Action-Packed Month
How do you impact a college campus? SHOW UP!

Oh...and you "hire" some pro-choice students to get us bigger crowds by acting like crazy people.

It also helps to have several police officers there to "keep the peace" after one of the students pulled out a knife and destroyed one of our displays. The strange thing is that the student ripped up the banner with the beautiful photo of a baby in the womb...Hmmmm.

She was arrested and suspended from the college for seven days.

That's good.
Here are some of the "hired" pro-abortion students trying to stir up the growing crowd of passing students. They just don't realize how much they help us reach the students.

“Woe to him (or her) who builds a town with bloodshed,
Who establishes a city by iniquity! Habakkuk 2:12
Did I tell you this is DIABLO Valley College. That's right. Many students lived up to their campus mascot. This student above was the ringleader and was cursing the administration for allowing Project Truth on "her" campus. She also yelled that she believes in free speech, but we should not be allowed on campus. OK!?
While the two days were filled with tension, our team boldly proclaimed the truth and kept in mind these students are lost in sin and held captive by "Diablo." The messengers of God are supposed to be "out there" confronting the darkness.

So that's where we go with our Banners, Bibles and Brochures.

I like the ring to that phrase.

In the name of our God we will lift up our banners. Psalms 20:5
This student in the white claimed to be a Christian and exclaimed her willingness to take off the cross around her neck in order to oppose our message. She believed abortion should be legal while looking at the photos of the injustice. This is blindness of the soul.
Our team had many great exchanges with the students, in spite of the opposition. I was proud of the team focus and commitment in the midst of the battle. This is where we are very thankful for the prayer warriors praying while we are on the campuses.
There were several students who thanked us for coming onto their campus. Some students thanked us for treating the school troublemakers with respect and not yelling back at them.

We focused on the students who were searching for the truth...and there were many...some hurting..some needing to be encouraged to be bolder towards their classmates. We were there to inspire those students to be strong in the Lord while among their friends.

These moments are always encouraging to our team throughout the day.
It was great to have Pastor David from Big Valley Bible Church in Lodi join us for college outreach. Besides having another "bald" brother on board, he jumped right in to presenting the truth to students and did a good job standing with us.
The Action continued...
We finished our Spring tour with visits to Butte College and Sonoma State and had many divine appointments with students and professors. John educates the students who have been given wrong information while others pass by unable to avoid the reality and resolve of our message.
This video clip is an example of the weak understanding that students have concerning abortion. The first few minutes of the 10-minute clip is very revealing.
This conversation began when a group of guys walked by our display laughing and mocking us. The young man in the video, part of their group, stopped and had an open mind. There is much more to this dialogue, including sharing the Gospel with this willing student. I will post the rest of the conversation on my website when I restart my web page June 1st.
Butte College is located between Chico State and Paradise in Northern California. The students there are heavily influenced by the wild culture of Chico State. Some troublemakers from Chico found out we were going to spend two days changing minds at Butte and showed up to counter our presence. We thanked them for helping enhance our message with their crazy posters. Be careful. You don't have to read these next two posters in the pictures. Some of them are offensive, but you might want to see how evil people can be towards us.
"Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. You are the salt of the earth...You are the light of the world, a city (team) that is set on a hill (or campus quad) cannot be hidden...Matthew 5:11-14
This picture, above, is my favorite. Notice that we must be having success with her as she admits "sometimes" it's the right choice. We are moving her towards the truth. The pink sign...well she's not standing. What's that all about? So Linda, below, sat with her to move her closer to right thinking.

Bernard is always ready to present the Gospel and witness for the truth.
Beth effectively engages Sonoma State students while still thinking about her first grandson about to be born. We can now call her grandma Talley.
Much of our stand for righteousness was done in the shadow of Charles Darwin Hall on the Sonoma State College campus. That's right. In the dead center of the campus is a large education center named in honor of one of the perpetrators of the fairy tale known as Evolution.

This building is the centerpiece of the college that formed in that spot over billions of years out of the mortal slime that was formed by the geysers found in the Napa area. As a result, the other buildings began to randomly form and develop, even though they look designed, and during an explosion, the library evolved, filled with books of codes and mechanisms that seem to also be designed. A total incredible campus that has no Designer or meaning other than to exist for our pleasure. Evolution is amazing. NOT!
Great moments of witnessing at Butte College
Diana, below, showed up to help us at Diablo College with her living prop. One student said that she wanted to beat up Diana for bringing the baby. We walked Diana to her car at the end of the day.
In all we had six police officers present at one college and five at Butte. It seems that times are getting a little more dangerous and challenging. We are thankful for the protection.
More great conversations with interested college students
"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God..." Matthew 5:9
The Mission to Ireland continues...
I'm going back to Ireland to complete the mission. After Hannah and I returned to America, we knew there was still work to be done. Till the end of May we will continue the mission of educating the people about the cancer of abortion in a nation. The country of Ireland is in desperate need of the truth so I have sent ahead (thanks to Mark Cahill Ministries) a box of "One Heartbeat" and am taking lots of tracts for the time we will spend on the streets of Dublin and other towns.
"Every morning He brings His justice to light, He never fails... Zephaniah 3:5
Pray for our Irish mission as Matt, Hannah, and I try to have a righteous impact on the people of Ireland along with Irishman Dr. Jean and his team.

I hope to return with a great report in my June newsletter.
Also pray for Mark Cahill. He is a great inspiration to me and others on our team. Mark is having heart problems. The doctors do not know why his ticker is not working right. His ministry, Mark Cahill Ministries, has had a HUGE impact on many lives and I so desire for the Lord to fix his heart so he can be back playing first trumpet in the Army of the Lord.
Thank you for standing with me
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