The 2019 Fall Adventure
"See then that you walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil ." Ephesians 5:15-16
Joseph can't stop smiling. You remember Joseph. He is our Project Truth Trumpet Player, sounding out beautiful hymns at several of the college campuses as we engage the students. His desire to stand with our team has resulted in some divine moments at colleges, silencing opposition while he plays Amazing Grace echoing through the campus quads.

Joseph took his loving spirit to the Planned Parenthood abortuary in Sacramento and pleaded with a woman about to abort her baby and also commit suicide. Joseph rescued her and offered her Christ and his church, saving this awesome little child. The new mom told Joseph that this baby saved her life.
That's what we try to do..."Rescue" people from the Evil One.
This is a Warrior's pose as we get ready to throw out the seeds of truth into the fields. This is about half our team at Consumnes River College a few days ago. The Lord's favor was working among the lost students and the Gospel had free reign for two days. We encouraged Christian students who thanked us for being on their dark campus, while others told us that our literature changed their minds about child sacrifice.
Our team set up at Yuba College and Cal State Hayward as well, handing out thousands of brochures.
Donna, Carole, and Beth, below, do a great job representing the women for those skeptics who need to hear a woman's voice while we are on the campuses.
Doug, above, said he wanted to set up a display pictorially explaining the Gospel. So he finds a shady spot on campus and several students come over to see his display and go through Doug's presentation. I told him that he is the Biblical definition of "Jehovah's Witnesses." When we find the Watchtower people on campuses they don't have any takers all the time they are there. But Doug gets several students who stay and listen. It's the difference between being led by the Spirit and not being led by the Spirit.
You've heard of colleges offering "safe spaces" for students " triggered" by our displays? Above is an example of Consumnes College offering safe spaces. They didn't have any students needing cookies or puppies to play with. We were there to trigger people into standing with us to end abortion in America. Below is a guy who was triggered by our display at Cal State Hayward. There are several problems with his sign though. First, if he doesn't have a uterus, then why is he expressing his opinion with the sign? We call this a self-defeating argument. Secondly, wasn't it nine men on the "Supreme" Court, without uteruses, who established abortion-on-demand with their "opinions" in 1973. Another self-defeating argument.

Yes, we do tell these truths to the misguided students as they stand there looking foolish in front of their peers.
The above photo captures the organizer of the "safe spaces" table coming over to dialogue with Beth and me. He listened to our message, challenging us with some odd ideas. He said that a womb baby isn't alive until it begins to move, which is around 24 weeks. We asked him where he got such a statement and he took us to a website that said that the pregnant mother does not feel the baby move until about 24 weeks. Somehow he read that as the baby not being alive until the mom feels it alive. And to think that this is the staff member who helps students "triggered" by our displays. We walked him through the truth world and he shook our hands, thanking us for the conversation.
It is good to have Senior Saint Bud Reeves, above, back on the team. He had knee surgery that was very successful and is sharing the Gospel with students again. I thought he was a goner, but he is more alive than before.
Lake Tahoe Outreach
Our yearly midsummer trek to the beautiful Lake Tahoe gave us a cool backdrop for sharing the Gospel with the thousands of people visiting the huge Celebrity Golf Tournament. Hannah and I went into the tournament giving out Gospel tracts to the people, including some people you might recognize. Below, on the left is one of the hosts of Fox news and also the host of America's Funniest Videos on the right.
Our team hooked up with the teens from Galt Bible Church. I am so impressed with their passion to tell people about our Savior while being rejected by most visitors to the Lake. But divine appointments are still there for those who go into the world to share the Good News.
The Roper brothers show the teens from the church how to be witnesses in Galt, Lake Tahoe, and "to the uttermost parts of the earth." I love this photo above of a youth pastor being a role model to his teens.
Now this is how we hit the Fall season, "running the race set before us."
Frank Turek of will be speaking all day at my home church, Quail Lakes Baptist Church, on September 29th. He will be on the University of the Pacific campus on Monday night the 30th challenging the liberal college with the presentation "I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist." On Tuesday, October 1st, he will be at Fresno State University in the evening for the same presentation. If you are in the area please come out for a great witness for truth. Check out his website for more times and details.
More great outreach going on right now.
The Fall 2019 College Schedule
Aug.26-27 Mon/Tues   Cal State Hayward
Sept. 3-4 Tues/Wed   Yuba College
Sept. 9-10 Mon/Tues   Consumnes River College

Sept 16-20 All week   Eastern Washington, Washington State Colleges Gap Project

Sept 30   Frank Turek University of the Pacific  
October  7-11   Cal State Long Beach and Cal State Los Angeles - GAP
October 15-16   Santa Rosa College
October 22-23  San Jose State
October 28-30 Small colleges leaflet blitz
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