“God has two textbooks – Scripture and Creation – we would do well to listen to both.” Francis Bacon
What a tornado of activity and dictates has come out of this California Capitol in the last decade.

I have lived here in the Golden State my whole life and the experiences could fill a book, or a lot of "newsletters."

There used to be a popular soundbite, "California, the land of fruits and nuts"; that is not funny anymore. We at Project Truth are constantly engaging these lost souls who seem to become more delusional every year.

The Scriptures are jumping off the pages that call us to "warn those" or "lift up your voice as a trumpet," my personal favorite. It seems these days are more evil than ever.

Colleges are open, but crippled by the "pandemic." resulting in half the students missing from the campuses. What used to be handing out 1,500 to 2,000 brochures is now about 500. The campus security say many students are doing remote learning, but many students are just missing.

Our team set up on seven colleges this Fall semester and we have had great conversations and opportunities in spite of the downturn of people.

Above, Carol and Matt, found the Las Positas College students ready to challenge the truth.

Below, Ethan and Lee are strategically positioned right outside the Santa Maria High School entrance to plant the seeds of the Gospel and the truth about abortion with the high school youth. Most of the students openly took our materials.
It's always a welcome opportunity when some Mormon missionaries set up their tables near our display at a given college. Allen Hancock College in Santa Maria, California, never disappoints because there will be Mormons or Watchtower folks peddling their wares in the beautiful quad while we are there. It is always interesting to note that our team has hundreds of outreach conversations and Gospel presentations all day long while the Mormon and Watchtower folks have no one come to their tables the whole time we are on the campuses. Of course, that's the way we like it.

I usually approach them with some questions about who is the "Jesus" they present versus the Jesus of the Bible. While there is an effort by Mormonism to convince us they worship the same God, there could be nothing further from the truth.

I also encourage them to go to the FANTASTIC website AdamsRoadMinistries.com to discover the real Jesus through the testimonies of former Mormon missionaries. If you want to be better equipped to lead Mormons out of their false beliefs, go to Adams Road. It is the best site for information.

Below, Ethan and I stood outside a Mormon center in San Luis Obispo where two lady missionaries challenged our presence outside their home base.
A Sad Story Below
Above is a worship team at an evangelical church in Sacramento. The guitar player in the middle can also be found at the college we engaged playing her guitar, below, joining her lesbian friends who are protesting our ministry among the students. She led them in chants and made-up songs mocking John 3:16 with coarse language. Although they tried to drown us out, students were drawn to our displays. She also boasted about her church by name.

Yes, I contacted the pastor and sent him some photos, asking him to address this despicable behavior by someone in his church. He told me he would talk with her.

God, please change hearts and minds.
Many students will look directly at a photo of a perfectly formed pre-born baby and mouth the words, "It's just a clump of cells." We have a great response by telling the student that they are a "science denier." This challenge to them is very powerful and tears down their false stronghold. We put big pebbles in their shoes for the rest of the day.
We were blessed to have fellow laborers on the Central Coast who made sure we were settled into the area for the week and John, below, a mighty pro-life leader in Santa Maria, even joins us in the outreach when we visit their neck of the woods. Another wonderful family, Steve and Michele, have always made sure we are well fed and appreciated during our time of ministry among them. The apostle Paul would talk about how important it was to have fellow laborers at places he would go into when on a journey. Our Project Truth team has experienced that help when on tour. It is love in action.
Some students told us that our display "changed their minds forever."

Other students assured us that "nobody is paying attention to us on their campus."
Above, Pastor Mark and sidewalk counselor Jarod from Fresno joined us at the coastal colleges. Jarod's family also graciously offered their summer home for the week, which was a real help for our team.
This banner about abortion regrets seems to be the most hated display we set up. However, we know students go to the webpage we developed and check out the answer for their souls: Jesus Christ.
Thank you for standing with me
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