Onward Christian Soldiers
A few weeks ago Donnie Moore crossed through the Gates of Heaven and left us here to be about the Master's business. He was a friend of mine and went all over the country lifting up Jesus Christ. He was the Chaplin of the Oakland A's baseball team for 30 years. At his memorial service many people testified to Donnie's influence on their Christian walk. Donnie and his wife supported and encouraged my ministry for all those years.

We are two Donnies in the ministry.
The Price is High...God does not want partnership with us, but ownership of us. Leonard Ravenhill "When Revival Tarries"
I returned from Ireland and stepped back into the gaps to rescue the lost. One of the places for effective impact is the freeway overpass. Here Matt and I are on one of the bridges of the 680 freeway near Walnut Creek reaching tens of thousands of motorists driving by our large banners placed on the fence. It is so stirring that some people get off the freeway and walk up to talk to us. This school teacher pictured had a long dialogue with me as I tried to plant the truth into her liberal mind. She told me that she remembered our display from Sac State University a few years ago.
Perhaps she was among this crowd of students of Sac State, in the photo below, listening to our Project Truth presentation.

This video link is a 50 second clip of a ten-minute conversation I had with an Irish woman outside Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, days before their national vote.

"Lord, raise up proclaimers of the truth to this island of lost souls."
We continue to go to abortion centers and challenge those going into the centers seemingly without any concern for the consequences. This woman, below, told us she is a church-going person and has no problem with going into Planned Parenthood. Matt reminded her that the Lord says to "have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness." Ephesians 5:11
The picture below is one the saddest reminders of our task to warn people and challenge people to follow the Light and avoid the darkness. After I took this photo I pleaded with this woman to call out to the Lord and ask Him for the strength to walk away from the curse she would experience if she opened the door. I don't know what happened to her, but she went inside.
The woman who walked into the Stockton Pregnancy Control Center the other day didn't leave the way she had hoped. This image below occurs from time to time where we minister and many women never recover from their injuries at these abortion mills.
Summer Outreach
This Friday through Sunday you will find some of our team on Lake Tahoe Blvd witnessing to thousands of people from all over the world who converge at the lake for the Celebrity Golf Tournament and other events. Pray for our team along with the youth group from Galt Bible Church, as we hand out thousands of Gospel tracts and share the Good News over the weekend.
There are two indispensable factors to successful Christian living. They are vision and passion . Men battle mountainous seas of human carnal criticism and storm the flinty heights of devilish opposition to plant the Cross of Christ amidst the habitations of cruelty. Why? Because they have caught a vision and contracted a passion . Leonard Ravenhill "When Revival Tarries"
2018 Fall College Outreach
August 27-28   Skyline College  (San Francisco) 
September 4-5  Solano College  (Vacaville)
Sept. 10-11  Modesto JC
Sept 17-18   College of San Mateo
Sept 24-29  99 and I-5 Overpasses and Columbia College (Sonora)
October 1-4   Santa Barbara City College and UC Santa Barbara
October 8-9   Merced JC
October 15-16  UC Merced
October 22-25  Arizona State and Arizona Community College (GAP)
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