"For such a time as this..." Esther 4:14
Standing outside abortion centers, pleading with the people going in to "come to their senses," planting ourselves in the center of college campuses, engaging students and their teachers with reason and logic to "escape the snare of the devil," and confronting high schoolers to "know the truth" as they leave for the day from their government-controlled schools is what I know I was meant to do at "such a time as this... "
...and I am joined by a great group of like-minded followers of Christ ready to obey the Scriptures, setting up and praying on the Sierra College campus in Sacramento.
This directive in II Timothy 2:25-26 is our marching order as we go into battle with the darkness:

"...in humility correcting those who are in opposition, if God perhaps will grant them repentance, so that they may know the truth, and that they may come to their senses, and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will."

Such a great challenge and commandment from God that will rescue those on their way to destruction. We proudly wave this biblical flag while marching into the fields.
Sierra College Sacramento, California
Above, Alex sharpens his message with an interested group of students outside the American River College cafeteria. They thanked him for coming onto their campus.

Eventually we were met by a few misfits who sat if front of our displays. Again, they helped draw a crowd with their presence and expressed their frustration that "we have to listen all day to your Christian message." No apologies from our Project Truth team was given.

The leader of their posse told us that she grew up a Baptist and left the Faith. Very sad, but common.
Matt told me later that this student just wanted to have someone to talk to as she seemed very lonely. He sat in the dirt and listened, while showing love to a lost sheep.

Bernard is back with us as he prays over many students and specifically shares the Gospel all day long.
Hannah explains to curious students why we were spending some time on the Columbia College campus in Sonora. It is a beautiful small campus in the Gold Rush country.

This is where I was first arrested for being on a college campus ten years ago. We won that case in a jury trial .
The emails and the signage warnings presented to the college snowflakes when we are on the campuses often irritate some who let us know that the college administrations don't warn students about any of the radical leftist groups who set up their displays during the year.

We, of course, let the students know that our group wants to "trigger" their minds into the world of logic and reason so they might "come to their senses."

Triggering can be a good thing.
Please pray for the many who are very open to the Gospel. This student gladly accepted the "One Heartbeat" book tool we use to bring these souls to the Cross.
In the green shirt above, Pastor Dave from Big Valley Bible Church in Lodi joins us to change hearts and minds.
A few months ago Project Truth put on a training seminar for interested believers to help them develop the skills to talk to people about abortion and the Gospel. The couple above, Andy and Glenda, were in that seminar and love being on the college campuses with the right tools to change lives. Someone reading this may want us to bring our two-hour presentation to their church. Contact me please.

I did run into a familiar face and he agreed to a photo op without saying a word. I did speak to his handler and had a good conversation that revealed how carelessly some people follow wrong ideas.
Yes, we go to high schools too.
Our team arrives outside the local high schools near the colleges we engage to catch the hundreds of students leaving for the day. Usually about ten brochures wind up on the ground after we are done...after handing out from 100 to 500 brochures. We have handed out as many as 1,000 with only ten on the ground. We see students sitting on the grass reading the truth or driving by with the material in their hands.

We sometimes get push-back from a teacher or two.
Above is a teacher from Sonora High who tried to dissuade students from taking our brochures by lying to the students about us. I told the students that their government-controlled school is hurting their learning process by keeping important information from them. I challenged this teacher to be a moral role model to her students and do so by speaking the truth. As you can see, she wasn't too happy with my message.
Abortion Centers are still very busy.
Every week we go to abortion centers and hope to rescue babies and their moms.

Above, you can see a frail and troubled abortionist, Chris Mills from Sonora, entering the killing place. He seems like he is getting old. I always talk to him about his dark soul and hope the day will come that he repents. He has been "taken captive by Satan to do his will."
Check out our newest weapon of mass information. It's called a Jumbo Tron. The screen is 6 feet by 10 feet.

The plans are to take it onto campuses and outside abortion centers when possible. There is a little more involved in getting it where we want it because of its size. But we are working through all those dynamics. I love the photo with the Planned Parenthood building in the background.

The abortion centers where we have set it up are REALLY upset. People are very moved by the message on a large screen. It also has sound if needed.
I was contacted by Mark Harrington of Created Equal some time ago about his desire to have a Jumbo Tron on the west coast. Mark has a ministry in Ohio that is similar to my ministry and we have been fellow warriors for years. Mark is also the one who got us to do the Justice Ride outreach.

I told Mark that we would use the Jumbo message board if we had one. So Mark's organization purchased the mega TV and is letting us use it to shake up the world.

So far, so good!
Each week at the abortion centers
I've been blessed with a growing number of people wanting to stand up to the abortion industry.

Pastor Kyle from Bethany Church in Stockton has inspired many in his congregation to boldly stand together each week outside the Planned Parenthood.

They have met the challenge and I am thankful for their presence.
Gary, above left, is the owner of Online Printing in Lodi. I'm thankful for his desire to stand in the gap. He does some of our banners and is a big help.

The other day we were witness to the cultural deterioration in a big way.

This little boy was waiting for someone who had gone into the PP center.

YES! That is him flipping us off. His even younger brothers joined in as we shook our heads in disbelief.
Below is a video clip photo of Matt being attacked by an angry man outside the Sacramento PP.

Matt was OK and the police were called.

Pray for our team as we face some nasty people from time to time. Plus this guy needed a belt.

We know we are in the right spot when Satan is mad.

Pray for our team to keep the boldness necessary to stand as the light in the darkness.
We will continue to reach out with love and compassion to those who will listen.
2020 Spring College Tour

Sierra College  February 24-25
American River College  March 2-3

Alameda College  March 9-10
Sacramento State  University March 16-17
Shasta College March 23-24
Modesto Junior College March 31-April1 Jumbo Tron
De Anza College and West Valley College April 6-9
April 14-15 Break
Chico State April 20-21 Juumbo Tron
Los Positos College April 27-28
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