Expand your network, career, and knowledge. Join us in NYC, September 12-14th. 
Great Putting a Face to the Name! 

Thanks for Powering Up with HCEG during AHIP Institute 2016, and for discussing our very select network of healthcare executives from across the country. 

Founded in 1988, the HealthCare Executive Group is focused on providing a platform that promotes innovation and the development of life-long relationships, primarily through our highly anticipated HCEG Annual Forum. 

Registration for our Annual Forum is now open! We welcome you to join us for what we promise will be 2 days of compelling content, transformational dialogue and close-knit networking. This year's theme: Healthcare Innovation: The New Norm, promises to be timely and relevant, and aligns with HCEG's Top 10 Issues in healthcare, as voted by our members at our 2015 Forum, and illustrated in the HCEG Integrated Strategy below. 

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