Back from the Proton World in San Diego
I shared with you that I have prostate cancer and decided to go have it zapped over six weeks of treatments in San Diego. I just finished the treatment and will know in December how successful it was. The Lord knows. This treatment has no side effects per se and I was able to do ministry while in San Diego. While everybody up in Nor-Cal was enduring 105-degree temperatures, the weather in San Diego was 68 to 72 the whole time. Boy was I suffering!

BIG highlight while in San Diego was sitting in the front row of Shadow Mountain Church listening to great, relevant messages from Dr. Jeremiah each week. The Worship services were fantastic and I was able to meet the man outside his office one Sunday morning. The photo is not perfect but the memory is embedded in my mind.
Some of you may remember the great messenger S.M. Lockridge. He was the Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in downtown San Diego from 1953 to 1993. He is most noted for his sermons "That's my King" and "It's Friday, but Sunday's coming."

I found his gravesite while down south and reminisced on the memory of getting to spend an evening with him and his wife back in 1978. What a precious memory.
San Diego is a beautiful place but within its borders are five abortion mills. So I started my treatment which only took a half hour a day and then went looking for the killing places spread throughout the region.

I also found a handful of warrior Believers outside a few of the centers trying to rescue and save babies. This was so refreshing.
The photo below is taken outside the downtown Planned Parenthood mill that does abortions to 24 weeks and is busy five days a week. It is located one block from two Christian ministries that do not have anyone pleading with the couples going in.

I was well received by Christians who do show up and reach out to the lost. There are even a few pastors who role model for their church family by leading the efforts to talk to people going into the mills.

This was a great encouragement to me and gave me hope that babies will be saved. They even asked me to do an evening training one night to share my experience and the tools I use to save babies. It was a great time and I am so grateful for the warriors I met during my six weeks down south.
Two weeks in our Project Truth team wanted in on the great weather and outreach opportunities, in that order. So we role modeled for the others and spent time in the trenches. My brother also surprised me with a visit and got in on the action.
The downtown PP is a very busy place and spot in San Diego.
Below are three photos of what we see and deal with outside a killing place.

This nice young man is a gang member who brought his girlfriend into the mill and took special interest in me, threatening to kill me and the others. He told me, "I'm going to get my guys and we are going to strap up and return." He did come back with his gun, but his posse didn't come with him. He walked right towards me and gave me this loving look, making more threats before going into the PP.
It was in interesting moment that makes you appreciate the prayer warriors my ministry has each day, getting me and my team through the dangers growing in our country.

We did call the police and no police arrived.

Times are a changing.
Above, I tried to convince this man to rescue his baby, but he lacked the courage to do what is right and he picked up his wounded woman friend. This was a sad scene.

Below could be another baby part being sold to labs. This PP is one of the biggest body part selling centers in Southern California.
The Lord had me meet some wonderful fellow brothers and sisters in the battle for the souls of men. I want to especially thank Nathan, below, Pastor Alex and Alexia, above, who trusted me with their friendship and time together. I am better off for having known them.
Above, this handsome couple came out of another mill and quickly told me that they were excited about seeing the sonogram of their first child. Then they told me that the abortion mill was trying to talk them into an abortion. The pregnant girl was mad as she kept insisting that she wanted the baby, but the mill worker told her she was too young to have a baby. They hurried out of the center and looked forward to their coming baby.
We spend a lot of time going onto overpasses where up to 40,000 cars would receive the message of the truth about abortion. The police were cool and supported our right to stand up with our banners.
Sometimes these traffic jams would be going 15 mph for long looks at our message.
Living out Acts 17 at Balboa Park
Now while Paul waited for them at Athens, his spirit was provoked within him when he saw that the city was given over to idols. Therefore he reasoned...with the the marketplace daily with those who happened to be there...and said "Men of Athens, I perceive that in all things you are very religious...Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent..."
I love the narrative of Acts 17 so I was imagining being transported into Athens when I stepped into the beautiful area of Balboa Park. In 1915 the city of San Diego hosted a type of Exposition or Worlds Fair. They built these incredible buildings that highlighted the various cultures of the world. Today it hasn't changed much and teeming with people; I began my adventure.

As I entered the grounds, it seemed I was back with Paul described in Acts. There were crafts, food, and all kinds of religions peddling their ideas.

I was approached by "Mohammad" who was there to convince me that Jesus was a Muslim. He and I had a divine appointment as we dialogued about the difference between his Jesus and mine.

I recorded the conversation and will make it available in my next newsletter, but for now pray for this lost man who did agree to read the Book of John and the rest of the New Testament without the influence of his Muslim handlers.
The Lord directed my steps down to San Diego and through all of the adventures that followed.

Thank you for standing by me with your prayers and encouragement. The Fall tour will be accomplished by traveling around the West Coast finding colleges and high schools open from Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona. So it looks like our Project Truth team will be at the University of Nevada Reno September 13 and Truckee Meadows College the 15th. The instability of our government means all could change. In the meantime we do overpasses and abortion centers, saving babies and sharing the Gospel as we go.
Thank you for standing with me
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