"...your labor is not in vain in the Lord."
"Sir, I don't know if you remember me, but 17 years ago I was a teenager going into the abortion clinic. You were standing on the sidewalk and asked to talk with me. You led me away from my planned abortion and...I want you to meet my daughter, Genesis, who you saved all those years ago."
I met this wonderful girl the other day and as she gave me a hug, she quietly said, "Thank you."
Some of my team looked at us and said, "Don, you two look like granddad and daughter."
I think they were trying to get me to cry...NO PROBLEM!
I asked her mom how Genesis got her cool name. I found Genesis' mother to be a wonderful mom focused on being an example to her daughter. Mom told me that even though she and her boyfriend were 18 years old, they married and that her firstborn child would be the beginning of a family; thus, "Genesis." They went on to have three more children so far and are a solid family. I found out that Genesis is loved by others at her high school and is an example of kindness in her personal life. I'm going to continue to build a friendship with this wonderful family and watch the Lord work.

Our God is GREAT!

As a side note, I called a friend who was out there with me on the sidewalk 17 years ago and told her about what just happened, meeting a saved baby 17 years later. My friend also cried and asked her name. When I told her, the story continued with my friend finding out that her granddaughter's best friend is Genesis. That's right! My friend helped save a baby who had become her granddaughter's best friend, unbeknownst to her family.

Lots of tears that day...and right now as I write this incredible story.
Above, Abigail shares the truth with those heading into trouble and this photo reminds me that we are taking the "Light" shining into the darkness every week.
Below, a couple sit in their car reading our literature and try to decide whether to follow God or the devil. They wouldn't have that choice if our team was not out there trying to rescue the moms and their babies.

It's been busy at the Walnut Creek abortuary and there have been three 911 ambulance calls in the past month because of the reckless, heartless actions of the workers of iniquity. Could the recent California law passed that allows anyone to perform an abortion be behind the rise in injured women at abortion centers?
"Rescue those being drawn to death, hold back those stumbling to the slaughter." Proverb 24:11
Over the years there have been sidewalk counselors who bring their children out to help save babies and on occasion at our college outreaches. Recently I was given this video link below of one of those children grown up now and standing boldly for the voiceless. Avery Johnson, granddaughter of Pastor John Stoos, had moved to Texas long ago, and we hadn't heard from her family lately...but the Texas Legislature would hear from her as she confidently proclaimed in a Texas bill hearing that all abortions must end and that the bill being proposed does not correctly address the lives of ALL the babies in the wombs.

I am so proud of Avery and her family.

You may watch her two-minute testimony at this link, but you must fast forward to 6:20:20 to see her bold stand.
In the coming months I will find out how much damage the Chinese Flu and the Leftists in our country have done to keep us off of the college campuses. I expect some big resistance, but have watched God part the waters over and over again during these 40 years.

It is up to Him to direct our steps in the coming battles.

Please pray as I discuss our Fall tour with administrators at the various campuses. Pray that they will have no power to stop us from bringing our message to the students.

We will be faithful to our name Project Truth.

Below is what I hope our Fall 2021 tour will look like again:
Sept 7-8 Delta College Stockton
September 13-17 UNR and Truckee Meadows colleges
Sept 20 American River College Sacramento
Sept 27-30 Saddleback College and Golden West College, Huntington Beach
Oct. 4-5 Consumes College Sacramento
Oct 11-15 Fresno City College, Fresno State University
October 18-19 Merced City College
October 25-26 Butte College
Update on my adventure with prostate cancer.

I've decided to go with Proton treatment after researching, which included some great dialogue with some wonderful people who have experienced the same journey.

I am so richly blessed by the brotherhood of believers and am confident that the Lord is the Director of all of my days.

The treatment will take place from now till August 16th and is not supposed to have any knockdown side effects on my super body and mind, so I will be doing ministry during this timeframe.

I am not sick in any way and feel good. The cancer is not at that point and is very treatable for complete victory.

Thank you for all the coming prayers for the doctors and nurses, who will also get to hear the Gospel when we are together.
Thank you for standing with me
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