp this month. Please, be in prayer with us that God would mightily move at camp this year and that his presence would mark the lives of our teens.

Thank you for your consistent prayer and financial support of our ministry. We are profoundly grateful for each of you. May the Lord bless you and give you a wonderful summer.

In His Love,
Mario & Bonnie
Croatian Evangelistic Outreach