An "ESSENTIAL" Ministry
Project Truth has ALWAYS stood in the gap, even when threatened with arrest during this past year of Government confusion. We have done so because "there is a great cloud of witnesses" who continue to inspire us for the little ones yet to be born. When a grateful mom sends me a photo of her saved baby, I keep those pictures as a potent reminder of our goal in this earthly life.
Almost 40 years ago I was invited to watch a documentary on abortion. I didn't know anything about the subject and agreed to view the film.
It rocked my world and four years later "At the Well Ministries" was born. I stepped out by faith to use the abortion issue as a springboard for presenting the Gospel.
Below is the link to this 30-minute presentation. Recently I found this video that originally was a reel-to-reel film.
Please watch this old, riveting, life-changing message and pass it on to others.
Click on the arrow to watch please.
Please spend the 30 minutes to watch this film.

Every day I am enriched by a team of Christ followers who stand with me outside the killing places. They are really good at challenging the people entering the centers with the love and boldness needed to change hearts.

It can be discouraging to see so many go in and not seem to care. But the perpetrators and victims of this terrible industry do hear our voices and some respond and turn away.

The Lord saw most people reject Him, yet He told us not to let disappointment have victory. That is why we use II Timothy 2:25-26 as one of our most compelling reasons for not giving up: humility correcting those who are in opposition, if God perhaps will grant them repentance, so that they may know the truth, and that they may come to their senses, and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will.
Below, you can watch an 8-minute exchange I had with a dad and his daughter driving into one of the famous Planned Parenthood centers where the Live Action undercover videos were filmed to expose the selling of baby parts.
I was trying to train some volunteers with the tools to effectively rescue "those being led to death" when this car drove in. Click on the video arrow to see a baby being saved!
Above is the newest abortionist in Stockton taking over for the longtime serial killer Chris Mills whom I have watched deteriorate over the years as he comes to work. Mills could hardly walk as he would get out of his car. I have witnessed to him for many years and he knows what he must do to avoid the wrath of God. But I fear he will go to his grave seared by all of his evil.

I don't know this new guy's name, but will find out soon.
You might catch us above the 99 freeway, Highway 680 in the Bay area, Interstate 80, or maybe I-5 both in Northern California or Southern California. These are great spots to impact tens of thousands of travelers an hour.

We set up the display and flip them around facing the drivers. Sometimes the Highway Patrol gives us a visit, claiming that people call in and state that we are hanging the banners over the fence. Of course, we don't do that and the officers politely talk to us, then leave for more important traffic issues.
One more thing for this newsletter:

I have just finished a series of tests that have determined I have prostate cancer in my 65-year-old body. On a scale of 1-5, I am a 3+, which means I need to deal with its presence.

So I am reading up on all of the information, talking to those who have gone through this before me, praying and listening to God's Word, the Bible, for direction during this pivotal time in my earthly life.

In the 21st century there is a 98% success rate in overcoming prostate cancer.

I am leaning towards having my prostate removed because one of the top prostate doctors in America is located here in Nor-Cal. He does the robotic surgery, which is very high-tech.

My insurance covers the procedure.

I am having a great life on earth, but also have a sense of desiring to enter the Gates of Heaven when the Lord is ready for me. He promised me He is building me a mansion and I don't want any renters moving in before I get there.

I have to admit that the first verse that came to my mind as I got the news was, "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."

My faithful wife has told me not to joke or downplay this next chapter in our lives, so I am trying to keep a somewhat serious tone.

However, for the past year during the deadly Chinese flu attack, I have watched how fearful of dying people are, especially in the Christian world. This has bothered me the most and I want to be focused on right thinking on these kinds of issues, like cancer, that affect all of us.

I have a good friend who recently died quickly from the China flu and he was positive and confident with his loved ones concerning the whole experience. He was an inspiration to me and left a legacy on how to face possible death. I hope to live next door to him in Heaven when it's my turn.

Of course, I don't want to leave my family and eight AWESOME grandchildren. Yet I desire more to be a role model to them and show them how to live and die in Christ, whenever that is to come.

When my excellent urologist sat me down to give me the news, I asked the Lord to give me the right mindset for others to see the "Hope that is in us."

I responded to the doctor's news with my testimony and assured him of my confidence in all things, even possible death as a great change of address.

The doctor looked at me and told me I had just made his day because "people don't usually respond to me with such a positive attitude." He seemed moved by our time together.

Mission One accomplished.

So as this next chapter is being written, I ask you to pray for God's will to be done and for strength of mind and focus to always do the righteous thing so that Christ may be lifted up.

Pray that this will just be a bump in the road and there will be more earthly years for me to kick at the darkness till it bleeds the Light.

I and my team are about the Gospel ministry each week and don't want anything to slow up "fighting a good fight."

If I do the robotic surgery soon, it will take a month to recover. That's very good. My awesome team will cover the outreach while I get well.

Thank you for your effective prayers and may God's will to be done.
I hope to someday meet that awesome young lady, above.
Thank you for standing with me
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