In the Thick of the Battle
God has called us to bring the truth of His message so He can "heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound. give them beauty for ashes...the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness...that they may be called trees of righteousness."
Isaiah 61
Scott and Carole see a school of fish approaching on the Fresno State Bulldog campus and get to work planting seeds of the truth.
It's not Halloween, but our opposition at some colleges come out dressed in interesting attire to disrupt the light. Instead they draw more curiosity our way. Some students and faculty apologize for their classmates behavior.
You still won't believe some of the statements we hear on the campuses. Here are more odd soundbites thrown at us;

"Why do you feel everyone has a right to live?"

"You people are out here yelling at us." Hannah replied, "Who is yelling at you"? The student replied, "You people aren't yelling, but those pictures are screaming at us."

"I have to tell you that although you haven't convinced me, you have a lot of passion and logic."

"Yes, a woman has a right to murder her baby."

"You don't need a man anymore to conceive. You just need bone marrow."

" Everything is arbitrary when it comes to choice." ( Ethics professor as she passed by one of our team members)

"I believe a woman should have a right to exterminate a fetus." Don: “What is a fetus?” Young lady: “A fetus is a baby and I understand your moral connection to that but I’m not in agreement with that.”

Do you consider yourself to be open-minded? "Yes, but not on this matter."
The student with the laptop, above, was searching for a quote from one of the medical textbooks to prove me wrong when I stated that his classmate was incorrect for claiming that a womb baby is just a "part of a woman's body." The student searched and searched and searched until he found a textbook quote that stated, "The embryo receives nourishment from the woman."

Really? I nicely challenged the misguided student and his friends to avoid letting their emotional bias for abortion cloud their reasoning and discernment faculties.
Hannah and Donna give compelling reasons to the questioning students as to why our worldview is the only logical way to live our lives. Hannah, in the white above, recently quit her job and stepped out by faith to be full-time in the abolitionist ministry.
Matt tried to reason with this woman who screamed at him. Her efforts produced the crowd you see below. Some of the pro-choice students told her to settle down but she wouldn't have it. You can see her imploding on our Facebook page ProjectTruthCA.

Our team has concluded that people like this have been confronted by their sin and some react this way, while others let us reason with them in an attempt to bring them to the forgiveness found in Christ through repentance.
In the photo above you can see a crowd of Fresno City College students surrounding our display, many in opposition. A student walks up and gets in the middle of the crowd to challenge them about abortion. He does a great job of standing for truth. You can watch him taking on the students through our new and updated Facebook page. Matt has started his work with me as a missionary and he hit the ground running using his skills with the social media platform. We are already getting responses from people all over the world. The Facebook page is called ProjectTruthCA. The goal is to put online much more than my newsletter could handle, giving weekly updates and live moments of our outreach. There are lots of videos and posts that you won't see in my newsletter. Check it out and feel free to check on us week by week. We are leaving it open to the public so do not use last names or personal information when commenting on posts. The enemies of God are going into this Facebook page. We want them to come visit our pages for more exposure to truth.

This is the 12-minute clip of the student who came up to defend our display. You can also hear the pro-choice student say, "Where do you get the idea that a person has a right to live?"
The pen is mightier than the paralyze the Ceasars...And to strike the whole world breathless!
E. Lytton 1839
From the fertile ground of Fresno State College to the tough ground of Folsom College and on to the Monterey Peninsula College, the message was the same. Students were listening to us. From one-on-one to crowds, the Gospel is presented with boldness. Even the professor in the peach shirt got more than he expected.
One troubling development is the growing number of students telling us of their suicidal thoughts and attempts. This is very concerning. We are wanting to develop or come across a good tract dealing with suicide to hand out to those in turmoil. While the Gospel is the best answer it is our desire to put together an effective tract that works for those Christians and lost people struggling with suicidal thoughts. If you have come across a good brochure let me know. We are going to be adding this to our tools of outreach.
I am invited to speak to a Human Sexuality class each semester at one college and totally enjoy the opportunity as "Professor Blythe." You can watch the presentation on our Facebook page. Warning: It is one hour long
While at Monterey Peninsula College for two days a student pointed out the building we were in front of and stated that it was the building known for its "Leftist" classes. He said the teachers in that building were there to indoctrinate students. He told us to go into the hallway and check out the display on the wall.

So I did and found this display in the above photo. The part I can show you is of a dead doll of President Trump with several masked dolls of feminists shouting their approval. The name of the book in the display, not in the picture, is not appropriate for Christian eyes and minds.

After I took the picture a teacher called the administration complaining that I was monitoring the classes and illegally filming their lectures.

Can you say "Gestapo?"
New to the Project Truth information Highway
ProjectTruthCA is a great place to go to for those of you who like Facebook. There is so much that our team experiences that we want others to experience with us through the tools of the internet.

So now you can get more by going to the your Facebook and search for ProjectTruthCA. If you are like me and don't venture into Facebook much or don't have Facebook, you can still go to my web page and get lots of good information.

Matt is also working on a web page for Project Truth which will soon be up and working. It will be We are doing a web page with the anticipation that the Facebook people will eventually censor our message as they have done to other conservative groups.

Below are a few interesting clips of our adventures.
25-minute dialogue with crowd of students
5-minute clip of edited conversation
Project Truth 2018 Spring College Tour
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