"...will you judge the bloody city? Yes, show her all her abominations...the city sheds blood in her own midst...you have become guilty by the blood which you have shed... they have made light of father and mother; and have mistreated the fatherless ... they violate women ...they have devoured people and taken treasure and precious things...the priests have not made known the difference between the clean and the unclean...So I (God) sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found no one." Ezekiel 22
Warriors making a wall and standing in the gap
I never want those words in Ezekiel from God to refer to me. Our Project Truth team is standing in the gap, warning the people of the wrath to come on those who shed innocent blood. Our team is spread out over Northern California at abortion centers in six locations every week saving babies.

The police have been great and accommodating, but we wonder what happened to the other people and groups who have abandoned their posts in the gap outside the centers.

We are saving more babies than before during this crazy moment in history.

It is SO important to stand up to a corrupt Caesar. It just seems that so many people have bowed to the worldly king without question.

Not so our faithful warriors of Project Truth.
We stand and let God decide our fate...warning the lost and offering the hope that is only found in Jesus Christ.

In between the two abortion centers in Fresno there is a neighborhood where you can feel the presence of evil on the streets. This dark figurine is mounted to the wall outside one of the buildings.

I asked one of the tenants what it was and they were not sure.

It is a great reminder for us as we approach the abortion centers nearby.

Isn't this a creepy thing to see?
The picture below is an example of our efforts to stand with Jarod (on the right) in Fresno as he ministers outside an abortion center that has been aborting children for over 40 years. More than a quarter of a million babies and their moms and dads have been forever scarred by this place.

As we plead with this woman she tells us that on her way over to her appointment she asked God to "give her a sign." Jarod says to her , "We are God's sign to you."

The woman says, "Yes you are," and decided to go home and save her baby." The picture is at the moment this precious woman accepted the truth.

We try to encourage women to go to the Pregnancy Help Centers in the area and also try to keep in contact with them. Jarod also tries to share the Gospel with every person who will listen.

Bethany Baptist Church in Stockton has a presence outside the Planned Parenthood center and in the photo Ini listens to this troubled woman trying to justify her need to go into the killing place. Ini was gracious even though the woman was rude and willfully confused about what the Bible says.

There are many people out there completely lost in wrong thinking.

We are to go out and seek the lost.
The police continue to receive calls about us and stop to give us warnings to obey the "orders." We thank the officers for their service and go about our ministry. God has given us favor with the law enforcement. They are in a tough place during this time in our country.
The photo below is of another great moment outside the killing place in Fresno this week.
It seemed to be a busy morning as we were reaching out to the clients.

The woman in the blue, had earlier told us that she had come for an abortion the day before, only to be told she was in her second trimester and needed to have a laminaria put into her cervix before an abortion 24 hours later.

A "laminaria" is a seaweed kelp that is used because of its natural medical properties to enlarge the cervix and better prepare the cervix for delivering a baby. That's right. It is used sometimes for the wonderful event of birth. BUT, the abortion industry also found it could be used to help force the cervix to open more so that the abortionist could have more room to use forceps and bring out a larger aborted baby.

It is also heartbreaking to note that in the Marine Biology world the kelp is also called the "Devil's Apron."

This sweet young woman was crying as she was walking by Jarod and said that she had changed her mind and wanted to have the laminaria process stopped. Jarod told her that we could get her to a real doctor who would remove the laminaria. The woman went inside and came back out to tell us that the clinic worker informed her that if she removed the laminaria there would be a risk of the baby being born with birth defects!

We told her that the clinic worker was lying to her and that they were trying to get her to abort.

As Jarod, Matt and I stood there pleading with her to trust us, it was evident that a great spiritual war was going on for this woman and her baby. This is where those of you who are in intercessory prayer each week for our team will see the power in your timely prayers. This was Wednesday morning about 8:30 am.

Through the next 20 minutes we worked through the roadblocks and hurdles being placed within our efforts.

That tender woman developed the resolve to refuse the pressure of the clinic worker who at one point came out of the front door and challenged her to come back into the clinic. I got goosebumps as she looked at the worker and said, "No, I do not need to go back in there."

We were able to get her into the local Pregnancy Help Center in minutes where she received true love and attention which included a real doctor removing the "devil's apron."

This blessed mother called us later and thanked us for rescuing her from the darkness.

Can you say "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY"?
Thank you for standing with me
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