The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; Those who dwelt i n the land of the shadow of death , upon them a light has shined. Isaiah 9:2
Recently a woman drove up to where I was standing outside an abortion center. Over 100,000 little womb babies have been exterminated in 35 years at that location. The woman rolled down her window and asked me if I remembered her. She then pointed to a spot near the entrance of the center and said, " That's the spot where you talked me out of an abortion and my twins in the back seat are alive today because of that moment. Thank you for saving my sons."

Now that is a Thanksgiving and Christmas gift to remember.

Those of you reading this newsletter please remember that you too are a part of this victory of life over death. You are part of the team of people standing with me in various ways who make this moment possible ... warning people in the shadow of death and seeing some respond to the call towards truth.

Sometimes, though, our efforts to change minds get a violent reaction. At a Bay area college recently this student lost it and you can watch the two-minute clip and what happens to me by clicking on the arrow in the picture. I won't show you the 10-inch inner leg bruise I received for three weeks, but I'm thankful for the eight police officers protecting our team for the two days on that campus, stepping in to arrest the troubled student.
Also notice at the end of the short clip the blind student who comes up to minister to me. Praise the Lord for this loving man.
A few weeks later our Project Truth team stood in the gap on the San Jose State University campus. Every two years when we go onto this campus we get push back from the administration ... and this visit would not be an exception.

The second day in the main walking area of the school, the police, doing the bidding of the college president and some angry faculty, told us that we could no longer show our display by order of the president. I let Matt take over the dialogue with the police to get more experience with these kinds of occasional hurdles.

So what does he do? Matt gets us both arrested.

OK. To be fair Matt handled the police very well and the police told us if we did not take down the display (that was in a public walkway section of the college) we would be violating a "presidential directive." Now that sounds scary to some, but we have heard that warning before. We tried to reason with the police, but to no avail ... they were just following orders. So the unconstitutional policy got us both arrested because we refused to take down the display.

To shorten the story, we have a great set of attorneys through Life Legal Defense Foundation whom I trust will be able to stop this false arrest from going to court. This is my sixth arrest in my 36 years of ministry and the Lord has always been there through the victories.

Our team handled themselves well and we continued to dialogue with the students having some great conversations next to our display that we never took down. After the police arrested Matt and me they just left. There is a new policy where you are supposed to self-book yourself within a few weeks of a hearing. So we didn't get taken to the slammer that day. Go figure.
Thousands of apathetic students passed by our display and many great divine appointments resulted in the midst of the turmoil. Our team didn't let the tension keep them from standing for the truth.
A student approached us and shared how he remembered us from his previous college a few years ago. He told us that he was a pro-choice liberal, standing with his friends as they badgered our team. The student explained that after watching the way we conducted ourselves in a respectful way with reasoned arguments and his friends were giving just emotional rhetoric, he went home and read our brochure. After that he left the liberal mindset and wanted to let us know that he was now a pro-life conservative and is growing in the right direction. I thanked him for the encouragement through the great story, but that he was only halfway home. I and some others on our team told him that a right relationship with Jesus Christ would complete the process of having a right mind. The student thanked us and took our information. Please pray he places his trust in the Word and Christ to lead a focused life.

Rod patiently waits while a professor looks over our powerful brochure (which you can look at through our website). Rod loves the Lord and enjoys standing with us when we engage San Francisco area college students.
UPDATE!! While putting together this newsletter our great attorney, Allison Aranda, called to inform me that the District Attorney found the arrests to be baseless and that there would be NO CASE brought against us. He said that our team was involved in a First Amendment activity and there were no grounds for an arrest. AWESOME GOD!
We at Project Truth are committed to the passion of our forefathers, like the great abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison when he stated, "We call things by their right names, in plain language ... and no man's power shall awe us into submission."
Thank you for standing with me
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