Name: Antonia Bright
Title: MFJ National Organiser
Phone: 07930 302 263
Email address:
Great News - we know that Mabel's ticket has been cancelled, a Judicial review request that Mabel wrote herself is going to be heard - now lets get her free and joining us on 7th May when we return to #YarlsWood as part of a trans-national day of action to SHUT DOWN DETENTION everywhere!

More info to follow, but on 7th May we will be having a special evening demonstration at YarlsWood which will include a film screening that the women can see, lots of lights and more communication with the women inside. 

For the past 6 years Movement for Justice has been in the lead of the struggle to end immigration detention, we organise inside and outside of the detention centres resisting deportation, demanding freedom, fighting to win by any means necessary.

What we stand for...

We march today, we march tomorrow, and we keep marching to build a new Britain: diverse, integrated and equal. We aim to win. We tell the truth about racism, sexism and anti-gay bigotry and the growing inequalities within our society. We believe that every human being is entitled to a job, to education, to food, shelter and the other necessities of life, so that every one of us can live in dignity, proud to be who we are, encouraged and able to fulfil our hopes and aspirations.