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Recently I was a guest on the Dallas-based Point of View radio talk show with Kerby Anderson. He had me share about my ministry to a world-wide audience.
Kerby is one of my mentors and you can see or listen to the broadcast on the link below. There weren't any makeup people on the set so I couldn't do anything about the shine on my head.
The Future
Some have asked me who will replace us if abortion outlasts us.

My six year old grandson answered that question the other day.

When not at colleges, most of the Project Truth Warriors are set up outside abortion centers trying to rescue babies. We see and experience real incidents that most people do not experience.
In Walnut Creek, Matt and I stand between the mommies and their appointments with death. It is a challenge because there are many hostile people driving by.
They are most bothered by this sign even more than the images of injustice we also show.
We get into many discussions every week and try to get the pregnant women to go over to the Concord Pregnancy Resource Center.
As the lady in the above photo stormed towards us, she expressed her anger towards our signage:

"My 5 year old son should not be exposed to your message."

I asked, "What did your son say when he saw our display?"

"He asked me, 'Why are those guys out there?'"

"What did you say to him?" I asked.

"I told him you were trying to stop women from going into the building to end their pregnancies."

"You said that to him? What did he say then?"

"My son asked me, ' Mom, why are people going into the building to murder their babies?'"

"Your son said that?"


"How did you respond to his question?"

"I told him that I disagree with you guys about what is going on in there."

"WOW," I said. "Your son spoke the truth and he is a smart boy. But you lied to him. I pray that ' out of the mouth of a babe' (Psalm 8:2) you will be convicted of the evil you embrace. I am so proud of your son."
More sights from the abortion centers
"Woe to him who builds a town with bloodshed, Who establishes a city by iniquity!" Habakkuk 2

This is abortionist Ken Shunk in our town. It is estimated he exterminated over 100,00 babies in his career and now spends his retirement on the largest yacht in our area. He's coming to pick up his money from the rent of the existing abortion center.

He doesn't like me.
This guy shows up every week at the Walnut Creek abortuary to pick up the aborted babies as far as we can tell. I spoke to him and got a very cold-hearted response. He told me he doesn't care about babies.

Please pray that this guy repents of the evil he is involved in with P.P.
Yes, that is a stroller left outside the Stockton abortion center the other day, while the woman inside terminates her child. She had a friend watch her other child in the lobby of the center while she did the unthinkable. What a photo.
San Francisco Creature
While at the Walk for Life I saw this sad man working the crowd. I approached and challenged him about his allegiance to Satan. He told me that animals have horns and they are not demons. I reminded him that people don't have horns unless they are identifying with evil. He listened as I witnessed to him and took the tracts Hannah and I gave him.

He was very disturbing.
One of my Heroes
David Daleiden is the man who exposed the Planned Parenthood "baby parts for sale" scam. His undercover videos are powerful and he is under attack from the forces of P.P. He has been winning many court battles aimed at crushing him. The law firm that represents us, Life Legal Defense, is representing David and doing a great job of standing up to Goliath . Pray for David and Katie Short, his attorney, and their team.
Project Truth 2018 Spring College Tour
Frank Turek at his best (4 minutes). This is how you challenge the skeptics at their colleges. Please check out his web page "CrossExamined" for great tools for battle.
February 26-27    College of the Sequoias
March 5-6    American River College  
March 12-13  Sierra College 
March 19-20    Napa College
March 26th  Spring Break for most colleges.
April 9-10   Diablo College  
April 16-17   Butte College     
April 23-24   Sonoma State College  
A Mission to Ireland
Ireland banned abortions a long time ago , but the country has been sliding downward as a society. In May, their country will vote to continue the ban or legalize child sacrifice. Their prime minister is a snake and is set to do all things against God. He is a promoter of all things corrupt and half of the country is following him into darkness.

An Irish doctor, along with a small band of abolitionists, has requested help in saving his country from the scourge of abortion.

So Matt, Hannah and I are traveling over to Ireland for the month of March, representing Project Truth. We will go onto the streets of Ireland and proclaim the Gospel and call the people of Ireland to hearts of compassion for the babies threatened to be exterminated when the people vote.

We will travel all over the country trying to win enough hearts and minds to keep Ireland safe for pre-born children .

We are the underdogs, I know, but that's how God likes it.

Pray for our mission and remember that the Irish time zone is eight hours ahead of ours which means we will be on the streets when you are just getting up in the morning. We need prayer warriors putting up the shields.

The rest of our team will be doing the college tour. Yes, we are multi-tasking.
We claim Jarod Rameriz as one of our Project Truth warriors. He is our resident surfer and has put together an excellent short presentation of the Gospel. It already has 25 thousand clicks. Jarod is a light on a hill in the Fresno area, even though there are no hills in Fresno.
Thank you for standing with me
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