Into the Hornet's Nest
San Francisco State University is in the heart of Sodom and Gomorrah. So what better place to obey God's Word than to take the truth into the darkest of places.

It had been a few years since we had been there and the last time we were there, the largeness of the grassy quad made our display seem small. So I contacted Greg Cunningham's G.A.P. project with their 15 foot color displays of injustice around the world, including the injustice of abortion on humanity.

We worked together with the G.A.P. team to be the light, setting up next to the Malcolm X Plaza . That's right. The college honors a man who called white people "the Devil" and called for violence and racism to solve the problems he was a part of in his life...and that's what we faced from many students for two days of conversations and mockery.

We took our Project Truth warriors into the battlefield and were not surprised at the powerful impact we created. Below is a 2-minute time lapse of a full day on the campus. You have to see this. Matt and Hannah did a great job of working on clips to show you our adventure. Please click on the arrow in the photo below.
The blond student was bothered that our display compared the Holocaust with abortion. She stated that she is Jewish and that I don't have a right to speak for "her people." I get this notion from Jewish people sometimes who arrogantly think they are the only ones who can speak about the Holocaust while completely ignoring the American Holocaust right in front of them. I lovingly reminded her that it was Gentile people who gave their lives to rescue "her" people. I showed her that the German people called Jews "parasites" and that many Americans call womb babies "parasites" as well. The German people said Jews were responsible for the economic problems in their country. Our government says the SAME things about "unwanted" womb babies. I continued to present the truth to her and put some pebbles in her shoes.
The G.A.P. director very wisely has us set up metal barriers that PROTECT us from having our presentation vandalized and our bodies torn to shreds. We also had 10 police officers there to "monitor" and protect our team. Below is Kevin, the director of G.A.P., standing outside the barrier on the phone, calling his life insurance agent to make sure his personal policy is current. Actually, he is calling the police to address the issue of the students destroying one of our portable signs at his feet. Shortly after this, the police arrived and stayed around for the two days. When the students realized we were not going to be intimidated and were going to stand up to them...they...well...they kept up their hatred but were not sure what they could get away with.
Doug, above, stationed himself among the mockers and spoke clearly and lovingly as the crowd ranted against the truth.
By  swearing and lying, killing and stealing and committing adultery, they break all restraint, with bloodshed upon bloodshed. Hosea 4:2
In the photo above, the woman wearing the ball cap ripping up our brochure claimed to be a Christian and while screaming out dirty words she boasted about knowing Christ and called us the " whores of Babylon."

In the photo below a couple of students might have thought it was Halloween. I asked the demon-dressed guy why he was "forcing his religion on me." He didn't answer, but later listened to John explain the Way to several students. It was kind of cool that he didn't say anything to us, yet spent a long time watching and listening to us. That's the way we like it sometimes.
Many Intense Dialogues
Giant ETERNAL kudos to our women warriors, Hannah, Donna, Carole and Beth. These godly women faced down verbal abuse and exemplified Jesus Christ the whole time . I am richly blessed to be standing beside these role models of righteousness, willing to go into the dens of lions to warn and challenge these lost souls.

That evening at dinner we all talked about the peace and confidence we experienced in such a setting as we engaged the students. That is due to those prayer warriors back home praying for us at the exact time we were in the trenches. You could sense the power of God protecting us.

Several times students would approach us and thank us for being respectful and bold to their classmates, not exchanging evil for evil. Some of those students were pro-abortion, yet found themselves rethinking their ideas because of what they saw in the craziness of their friends. Even a professor came up and thanked for being civil to their unruly students.

Surprisingly, the administration thanked us for our demeanor and respect while not receiving it from many others. I think we made some inroads to some of the administration.
For two days many students listened as we showed them the difference between truth and error. Below, I think I heard our senior leader, Bud, telling the students he was getting too old for this. Bud is such a warrior that he seems to get his battle face on at the colleges and gives students lessons on the wages of sin verses the grace of God. Pray for Bud as he prepares to get knee replacement which will keep him from our Fall Tour. He's looking forward to running circles around these whippersnappers in the Spring Tour.
Deliver me from my enemies, O my God;
Defend me from those who rise up against me.
  Deliver me from the workers of iniquity,
And save me from bloodthirsty men.
  For look, they lie in wait for my life;
The mighty gather against me,
Not for my transgression nor for my sin, O Lord.
They run and prepare themselves through no fault of mine.
Awake to help me, and behold! ...
They growl like a dog,
And go all around the city.
  Indeed, they belch with their mouth;
Swords are in their lips;
For they say, “Who hears?”…
  I will wait for You, O You his Strength;
For God is my defense…
Scatter them by Your power,
And bring them down,
O Lord our shield.
  For the sin of their mouth and the words of their lips,
Let them even be taken in their pride,
And for the cursing and lying which they speak…
And let them know that God rules in Jacob
To the ends of the earth. Selah…
  But I will sing of Your power;
Yes, I will sing aloud of Your mercy in the morning;
For You have been my defense…. 
To You, O my Strength, I will sing praises;
For God is my defense,
My God of mercy.  Psalm 59 excerpts
When some of the misfits found out Carole, below, is Matt's mom they made fun of them. Most of the troublemakers do not know what a whole, loving, and complete home looks like. Another moment to show students how life in Christ is suppose to be. Matt has a warrior-mom...and she's a registered nurse in case one of us gets trounced. Cool!
This student from Nigeria, above, didn't want me to use words like "killing" or "murder" because it didn't leave any room for debate. He told me that if abortion kills a baby then there is no debate. That's right!

This student hopped the barrier and joined our team throughout the day. Hear his encouragement of our display as students marched around us. Click the arrow for the 1-minute clip.

We had other students thank us for braving the elements and challenging their classmates.
We had a GREAT two days on the San Francisco State campus and look forward to going back.

Alabama lawmaker telling his countrymen to "kill them now..." by abortion.

Shocking 1-minute clip!

The Summer West Coast Justice Ride is coming June 2 3 rd-29th. We are almost full. If you know someone who wants to train to become an abolitionist with the power of the Gospel as their banner, let us know soon. Contact me for details. We will spend a week in Southern California on the streets witnessing to thousands of people from all over the world. Check it out on YouTube at Created Equal Justice Ride.
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