Justice Ride 2019
What would make these followers of Christ volunteer to accept the challenge to go into the belly of the Beast in Southern California for a week and present the truth to the crowds of people from all over the world gathering at some of the most famous hot spots in America?

Could it have been their reading of God's Word and finding the command in Proverbs 31:8-9 pleading for us to "speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for those appointed to destruction."

I believe so, as the Spirit led us into the infamous Venice Beach where we "set up our banners for the truth."
Venice Beach is second only to Disneyland in visitors each year. 10 million people check out the strange and wacky businesses and drug-addicted people, set on a beautiful beach with great weather. This is a great place to "go into the world."
Below, Emmerson flew in from Ohio to join our team and have an impact for the cause of the Kingdom. She did an excellent job and many were drawn to her spirit.
This is Jimmy the tattoo guy who came up to tell me that of all the years he has worked in Venice Beach as a tattoo specialist, he has seen it all, until today. Jimmy shared how he had never seen anything so disturbing as the photos we were displaying. That says a lot for a Venice Beach local. Pray for Jimmy to embrace the Savior and become an advocate in the Hood.

This nice man grabbed Matt's camera and told us to "get out of his neighborhood"...until the police arrived and made the "nice" man leave us alone. But before the police arrived, a "pro-choice" couple confronted the "nice" man and told him to leave us alone; that we "have a right to express our views." The Venice Beach bully didn't have the final say. The Lord was watching over us.

Matt thanked the couple whom we saw later in Huntington Beach.

We found favor with the police everywhere we planted our Gospel feet. While being professional, a few thanked us for coming to their town to tell people the truth. These officers wanted to make sure Matt was ok and assured us the troublemaker would not be back.

All the coastal police are built like rocks and are tough.

Yes, the people in the crowds who take our materials actually read them. From the photos in the brochure to the Gospel on the last page, it is our prayer that the Holy Spirit stirs each soul into a heart of repentance and commitment to Christ.

This woman is near Jimmy's tattoo parlor and engrossed in our message.

We were repeatedly told "I have never seen anything like this before." Some even came up and asked for the literature.

How is it that so many have never seen what an abortion is?

It is so true "the pen is mightier than the sword." The abortion issue is big in the minds of people and many love to talk about morality.

We showed the truth and witnessed to the world that gathered in Southern California.

This will be an annual missions trip and we hope more will join us this time next year.
Hollywood Blvd

We spent one afternoon in the heart of Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd right on the Walk of Fame and the Chinese Theater. The crowds had to wait for the walking lights to turn green, so we had the opportunity to lift up our voices while they waited, and challenged the people to look at the reality of "choice."

Some didn't appreciate our message, while others gave us a thumbs up or a "God bless you for standing in the gap."

Our team of warriors were a bit surprised at how many people stopped to thank us for being so bold with the message.

This man visiting from back east asked Beth if he could pray for us. So right under the Hollywood souvenir store sign he asked for the Lord to strengthen us for the battle. This man was really moved by our presence and didn't expect to see such a sight on Hollywood Blvd.
Scott, holding the sign, brought his three sons on the Justice Ride. Geoff, his youngest in the blue cap, confidently handed out our message to those in the darkness. Scott says he noticed how spiritually dead people were and how you could feel the oppression in the air... and that's why we are there with the light.
Hannah's sister Hope didn't expect Spiderman to show up near our display.

We also found Mickey Mouse and Darth Vader roaming the corridor trying to make extra cash.

Our superhero is bigger and more famous. He is also "the Way, the Truth, and the Life."

And Jesus Christ is real.
Please pay attention to this photo above. This is Hollywood Blvd and Sam is holding the right message for the guy in the black shirt crossing the street. We were truly at the gates of Hell. That is a satanic pentagram symbol on his shirt.
Above is Marissa. We first met her at a college we visited last semester. She approached our team and thanked us for coming to her liberal campus. Then she told us of her desire to be a part of our team. We invited her to join us this summer and here she is boldly offering the truth to the testy crowds passing by. Marissa was a good addition to our team and we look forward to her testimony on other mission trips.
Warrior Scott looks across the street at the famous Ripley's Believe It or Not building. But what seemed more unbelievable was how many people just walked by without any emotion for the disturbing reality of abortion.
Click on the photo to watch this divine appointment on Hollywood Blvd as this lady shares her heartbreaking story of abortion. Pray for Paula who told us to use her testimony to save babies and stop their moms from following in her footsteps.

Beth and Carole pointed her to the Cross, giving her the "One Heartbeat Away" book and encouraged her to live for the Savior.
Our bus driver Jack Cherry was just supposed to drive us around So Cal but he couldn't help getting out of the bus and joining our efforts to change minds.

Jack has a colorful history which includes being a prison guard for Charles Manson. That's a great resume for helping us reach the lost.
Created Equal's own Sam Riley flew out to join us for the week and along with Matt, got into a long dialogue with some visitors from Australia.

There were many travelers from around the world so we felt like the mission field was coming to us for the week.

A couple from Switzerland came up to us and thanked us for standing up for the babies.

Maybe we should stand out on the corners more...wait...we do, because that is where we find Jesus in the New Testament.
Abolitionist Thomas Clarkson, one of my heroes, penned these words in 1819 as he pondered the vice of slavery and the opportunity for his Christian family to stand up for the righteous cause of ending the practice.

This is such a 21st century banner for us:

"It has furnished us also with important lessons. It has proved what a creature man is! How devoted he is to his own interest! To what length of atrocity he can go, unless fortified by religious principle! But as if this part of the prospect would be too afflicting, it has proved to us, on the other hand, what a glorious instrument he may become in the hands of his Maker: and that a little virtue, when properly leavened, is made capable of counteracting the effects of a mass of vice!"
Stay tuned...There's more about our Justice Ride onto the UCLA campus, Huntington Beach, Santa Monica, and the "Abortion Clinic to the Stars" in Beverly Hills....But you will have to wait for my next newsletter.
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