We, the 21st century Abolitionists, are taking the truth onto nine college campuses this Spring.
Our first encounter was with the students of Sierra College just east of the Peoples Republic of Sacramento and then onto the Sac State campus. For two days at Sierra College, our Project Truth team gave out over 1,000 Truth brochures, along with Bibles and Gospel tracts. Half the students took the literature and the other half walked by.

We were approached by a few Christian students who thanked us for being so bold on their hostile campus.

We had many good dialogues with students of all different persuasions and answered their questions with confidence and effectiveness.

Below, Tanya, is one of our newer team members. She asked her boss to allow her to take Mondays and Tuesdays off for this ministry. Her boss said they do not want to lose her and worked it out to allow her to be part of the team. She was praising the Lord for opening that door. She is a great communicator.

Tanya loved going back to her alma mater, Sac State, for our outreach.
Above, Pam loves witnessing to students and taking her experiences back to the Women's Bible Studies she leads at her church. Pam is a well-known Bible teacher in Northern California and gets to use her biblical tools for the King.
A fool has no delight in understanding, but in expressing his own heart. Proverb 18:2
Above is Pastor Dave from Lodi. He was drawn to the pro-abortion students who protested our presence on "their" campus. We remind them that the colleges are "OUR" campuses and that they should try to practice more tolerance and diversity with us. Dave spent some good time witnessing to these misguided kids. Yes, many of them listened and learned about the correct worldview.
A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who speaks lies will not escape. Proverb19:5
Below, many colleges have regular offerings to the flesh gods. The one below is right there for all to partake at Sacramento State. One student wore a full body condom to advertise. That's right. Some parent pays big money for her son to dress up like a condom while at college.
Some of you may know retired Pastor John Stoos, a longtime warrior for Christ. Below, he and Pastor James Cook listen to a very confused student reprimand them for being on "her" campus. After she bellowed out her silly ideas, Pastor John and Pastor Cook shared real truth with her. She actually stayed and listened.
We will rejoice in Your salvation, and in the name of our God we will set up our banners Psalm 20:5
Above, Randy is confronted by a Sac State Biology professor. When the prof attempted to "educate" Randy on our "misinformation," it became apparent why the students are so mixed up about abortion. Randy tried to correct some of the prof's twisted ideas, but he would not have it.

I stepped up as the professor started to walk away and I asked him how he could teach students such incorrect biology and still be allowed to teach at Sac State. He growled at me, "I am a biology teacher and have a doctorate in philosophy."

I said, "That would explain your convoluted teachings in biology. For you to say the preborn baby is not a living human being shows what happens when you wrongly mix biology and philosophy. That is why biologists and philosophers don't like each other. You say to me it is a potential human, but the correct answer is, It is a human with potential."

The prof told me, "In order to teach biology here one must have a doctorate in philosophy."

I said, "That, professor, is how you can mess up student's minds...as we have found on this campus."

I thanked him for stopping to speak with us as he grumbled(see below) something and walked into the library.

The students we talk with often try to use scientific biology to attach value to the preborn using philosophical terms. Biology is only presenting what something is scientifically, not the morality behind the science.

Philosophy can mess up the clarity by misusing the biology information.

An example of this is part of the discussions we have on the campuses:

A student says, "The fetus is not aware of its existence in the womb and is not fully conscious, so it does not have the same value as us."

Our team has several answers to that, including the question to the student, "So if the value of the preborn is based on awareness or consciousness, are you less valuable or human when you are sleeping...because when you are sleeping you are sub-conscious...so are you sub-human?"

This question is a great starting point to show the student that you must put your soundbites to a logic test before embracing them for your ideas about life.

Our value is in our humanity, not our functions as a living human being. In our founding documents our country established that we are all creations of God.
Above, when Lee (white hat) and Linda are not trying to scale Mt. Whitney or another tall mountain, they join us for the great adventure of changing hearts and minds with the Gospel.
Above, I encounter with regularity students who have formed an opinion about abortion while knowing NOTHING about the facts of abortion.

Such was the case with these young ladies as they approached with the claim that abortion is "not legal after the heart starts beating."

I asked them where they got such a claim and also when they believed the heart begins to beat?

The blue-haired girl said, "The heart beats at six months." OOPS!

I asked her to google the correct answer, which she did, and she found out the heart began to beat at three to five weeks. OOPS again.

I assured her and her friends we were not on campus to spread misinformation, but that they were getting misinformation from somewhere and should be bothered about the real misinformation.
Our team reported a great moment when a student approached the display and loudly proclaimed, "Wow, if that is abortion, abortion is completely wrong." You have changed my mind."
I do not contact the school administrations before we arrive at a college because the colleges started a new tactic of sending out an email to all the students warning them of our visits.

If the president of a college is not fair and balanced, he will write a snarky email that will make some students hostile towards our team before we even arrive. Before our second day at Sac State, the president emailed the student body to warn them that we were "agitators," unwelcome on "their" campus.

Needless to say this does not help...or does it?

One of my heroes, William L. Garrison, from the slavery days, was called an agitator during the tumultuous days of the 1800's and he decided to declare that, indeed, "he was an agitator" and proudly wore that badge.

So I looked up what the definition of agitator is and was thrilled to discover its meaning.

In one sense Project Truth stirs up people in order to bring change to our corrupted society. We try to awaken or disturb into action the apathetic culture and get our minds onto right thinking, which we know comes through Jesus Christ.

In Luke 23:2 they accused Jesus of being an agitator because His message was stirring up the people. Our message on every campus will stir the students, hopefully right into the holiness of God.
Above, Carole has a heart for the protestors too. She is a retired nurse and loves sharing her life of learning with these students. We are often the only Jesus they will come in contact with.
Most people are misinformed on the current state of abortion in the United States. The Supreme Court correctly ruled that abortion is not found in the Constitution. But this did not stop abortion in our Country. A woman is allowed to seek an abortion outside her state in the United States for up to NINE MONTHS if that state allows it to be done. New Mexico, Washington DC and New York are three that perform and allow abortions up to birth. Most states allow child sacrifice at various stages of the baby's life. California allows the killing to six months.
Below, an anthropology student unwittingly entertained Matt and me with the idea of how over millions of years giraffes were another kind of animal that grew longer and longer necks in order to eat. We enjoyed the fairytale explanation and then asked a devastating question of our student: "So where are the millions of fossils showing the progression or transition of one kind of animal evolving into a tall giraffe?" OOPS.

Our student, who was really a nice respectful guy, said there are millions of fossils showing that, to which Matt and I said not one fossil exists to verify your claim. The reason there are no fossils proving his idea is because macro evolution NEVER happened.

The dialogue continued with our challenge to him to seek God with the same passion he has for anthropology, ending in our lost friend willingly taking the "One Heartbeat Away" book and the info he needed from Crossexamined.Org to get his mind headed in the right direction.
Below, these four guys listened to our message and asked some good questions. They seemed really bothered by abortion and acknowledged that a right relationship with God through Christ is the necessary ingredient for clear thinking.
When I first ventured out in front of an abortion center in 1983, I met a little lady dairy farmer named Mary Kaehler from Lodi. She asked me what I was doing in front of the abortion mill? I told her I was burdened for the babies and their moms entering the building.

Mary told me she has been outside the abortion center for years and could not get ANY churches or other people to join her in trying to stop abortion on the sidewalk outside.

I told her I will be out there with her from now on.

Mary and I, along with many of her wonderful ten children, built a lifelong friendship and did many things together to save babies.

Mary lived to be 104 years old and died the other day as the original abolitionist of our town.

I will miss Mary, my friend.

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