Project Truth 2019
Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times , and the strength of salvation; The fear of the Lord is His treasure.
Isaiah 33:6
Our Project Truth team continues to offer stability and wisdom to the people in the "highways and byways." We are now preparing to go into the Echo Chambers of the colleges and universities and fulfill our Lord's directive..."In the name of our God we will set up our banners." Psalm 20:5

As native Californians, we are stoked about the tour we've set up for the coming months. Check out our plans so far and pray for our team as we engage with an increasingly hostile world.

February 18-21  Cal State Fullerton  (So Cal) and U.C. Irvine  G.A.P. Project
February 25-26  Delta College
March 4-5   Sac City College   (Matt and Hannah with Justice Ride-East Coast)
March 12-15   Columbia College and Lake Tahoe College 
March 18-21  Fresno State and Fresno City College
March 25 26  Folsom College
April 1-2    Monterey Peninsula College and Cal State Monterey
April 8-11   Overpasses and more
April 15-16  San Francisco State and U.C Berkeley
April 22-23 Overpasses
April 29-30  Chabot College

Summer Action:
June 23-29  Justice Ride  down the West Coast
July 11-14 Lake Tahoe Outreach
2019 Fall Tour  begins August 26th
Sept. 29-Oct 1st Frank Turek seminar  at University of the Pacific
This little guy turned one year old and got to choose his favorite donut. His daddy and I were sharing lunch the other day when his dad said to me, "Would you like to see a photo of our second child celebrating his first birthday?" I said "Yes."

He shared with me that when this little boy was born he looked at his wife and told her that Uncle Don saved another one today.

I asked him how that was so.

My friend told me that after I talked him into saving his first son outside a Stockton abortion center three years ago, his mind was changed to believe that abortion is not an option and as a father it is his responsibility to love each child God gives him.

I thanked him for that insight and thought of all the families that apply this same logic when they find themselves in another pregnancy, or the saved babies who grow up to have children and refuse to even consider abortion because of their own stories.

That means we could have saved many more than 4,000 babies...maybe tens of thousands!
I lost contact with this family a long time ago after turning them away from the abortion center, but pray the little boy in my arms (yes that is me with hair) has grown up to raise a godly family and be the man God intended him to be in life.
Each week we go outside the Planned Parenthood child sacrifice center. Beth and Gregg share the truth with those poor souls blindly going into that dark place. We keep in mind that we are not just trying to save one, but a whole generation of people yet to be born. Then we pray and call on these people to become children of God and avoid the wrath of God that is coming soon.
Matt Vaughn, above, gives the truth to a woman doing business with the Walnut Creek abortion center, trying to get her to walk away. Matt is in the process of raising support to become a full-time abolitionist and work along side me in ministry. He has been a great asset for our Project Truth team and was helping us even while getting his bachelor's degree in business. Matt does many of our videos and gives good insight for the workings of our outreach. Matt is also helping me update and improve our awesome "Truth" brochure for the college and high school campuses. He is also going to translate our brochure into Spanish. We hope to have it ready in a month and are ordering fifty thousand brochures for 2019. Pray for Matt and the coming transition.
As we see the American society collapsing all around us, it is for us to shine our lights each day and to follow the mandate given in the book of Jude verse 22 and 23:

"...And on some have compassion, making a distinction; but others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh."

Below is a short video clip that is extremely disturbing. The woman speaking is part of a movement in our country that started on the east coast. These people go to abortion centers and pronounce " blessings" on the abortion center. The woman speaking sings a lullaby to her aborted baby that the lady believes was given to her by the baby in heaven. I believe the woman is demon possessed and it is difficult to grasp the evil within those people on the steps of this building.

Please click on the arrow in the photo to watch.
Here are some more people "blessing" an abortion center. One of them is a "Baptist" pastor.
These people in the photo above are the religious people who Jesus said are those who "make others twice the children of Hell." Matthew 23:15
This is going to be a great year to "go out" into the culture with the Gospel.

One such event coming up in June will be called the Justice Ride West Coast. If you know a high school or college young person wanting to boldly go where they may never have gone before with the Lord, then this week is for them. Check out the East Coast promo clip of the Created Equal team and let me know you are interested in spending a week with us trained to witness on the streets of America. We will be going to several great spots in Southern California, setting up our banners, handing out our materials to zillions of people from all over the world visiting the American coast. More information coming.

Click on the Justice Ride short clip below and contact me about signing up for the ride of your life:
So there is much to pray for as we travel all over California, update our Truth brochure, help Matt Vaughn become a full-time abolitionist, Frank Turek seminar at UOP; "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist," visiting 14 colleges in the Spring, breaking through the echo chambers on the college campuses.
Thank you for standing with me
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