2020 Vision
You are the light of the world...Let your light so shine... Matthew 5
Our outreach took us to Eastern Washington and I should have gotten a clue by the Washington State University mascot that it was going to be a challenge. We had a great time engaging the students at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington State in Pullman, University of Idaho in Moscow, and Eastern Washington University. That's right. At least four colleges within a short distance of each other.

Some students were excited to see us, like this lady and her Satan wanna-be friend pictured below.
This poster is what many college students are embracing now. So very sad.

Click on the arrow to watch this two-minute example of our welcoming committee at University of Idaho in Moscow. These misfit's actions actually increased our crowds for more dialogue.
Students at all of the colleges were intrigued by us on their campuses. We had many GREAT conversations. We shake up the status quo every time we set up in the center of a college quad.
At the Washington State University
"Consensus is just what all the sheep believe"....and Carol and Donna take on the sheep at University of Idaho, Moscow. The students really listened.
Our presence was felt all over Eastern Washington which drew the news media from the area. Emmerson did a good job clarifying our message to the cameras.
Below, Hannah had her hands full explaining reality to these testy group of sorority girls from Eastern Washington University.

We were blessed to stay at a nice place while in Spokane. This is how Hannah unwinds after a tough day laboring in the trenches.
The university marching band "greeted us" as we set up our display. OK, maybe they weren't there to welcome us, but the whole band got to see the truth about abortion as they passed by.
We are civil and focused as the curious confront us. The students often thank us for being reasonable and bold, and often admit we "put some pebbles in their shoes."
A great video clip of a Washington college professor who teaches rhetoric. She had some questions and this is a 13-minute sample of our conversation. Listen to her understanding of when a heart starts beating. She was respectful and engaging. Click on the arrow.
We took our message over to Gonzaga "Catholic" University in Spokane. It didn't take long for the opposition to emerge. It is a private college and we are not allowed on private campuses unless invited... and that wasn't going to happen. We found out from some students that the school directors are almost finished purging the school of its religious affiliation. However, we found a public street that crosses through part of the campus near the bookstore and school post office where all the students get their mail. PERFECT!
We had a good time exposing the darkness of abortion and becoming the talk of the school that day. A lot of apathy though, with one older man walking up to us and saying, "I just got out of Mass and I want all of you to go to Hell."

But some did listen and a few thanked us for braving the liberal elements to bring the message.

We were in the best spot to reach these lost souls that day.

The photos below are proof to the truth of the Scriptures as God says, "A man's heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9.

We arrived at the college not sure how we were going to reach the students. The Lord directed our steps. The police at first threatened to arrest us until I talked them into checking the city map to discover the spot where we set up was a glitch in their master plan and was still public property. The officer came back and apologized and we went about challenging the students the rest of the day.
We love the one-on-one conversations. The professor on the bike believes some foolish things, but listened as I challenged his ideas with the truth from Scripture. The couple below came up to express deep thanks for confronting the campus worldview.
Below are two warriors, Kevin and Dr. Bob, who made it possible to bring the G.A.P. display to Washington. We love working with them, reaching tens of thousands of students.

This little gift from God came at Christmastime because we stood in front of an abortion center pleading for the Cause of the Kingdom. The couple listened and a little boy was rescued.

The proud daddy told me at lunch the other day that had he aborted the first baby we saved, this second one would have never had a chance. His heart and mind were changed about abortion. Pray that this wonderful couple will also have their eyes opened to salvation.
Please don't forget to check out our Facebook page ProjectTruthCA. It has many photos and videos you might not see in my newsletter. We will also sometimes stream live from the college campuses between 9 am and 2 pm on the Spring dates of our tour.
This video MUST be seen by ALL Christians once a month.

Click on picture

My fellow warrior Mark Harrington who directs a similar ministry to ours put together this clip using some of his team's own footage.

VERY powerful. 20 minutes

Warning: Disturbing footage of the evil we are confronted by on the streets.
The Spring College Tour schedule 2020
Sierra College February 24-25
American River College March 2-3
Alameda College March 9-10
Sacramento State University March 16-17
Shasta College March 23-24
Los Positos College March 31-April1
De Anza College and West Valley College April 6-9
April 14-15 Break
Chico State April 20-21
Modesto JC April 27-28
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