...and when presenting truth, we might need a posse.
After a good meal we posed for a picture with Angelina and her precious little girl.

One year ago Angelina was walking into the child sacrifice center. I approached her and began to plead with her to save the baby in her womb.
Although she knew what I was talking about, I had to speak to her using my Google Spanish translate app. I could see Angelina was in turmoil, yet she tried to resist the truth. About ten minutes into the conversation she finally began to cry, then suddenly hardened up and told me, "I'm sorry," and walked into the center.

I was burdened for her and had given her all of the options I could think of in the moment, but she walked away. This scenario has happened many times over the years, mostly with sad results.


About fifteen minutes later Angelina walked out and quietly said, "OK, I change my mind, I just can't do it."


I quickly contacted the Directions Medical Center in Lodi, got her a ride with Eni, and they gave her all the help needed to get her on the right path.

In the photo, Beth and Eni have stepped up to be "big sisters" to Angelina, helping her with making good life decisions. Angelina is twenty-five years old. God is giving her what she needs to be a follower of Christ with her new friends.

At the dinner table, Angelina looked at me and said, "Thank you for being outside that clinic on that day. Thank you for saving my little girl."

It was a team effort made up of prayer warriors, sidewalk counselors, and hands-on supporters and encouragers for almost forty years, inspired and directed by a Holy God.
There's another one coming. A few months ago another woman was rescued from the other killing place in our town and she is preparing for this little one, below, to see her face to face soon. I am thankful for the Directions Medical Center providing a way for the mommies to see their growing babies.
Our work is still always before us. The abortion centers are busy, even with the Chinese flu troubles. We have also noticed people entering the centers are more agitated and apathetic. It's tough out there and becoming more dangerous.
This PP center is now open seven days a week. In the picture above, I was able to continue pleading with these people because the door was locked for awhile.
This abortionist below seems to be having troubles. Several ambulances have been called over the past six months to take away wounded clients. This abortion center is in Walnut Creek.

A Busy and deadly place
Who is wise? Let him understand these things. Who is prudent? Let him know them. For the ways of the Lord are right. The righteous walk in them. But transgressors stumble in them. Hosea 14:9
Above, a retired fireman volunteers to sidewalk counsel people driving into the abortion center. He gives them the truth and speaks up for their baby.

Pastor James Cook stands in the gap every week also, and calls out to the couples who don't stop at the driveway.

I am blessed to have good volunteers for the cause of the preborn babies.

Dori, below, has a big heart for the lost souls going into the place of death.
Below is a 7 minute video clip by our friends in Washington, Tiny Heartbeats. Project Truth has helped launch this great Northwest outreach and a few months ago we joined Tiny Heartbeats on a tour and spent two weeks finding colleges and high schools to engage. I highlighted the trip a few newsletters ago.
As I pencil in the outreach plans for this coming year, there are many unknowns that have been created by our corrupted government and the turmoil in America. If the colleges open back up we will be ready. For now we are looking for colleges around the country to engage. Every week we go to abortion mills and continue to save babies.

I hope to have a college outreach schedule put together soon. I so miss the college ministry.
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