"If nations perish, it is not because of their devotion to liberty, but for their disregard of its requirements."
 William Lloyd Garrison 1805-1879

One of the most difficult elements of my ministry is to witness the consequences of those choosing the dark path over the lighted path.

The other day this woman in the ambulance rejected our pleas and later was rushed to a hospital after destroying her baby inside the walls of Planned Parenthood.
We think that a nurse had performed the abortion because we didn't see a doctor arrive all morning. California made a new law allowing non-physicians to do the procedure.

So much for caring about the health of woman.

The new movie 'Unplanned" has had an impact among some Christians, some of whom are coming out to the abortion centers to see how they can help us rescue babies.

Praise the Lord!

As the escort waits for the next client to arrive, she notices our team is trying to convince a couple not to go into the abortion mill. The abortion workers call the police to falsely accuse us of interfering with their business. The police are tired of coming out to check on us, so today they did not respond.

Matt and Alena plead with the woman and offer her the hope she needs. The boyfriend, a weak and scared boy, tries to keep her from listening to our counselors.
As he tugs on her she gives in and enters the gates of death.

This scenario plays out at over 700 centers around our country.

We must continue to warn them and try to save them. That couple will never forget this morning and the righteous path they were offered.
Recently I watched a PBS special called "Frontline-Abortion-Divide." The 48 minute program takes you into an abortion mill in Philadelphia and you see firsthand the abortion industry at work. It is incredible. Please take the time to watch this revealing documentary. It is not a pro-life presentation but sure comes out that way. Click on the link below to watch
Did you know...
Right outside the Fresno State Library is a beautiful grassy memorial with large statues honoring giants of American history. Jane Addams born in 1860 and Martin Luther King. Both figures are holding children and lifting up the need for social justice.

That's why I was amused when a professor from the City College a few miles away, shouted at me "You Project Truth people have no business bringing your religious views onto a secular college campus. You are violating the separation of Church and State. Get your religion off of our campuses."
You see, Jane Addams was a Presbyterian and gives credit to her reading of the Bible as the inspiration for her activism. While she was mixed with some odd people for a time, including being co-founder of the ACLU, her motivation for changing the world came from Scripture originally.

And MLK was a Baptist minister who is a hero of many people...so much so, Fresno State University sets him up in the center of their campus.

So much for the professor's rant about the influence of God on campus.
"...Be assured your labor is not in vain in the Lord." I Corinthians 15:58
I recently received this email from a college student that is a total encouragement to our ministry. Please pray she also follows our Facebook page and reads the Gospel and joins the Family of God.

To the Pro-Life People Who Were at my School,

You probably do not remember me, but I remember you. It was on an afternoon when I was supposed to be in class that I saw you. I can't remember the reason why, but our teacher dismissed class just about as early as it had started and was basically very mad at the Project Truth group that was standing outside in the main walkway of our school. Being a staunch pro-choicer at the time myself, I too was very upset at the Project Truth group that was at the school.

Me and a few of my other classmates went up to some of the Project Truth folks and tried to confront them. Our arguments were incredibly flimsy at best, but I was still angry. A few other students and I then got the idea in our heads to go ahead and create our own pro-choice signs to hold up in order to protest the Project Truth group that had come to our school. So that's what we did, and I remember feeling so proud of myself and smug at the time... but, if I'm being incredibly honest, something small inside of me that day was thinking that maybe I was doing something wrong. That's why I kept trying to hide my face behind my sign and, shortly afterwards, gave the sign to someone else and briskly walked away. And now, looking back at that incident, I feel so embarrassed and ashamed of what I did, especially since what we did seemed to inspire other students to start violating the Project Truth's free speech rights that day.

I'm pro-life now, by the way, because of a sort of epiphany that I had. I won't get into that right now because that's a story for another time, but while I still don't agree with some of the approaches that your group takes to educate others about the pro-life stance, I can certainly say that I now appreciate what you guys were trying to do. I just wanted to write this open letter to the group and everyone that I encountered that day to say that I am very sorry for what I did. This occurrence happened maybe two or three years ago, but I still remember it very clearly, and I just feel pretty bad for backing the wrong horse and promoting something that harms children.

Please don't stop trying to teach the truth about abortion to those who are willing to listen to you. It makes more of a difference than you realize, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

A college student
The essence of immorality is the tendency to make an exception of myself.
Jane Addams
...everyone did that which was right in his own eyes. Judges 21:25
Project Truth Justice Ride coming June 23rd-29th

I have 6 spots left for High Schoolers to Young Adults to travel with our team into the Southern California area to engage the many people from UCLA to Hollywood to Venice Beach to Santa Monica.

Millions of people from all over the world visit these spots all summer long.

We will also be going to the "abortion clinic to the Stars" to try to rescue Hollywood babies and their moms.

Contact me if you know of a "warrior-wanna-be" who is ready for the next level of Christian living.

It will be a great week!

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