Changing Hearts and Minds
As our Project Truth team drove up the hill towards Skyline College in South San Francisco, we passed by Golden Gate National Cemetery where 145,000 of our bravest warriors are buried. What a surreal prompting of the task before us. What a powerful reminder of all those patriots giving their lives to save the innocent people of the world.

I was also reminded that 145,000 people die every single day in the world and go into eternity, most going into Hell; EVERY DAY - 145,000 souls.

What a challenge for the Christian warriors to try and rescue the lost from the clutches of the enemy.
We go into the center of college campuses seeking students for the cause of the Kingdom. Our relevant banners draw many people to talk with us.
"Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil." C.S. Lewis
There were 16 warriors on our team. The newest member is Rachael. For 5 hours she walked around the campus sharing the Gospel in the shadow of our veteran Gospel warrior Bernard, in the blue, witnessing to three willing students.

There are those who say we shouldn't put the Gospel front and center because many students will immediately shut down. Somewhere in our presentation the Gospel must be presented. We have it located in our brochure and also have two of our team members just presenting the Cross all day. It works great as we labor among the students. Below is a photo of a student protester who boasted that she is a "great Christian" and proceeded to ridicule us for our message. She brought shame to the name of Christ. Carol tried to correct her, but she insisted that having sexual relations with her boyfriend was okay. Her mother is a teacher at the college and came out to declare her support for her daughter and told us they were proud church-going Christians. We meet a lot of students like this woman and her mom. Carol and others still spoke truth into her life and hoped it would prick her soul later in the day. The second day she did not protest us and was very quiet.

Even Muslim students are open to dialogue with us and we make the most of the opportunities.
One student, holding a protest sign, boldly proclaimed, "Your kind are dying out and will soon be no more." That is the hope of the hopeless. Her emotions were clouding her mind from reality in order for her to say such a mean thing.

Matt spent a lot of time with this student. A really nice guy who left the faith to become a Muslim. Matt did well in seeking to pull him from the clutches of Islam. The young man agreed to read "One Heartbeat" and the book "Seeking Allah...Finding Jesus."

Pray for this young man to see the Light and be set free.
I, the Lord, have called you in a light to the Gentiles, to open blind eyes , to bring out prisoners from the prison, those who sit in darkness from the prison house. I am the Lord, that is My name. Isaiah 42:6-8
On many college campuses you can find a JW group set up in the quad. But they NEVER seek to engage the students and for five hours they sit without any students approaching them...praise the Lord. Richard, on the other hand, gives out many of our truthful materials with the real Gospel inside while the Watchtower folks watch how it's done.
One of these students stated, "Everybody here is having sex for fun...why are you here bothering us." This is the prevailing attitude on most college campuses. We challenge them with the warnings of Scripture and try to get them to come to their senses. One student came back after reading our material and told me, "Thank you for giving us this information. I had never thought about this issue before and it has had an impact on me." Other students thanked us for our boldness and passion for the truth. One Christian student thanked us over and over for coming to his school.
Recently we purchased a big-time camera to launch PTTV, which is Project Truth TV. The goal is to do some live streaming while on campuses and gather testimonies from students about our visits to their campus. Future clips will be added to the newsletters.
Lake Tahoe Outreach - Best Results Ever
Stationed on the busiest corner in Lake Tahoe for two days and with the warriors from the Galt Bible Church youth group, the truth was broadcast to the locals and visitors. For the first time, some locals stopped to thank us for coming into their liberal community. Thousands of Gospel tracts were distributed and more people were open to receive them than the past two years of this outreach.
I'm thankful for the Roper brothers, in the plaid shirts, from Galt Bible Church, who work with their teens to challenge them about sharing the Gospel. In the photo they are trying to convince a woman to live out the faith she claimed to have. She wanted to love God and love the world at the same time. The plaid shirt brigade was out there calling people to a right relationship with the Savior.

Oh yes, standard warrior apparel also includes cargo pants...lots of pockets for tracts. We learned that from evangelist Mark Cahill.
"Life is a warfare, which the soul confronts, while good and evil, truth and error clash, or rally round it in confused array: and he who conquers wins the crown of Light which Heaven has woven for her warrior saints." Robert Montgomery
2018 Fall College Outreach
August 27-28   Skyline College  (San Francisco) 
September 4-5  Solano College  (Vacaville)
Sept. 10-11  Modesto JC
Sept 17-18   College of San Mateo
Sept 24-29  99 and I-5 Overpasses and Columbia College (Sonora)
October 1-4   Santa Barbara City College and UC Santa Barbara
October 8-9   Merced JC
October 15-16  UC Merced
October 22-25  Arizona State and Arizona Community College (GAP)
September 23 Sunday night at 6 pm

If you live in the area of Stockton please don't miss the presentation by Adam's Road Ministry. Three former Mormon missionaries who found the real Jesus share their stories that will have you shouting God's praises.
Quail Lakes Baptist Church
I love these guys. Be sure to mark this date on your calendar.
Thank you for standing with me
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