"...in the evil day, and having done all, to stand." Ephesians 6:13
The California fires produced some incredible photos and moments...and can I say warnings to those who put their hope in the world...visuals impressed upon our minds to stir us towards the Savior.
Our warriors are not letting the China Flu stop the message of hope to the hopeless.

Claire, above, is a fellow abolitionist standing each week outside the Walnut Creek abortuary. One day after I left, Claire and Richard stayed around to catch any stragglers. A woman drove into the parking lot and seemed to ignore Claire's offer for help as the woman entered the abortion center.

But about tens minutes later the client walked out of the center and into Claire's embrace. She looked at Claire and said, "You are right, it's killing a baby. I won't do it."

Claire got the woman to go to the Pregnancy Help Center in Concord and several months later TWO awesome little boys were born.


We have been saving more babies during this mess our country is suffering. Not sure why, but we will take it.
We have to see this from week to week, watching aborted babies being carted off to some lab for a profit. This is very hard to observe and I must trust God's Word when He says "...the wicked will not go unpunished."
For the past month several of our team flew to Georgia to drive the Truth Trucks around the cities north of Atlanta. We hoped the message would stir people to know why they are to vote.

Below, you can see our giant mobile billboard truck is strong and effective. There were many more thumbs up rather than fingers throughout the time we were there.

The Lord connected us with a good pastor and family of believers in Canton, Georgia. They ministered to our team each Sunday. We were so thankful for Pastor Ray and his family of God. I fell in love with the Georgia accent after I figured out what they were saying.
While driving, we would come across lines of people going in to early vote. Our mobile billboards were seen by multitudes of people. Early voting is a breeding ground for corrupt elections. God help us.
One day I drove into Atlanta and met a group of kindred spirits outside a busy sacrifice center. The center is across the street in the photo below. Just before we all went home I took a picture of my heroes.

The Lord has His ambassadors all over the world, people we often don't know about. This place is located near the church of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Meeting these brothers and sisters was a highlight of my travels. They even saved a baby earlier.

The building across the street from the abortuary is a "Children's Hospital" and the parking lot on the right was built after they tore down the "church" building that had been there for decades.

"God, do not look on our evil ways."
Above, another highlight was enjoying a dinner with one of my mentors, Mark Cahill, with the hat. I wished he hadn't worn that goofy hat. Mark does what he always does and inspired us to good works during the dinner fellowship, and even paid for our great dinner. Mark continues to supply us with his great books that he wrote like "One Heartbeat Away."

The man on the right is Wayne who saw what we were doing in his community and asked to join us. He enjoyed spending time with us in the Truth Trucks.

Continue to pray for Mark at Mark Cahill Ministries.org. His heart is not pumping right and the doctors are trying to figure out what is wrong. I love Mark Cahill and am thankful God put him in my and my team's lives.
I started off the new year determined to be about the Master's business and found some fresh inspiration, above, from my daughter in-law.

My son and his wife rescue children from our terrible world through the Foster Care program. They have adopted 5 children so far. Recently two little boys were saved from a cursed home where they were left in their cribs all the time and terribly neglected.

With all the sorrows that go into that scenario, it seemed these boys were too badly neglected to recover.


had other plans and I've been able to see miracles happen when God's people go into the gutters to rescue the fatherless.

This picture above is little Luke walking for the first time. From jello legs to a strong resolve to walk under the care of a loving family.

The two boys were scared and scary when they first lay down in the cribs at our son's house. Screaming all night, they were mentally drained. My son and I tried playing soft Christian music in their room when I was visiting, and it worked! I had gotten tired of singing 400 stanzas of Jesus Loves You.

These two boys are very different from when they arrived 3 months ago.

While they have a long way to go, this house is the place where they can be on that journey safe and sound.

Pray for them, and for the Courts to do what is right for these children.

My sons and daughters are my heroes every day.
Project Truth will be on the streets in 2021 proclaiming the message that "you must be born again." We will continue to save babies and look for "avenues" to reach the lost. We can't wait for the colleges and high schools to reopen, hopefully soon.
Thank you for standing with me
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