Great Miracles and Harvest of Souls in the nations!

Many decisions for Jesus and rededications to Christ have happened this summer in different regions of the world!
September 2nd , 2016

Dear friend and partner,
 It's been a while since our last e-mail to you. Many of you have followed what is happening with the ministry through social media, but I understand some don't have social media and even if you have, it is great to receive a personal letter like this.

We have already gone to several nations since the last report and the Lord keeps increasing the number of people being saved, healed, and delivered. Since the last e-mail we sent, we have ministered in Finland, Norway, Belarus, Spain, Brazil, and Lithuania as well as ministry here in the US. 

In some of these nations we traveled through many different cities in tours and in every place altars were packed with people receiving Jesus or rededicating their lives to Christ. Many were baptized with the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues for the first time including children, and many were physically healed. 

I encourage you to read this e-mail until the end which includes some news like mission opportunities, online school, etc. You can join us in a Mission to the Dominican Republic in November! Pictures and videos are included below! 

Many Saved and Healed in the Nations!

Many were saved, touched by the fire of God and healed in Belarus!

Revival Meeting in Madrid, Spain with Hermes Falcao Jr. Many were saved and set free from demons!

This boy had a genetic disease in the eyes from birth that damaged his eyesight. He cries as he testifies of his healing in Belarus!! Thank you Jesus!!! 

Man Testifies of a large lump he had disappearing in one of our meetings in Manaus, Amazon- Brazil.

Many were saved, filled with the Holy Ghost in 3 different cities in Lithuania this August!

Lady who had 4 metal pins on her back and lived under extreme pain everyday testifies of a miracle in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

30-year Neck Injury Healed in Finland
30-year Neck Injury Healed in Finland

WATCH the video above by clicking on it. 

Man cries as he testifies of healing in his body in Spain.

Altars were always packed with people coming to receive JESUS in every place! This pic above was in Belarus!

Children being filled with the Holy Spirit in the Amazon!


The joy of the Lord in Pittsburg, PA 

Altars were packed every night in Sao Paulo, Brazil at a conference.

Come with us to the Dominican Republic in November! This is an incredible Mission Opportunity you don't want to miss!!
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Amazing Miracles in the Mission Field - TV Episode- Click above to WATCH

*We are currently working to implement some awesome changes on our TV episodes as it will start being broadcast in more nations. This will include some new equipment and other changes that will improve the overall quality.

All the work of Revival Explosion Ministries in the nations is done through partners who believe and have seen the tangible fruit that the Lord has produced through this ministry reaching to 26 nations in these 8 years. We are extremely thankful for all those who pray and sow! The Lord will reward you greatly!

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* Online School: We currently have students from 8 different nations signed to our School. Some have already finished the 1st year and others have joined the 2nd year. Consider joining. It will bless you tremendously in your spiritual growth.
Watch a sample class on healing that is available. 

10 Reasons Why God Heals - Online Class
Fore more info on the School, click here: ONLINE SCHOOL

Thanks again for being a friend! Blessings on you and your family!


Hermes Falcao Jr.