Project Truth decided to multi-task by having some of our team begin the college tour here and some of us travel to Ireland for the month of March to answer the call from our Irish neighbors across the Atlantic, helping them educate their countrymen and women on the issue of abortion. So Matt, Hannah and I flew over to Dublin to join forces with ICBR (Irish Center for Biological Reform) . They are an educational program going to the streets of Ireland during a troubling time for the Irish people. The country is deteriorating morally as the forces of darkness are continuing their march into the Irish culture.

We volunteered to help Dr. Jean Engela with his education program, already in progress, throughout Ireland taking the photos of abortion to the people and handing out literature. We set up the displays outside colleges, Parliament, newspaper publishers, the Supreme Court, big company headquarters, outside St. Patrick's Cathedral, Christ Church, Ireland's Catholic Cathedral, and on the corners of the busiest intersections in Ireland for four weeks, five to six days a week.
University students at Irish college.
There are about 5 million souls on the island of Ireland and most have never seen what abortion looks we knew we were in for an adventure. Very few Irish people are Christians. Because the Catholic and Protestant churches have injured their reputations with sexual scandals and corruption throughout the country, people are bitter against organized religion and there is a GREAT need for personal evangelism in Ireland.

There are a few Christ-centered ministries, but they are very small.
We set up our displays all over Dublin where half the population of Ireland live: places like the European headquarters for Google, above photo, where they have 6,000 employees embedded in four huge, impressive building. We shook up the headquarters and got into many great debates and dialog, even with the executives of the company.
Our team of nine warriors consisted of about half Irish and half Americans with a Hungarian named Attila thrown into the mix. We would go outside the universities and engage the students entering the schools and found the difference between the Irish students and the American students to only be the accents. ...same careless arguments and excuses to try and support abortion. The photo below is outside the famous Trinity College.
There are several statues throughout Dublin that remind the people about their Irish forefathers. One such statue, above, was pointed out to me by one of my Irish comrades as I was handing out literature and sharing tracts with passers-by.

At the entrance to Trinity College stands the figure of Edmund Burke. I was really pumped because it was Mr. Burke who said, "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

In his shadow our team was meeting the challenge to shine the truth and not let evil triumph.
Another spot we came across is this fountain, above. It was here in the 5th century that a Christian missionary named Maewyn Succat landed in Ireland and brought the Gospel to the people. This place is the location where he baptized thousands who had placed their trust in Jesus Christ. This was a river, but the river is underground now. In the background is the church named after him. We know him as St. Patrick of St. Patrick's Cathedral . It has gone through many factions, with the Catholics and Protestants both claiming him as their own and turning him into something he did not want. It is a Protestant Church today, but not many attenders. They even try to charge you 50 cents to use their bathrooms as well as assessing a fee to do a tour of the facility. I think my Lord would have flipped over a few tables if He was walking around today.
This entryway is all that remains of the concert hall where in 1742 an Englishman named George Handel first performed in public an oratorio called "Handel's Messiah."
The people of Ireland were going through struggles and needed to find hope for their difficult lives. A friend of Handel asked him to come to Ireland and help the people be inspired with his music. He did, and the rest is history...

Well, not exactly...

The man who wrote the words of the Handel's Messiah is not a household name. He was an evangelical Christian named Charles Jennens, who wrote it to counter the rising tide of false christian beliefs surfacing in the world. He wrote the words of the now famous musical to be spoken to lost people and not performed in church, but rather in places where people would go for a concert. He asked his friend Handel to put it to music, which he did, and performed it in this secular concert hall to reach the lost in Dublin, Ireland...

Now you know the rest of the story.
This is our director, Dr. Jean, who left his practice to pursue the noble task of saving his countrymen from the scourge of abortion. While young in the battle, he has wisdom beyond his years. We came along side him to share our experiences on the front lines so he might have some extra tools in his arsenal for the roadblocks placed in front of him during this process.

As soon as we began to go to the people, the Garda (Irish police) were waiting to give us a hard time. Most Garda are good people and aren't sure how to apply the socialistic laws coming at the people as they try to maintain free speech rights. Jean did a great job and even had a moment on one occasion to use one of our tactics when dealing with difficult police. Below is the photo moment Jean told the officer that he had had enough of the threat of arrest by the officer. Jean told him, "leave us alone or I'm going to call the police on you." You can see the look on the Garda's face as he responded, "But I am the police."

Too late.

Jean called the officer's headquarters and after a tongue lashing by Jean, the sergeant pulled his officer back and they left us alone for the day.

The Irish man on the right was a man so moved by our boldness the day before that he came out to join us. His name is Chris.
Below is another moment where we were challenged by the security at the train station where thousands of people walked by our display and many took our materials. These two "KGB-looking" officers (one is Russian) tried to make us leave, but we stood our ground, although I thought we might be sent to Siberia. Jean had a hard time taking the guys seriously, though, as you will notice the one officer has a little sucker in his hand. It didn't help his stature.
The Lord protected us and we also found a lawyer during that time who, we pray, will be the counsel for Jean's program.
The train station
We did our best to be friends with the Garda. It started to pay off as the weeks went by. They don't carry guns. Only the detectives carry guns.
Click on the orange button to see a speaker at an Irish pro-abortion rally months before we arrived.
You won't believe it.
This man approached our display and let out curse words and chants of pro-abortion rhetoric. As he continued to walk by I asked him why he was being so mean to us. He settled down and confessed that he was suicidal and has two small children at home and lost his job. I shared the love of Christ with him and the Gospel message . Then I prayed for him and paid for him to have dinner and gave him a Gospel tract. I challenged him to go home and trust Christ and receive the forgiveness of his sins. Pray for this man as it was meant for him to meet the Savior that night so he could start a new life as a child of God.

It was this encounter two weeks into the month that I developed a broken heart for the people of Ireland. I ran out of the few "One Heartbeat" books I brought with me and gave out many tracts. As I left Ireland the other day, my heart was still in Ireland as I didn't want to leave the many opportunities that would come if I stayed on the streets of Dublin for several more days. In fact, Matt decided to stay on for two more months, continuing to take great pictures for the outreach.

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. This student, above, said, "It should be legal to kill your pre-born child."
Outside a business college challenging students.
The above photo is the busiest intersection in all of Ireland. 10 to 15 thousand people pass by every hour.
We had such an impact in Ireland that the NY Times did a big article on us. Click the orange button to see the article. In the photo Matt is on the right and a camera-shy warrior named Taylor on the left made headlines. The man in the middle holding the sign is a great Irish man standing with us. His name is Michael and he lives on a farm that has been owned by his family for 300 years. We met some real Irishmen and women and made some lifelong friends.
Photo in New York Times
Please pray for Stephen. He drives one of the double-decker buses in the city and came up to thank us for coming to his country to speak up for the babies. I sensed he was open to the Gospel and Stephen really took in everything I said to him.

There is so much more I'd like to share and will in the next newsletter part two . I'm thinking of going back for a few more weeks because the need is so great for our outreach. There are Irish people on the island who hosted us with the best of hospitality and love which made the trip so much better. And the prayers of the people back home were so necessary for the successes we experienced. It was a GREAT month as the Lord was leading us all the way.
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