“If you look at the world, you'll be distressed. If you look within, you'll be depressed. If you look at God you'll be at rest.”― Corrie Ten Boom
The best of saves are highlighted when we receive photos right after the little one is first born. Our sidewalk warriors rescued this little boy and now get to enjoy the fulfillment of Scripture... "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves."

We are serving a Mighty God.

I get to speak up for the babies and their moms at the Walnut Creek City Council meetings every other Tuesday. The rules are that you can speak for two minutes uninterrupted. That's cool.

The Walnut Creek City Council is trying to restrict our access to the couples going into the Planned Parenthood. Every Council member is a "leftist" and is looking into a "buffer zone" to protect the clients from the "mean" pro-lifers.

The law firm that defends us, Life Legal, is giving advice on how to proceed with addressing the Council in an attempt to convince the Council that they are on the wrong path.

You can go online to the Walnut Creek City Council page and watch past presentations and actually see me stay within two minutes of speaking.

We will see what happens soon.
Lee Haskell, above left, is a faithful Project Truth Warrior. While waiting for the colleges to open back up, he and his wife, Linda, have been going to the Farmer's Market, spending the mornings on Sundays witnessing to the many souls shopping for fresh food.

This past week he approached a woman with the Gospel message. The woman thanked him and told him that she had been praying that God would send someone to tell her how to find peace and be in a right mind. She got to see God answer her prayer in the lives of Project Truth warriors Lee and Linda Haskell.
The world is in increased turmoil and darkness right now, and we are the lighthouse for their souls.

Jesus said, "You are the light of the world...let your light shine before others..." Matt 5:14

That is our calling today and every day.
Speaking of darkness, the Lord protected Brenda and me the other day when a barrage of shots rang out at the end of our driveway. Some really bad people had a gunfight of over 30 shots, none of which went through our cars or into our living room where we were sitting. Within minutes, over 15 police and sheriff converged onto our street attending to the wounded target and looking for the shooters.

Northern California seems to have had an increase of gang activity and violence. We have also noticed a more angry clientele entering the abortion centers.

Engaging people on the streets has its dangers, yet we must carefully go into the "highways and byways."

Prayer warriors, keep our Project Truth soldiers in your daily intersessions as the 2022 year continues to be a huge challenge.
Below. are some serious Christians outside the Oakland abortion mill. Yep, our own Dorie, her husband, and some members of a Berkeley, California church are reaching out to the couples going into a Planned Parenthood located in a very dangerous part of Oakland, California.
The Oakland police showed up after Pastor Cook was pepper sprayed by an angry woman and asked him if he knew where he was. Pastor James Cook said yes, and the officer told him that it is an area where there are many shootings. He wished us good luck. BUT we don't believe in "luck."

Please lift our warriors up in effective prayer as we continue to meet the battle with the shield of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is God Who will determine our time for graduation into Heaven.
We are also seeking to find Christians in Chico, California, who will commit to standing outside the two killing places doing a brisk business of destroying lives. Below, Hannah, Ed and I had some good conversations with lost souls. It grieved us greatly when we looked right down the street and saw two evangelical churches without a witness outside the Planned Parenthood center.

We save many babies by just being outside abortion centers, yet it does not appear any of the Chico churches have been compelled to rescue babies. We are going to contact the Pregnancy Help Center and try to use them as a source to stir the churches about the bloodshed going on unopposed in their town.
In Stockton, the Planned Parent hoods put up bushes to keep us from talking to the women going in. But, it has worked in our favor as the women who seem to think they are protected by the bushes, are more willing to talk to us. "What they meant for evil, God used for good." Genesis 50:20
Every week we are outside abortion centers and as some of our government's CCP virus abuses on society are rescinded we plan to go back onto college campuses and leaflet high schools. Our team is looking forward to the return of college engagements. In April we hope to go to San Diego State and the Saddleback College in Orange County. Some colleges just aren't recovered from the restrictions yet, and we hope to have a full fall schedule of schools.

Project Truth will be going to New York later this month for a big outreach. I'm looking forward to standing outside the Margaret Sanger ground zero abortion center trying to save babies. Pray for our outreach into the heart of evil.
For an update on my prostate cancer, the first test after the proton adventure appears to be good. My PSA before was 29 but is now 7. In another month, I will get another test and it should continue to go lower. That is all great news. It will take awhile to get an "all clear" report. I have not had any physical problems or weakness at all, even before the findings. Thank you for your concern and prayers. Every day for His honor and service.
Thank you for standing with me
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