Issue No. 200 | July 1, 2020
Dedicated to the development of the future stewards of U.S.-China relations
Tensions are running high on the CCP’s 99th birthday and the 23rd anniversary of the HK handover today. Chances are you are getting lots of good English-language reporting on these issues from some of our favorite publications like Sinocism, SupChina,, and Trivium, so in this week’s newsletter we will look at longer Chinese-language reads: one from CICIR’s Yuan Peng and the other a great new dual language blog from Silicon Valley.
Weekly Reading
This week's long read is an article by Yuan Peng (袁鹏), dean of the
China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, titled 新冠疫情与百年变局 .

Yuan Peng argues that the coronavirus epidemic is comparable to the World Wars, and that the current global order is unsustainable. In light of this, he discusses how China and the world are entering into a "century-long change" (百年变局). This is a good accompaniment to last week’s article by Fu Ying.
俗语 from Xi Jinping's Speeches
lín láng mǎn mù

Meaning : glittering jewels to delight the eye, a dazzling lineup

Original : " 在大同,黄花相关产品已经形成系列。黄花产品展厅里,黄花干、黄花酱、黄花饼、黄花制作的化妆品等各色产品 琳琅满目 。"

Bilingual English-Chinese
tech blog
We highly recommend checking out (and signing up for) the excellent bilingual blog run by Kevin Xu,  Interconnected

Kevin analyzes the interconnections between technology, business, investment, and geopolitics. Content is always published both in English and Chinese, in "an effort to build more common ground and information accountability between these two worlds. No lost in translation, no lost in suspicion, and no media filter, just words straight from me, the author himself." 

New content is published on Interconnected every Thursday and Sunday and has become one of our must-reads of every week.
The first two episodes of Chinese-language podcast 《时差》In-betweenness are available to listen to now on Apple podcasts. The episodes discuss "race and racism in the Chinese context" - 张晨晨 .

The audio quality in some segments of the recording makes it difficult to hear, but the discussions (entirely in Mandarin) delve deep into complex and important issues. Or as the host writes in the episode introduction, "音质依然抱歉,我们靠内容取胜".

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