“Orthodoxy often requires us to be hard precisely where the world is soft, and soft where the world is hard. In every way that matters, Christianity is an affront to the world. It is countercultural.” Chuck Colson
I think it's about time to revive the phrase, "IT"S A JUNGLE OUT THERE," for all the younger generations who missed the first episode of Monk. Decades ago, Monk was a TV series about a detective trying to solve criminal cases, even though he had his own problems. There was a song written for the show that includes the phrases, "Disorder and confusion everywhere, No one seems to care...Violence and danger everywhere...It's a jungle out there."

God warned us in Romans 1 that the society would soon be "worshipping the creature rather than the Creator," the breeding ground for a jungle.

Then the Lord called us to pick up our sword and go into the jungle.

Maybe I should change the name of my ministry to "Into the Jungle."

Pray for our team as we approach 2023 with all of the growing challenges.
Speaking of the jungle, this "creature of darkness" came after us with a seven-foot metal pole as we were sidewalk counseling outside a PP center. The three of us went to our cars for protection and this man proceeded to destroy our sandwich signs positioned on the street. I called the police and the guy took off, cursing us as he disappeared into the homeless camp.
Below, the couples arrive early waiting for the gates of Hell to open. The gates are seeing many more clients than before and people are more testy with us these days. The jungle is getting more restless.
One protector of the jungle, below, has been parking across the street for several weeks watching our efforts to save babies at one abortion center. This day she got out of her car and started to verbally harass us. John and I engaged her with love and questions for her to answer. She shared with us, after she calmed down, a terrible religious upbringing as a child that resulted in her embracing what I'd call a "jungle lifestyle."

So there we were, in the jungle, offering this woman the Way out of the darkness. She listened and promised to give our Savior a read.

Our time with her lasted about 40 minutes, challenging her strongholds of rhetoric. One such question we gave her was, "If you are pro-choice, why would you try to stop us from giving the couples the other side of choice?"
I pointed out that the abortion center only offers death for their services. If a woman tells the clinic worker that she does not want to kill the baby, the abortion worker tells her they only offer "death" services, not "life" services.
There is NO prenatal care at PP.

This often baffles the pro-choice advocate and shows them the hypocrisy of their beliefs.

Pray this woman comes to her senses and is set free from the stranglehold of the Devil.
The photo below is always a grim reminder of our difficult task.
I got to spend the afternoon with Maison Des Champs, below, who could be seen on Tucker Carlson telling his story of being the Pro-life Spiderman. He climbs the tallest cliffs and skyscrapers to bring awareness to the loss of 62 million babies by abortion. The news media love him and he boldly proclaims Christ and the sanctity of human life while explaining why he climbs. In the picture he had just climbed on the outside of that building, the tallest skyscraper in Los Angeles.
Recently, four men entered the Gates of Heaven who had an influence on me. I'd like to give honor to the Lord for bringing these warriors of the Faith into my life.

The first man is Paul Kressin. He started corresponding with me years ago and was a constant encourager throughout the years. I don't think I ever met him, and even when he moved to Idaho we never lost touch.
Next, below, is Murray Lewis. We both started sidewalk counseling back in 1984 and connected almost immediately. For many years he and I stood outside Sacramento abortuaries...just the two of us, saving babies together. Sometimes we would pray for more laborers for the harvest, as it was tough to just be two warriors.

He was a gentle spirit and loved the Lord. Although we had very different personalities, the 35-year adventure was great, and he sent ahead many treasures for his commitment to Christ. He even opened up two homes for pregnant women on his journey.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to minister in the jungle alongside Murray.
Above is Bill Cowan. This man of God approached me in the hallway at church one day and said, "Don, I just want you to know that I didn't like you and your ministry for the longest time. But all that changed when I started working as a guidance counselor at the Gospel Center Rescue Mission. There you were in the trenches trying to save people from their own destructive ways and I didn't understand your mission until I started spending time counseling men broken by their wrong decisions in life. Now I know what you are trying to do."

After that I figured out why he seemed to ignore me at church.

Over the past seven years, Brenda and I followed his great ministry and impact on the lives of people crippled by sin.

Bill had written some incredible one-page devotionals, inspired by his ministry. He wanted to publish the 160+ devotions before he died of cancer, but he left too soon. I've encouraged his wife to publish them in a book and will let you know when it is available on Amazon someday.

Thank you Lord for allowing Bill and me to travel together for a time on our pilgrimage.
Just the other day, my friend, below, Tom Uddy, finished his earthly travels in Texas where he "franchised" our sidewalk counseling efforts after several years in Sacramento. He and Karen saved many babies and worked alongside Project Truth at colleges and clinics. Tom and Karen took some of our pictures used to show the Project Truth ministries in action. Together, we made lots of memories while in the battle for souls.
"So teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom." Psalm 90:12

Writing this month's newsletter has been a strong reminder that life is short. As a boy I always looked at a plaque on the wall in our home which read, "One life will soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last."

I also hope more of the younger generation of believers will continue to pick up the swords and follow in the footsteps of the "great cloud of witnesses."
We are looking forward to an eventful Spring College Tour. Below is the schedule.
Spring College Tour 2023

Sierra College - Feb. 6-7
Sac State University - Feb. 13-14
Merced JC - Feb 21-22
Long Beach State - Feb 27-28
UC Davis - March 13-14
Sacramento City College - March 20-21
UC Santa Barbara and City College - March 27-30

Thank you for standing with me
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