Entering the Echo Chamber
Our team took the truth onto two exceptionally beautiful campuses, College of San Mateo, that has a panoramic view of the entire San Francisco Bay, and then on to the two colleges in Santa Barbara. The photo above shows the architecture of the College of San Mateo, where students are not taught "The Heavens declare the glory of God" in the planetarium. However, our team declared those powerful words to the students who talked with us for two days.

The photo below was taken on the Santa Barbara City College campus. We want to practice the challenge given to us by the Lord in Psalm 60:4:

You have given a banner to those who fear you, that it may be displayed because of the truth.

The Lord uses our banners to draw people to dialogue, and the Spirit draws them to the Cross. For five hours each day our team of 10 to 15 laborers ask God to speak through us the words of life.
There is a spirit of racism on many campuses directed towards us from a handful of students. The student above is a case in point as she attacked my gender and the color of my skin. I challenged her to end her racism and sexism towards me and she was shocked that I would dare to even question her misguided thinking. And I thought she just didn't like Matt's Amish-looking hat.
We were met by some protesters who, from time to time, would come over to listen to our conversations with other students.
Beth and Carole witness to many students each day and it is great to see how the students are drawn to the "moms and dads" and a few "grandpas" willing to visit their college world and tell them the truth.
We have found many more students open to the Gospel this semester.
Yes, that is a cruise ship in the Santa Barbara Harbor in the background.

The two girls I am talking to, above, were part of the sign-waving protesters. They usually watch us for awhile to see if we are approachable. As they see us respectfully engage others, they then come over and have good debate with us, while losing to logic and reason. We give them much to think about so they can "come to their senses" as II Timothy 2:25-26 says.
Jarod, above, travels from Fresno to join us and does a great job of including the Gospel into his conversations.

It is bothersome to hear students use careless arguments and statements against the truth of life in the womb. Here are a few we have to hear:

"A sperm goes up into the vagina and becomes a fetus."

"The brainstem does not even connect to the brain until 27 weeks."

"The brain doesn't even start working until the 12th week." (I could argue some not until 30 years old, but seriously, brain waves are measurable at 40 days.)

"The doctor slaps the baby at birth to get the blood to begin flowing into the brain." (I did wonder if the doctor forgot to slap that one.)

"Why are you people even here...we are educated students and you are uneducated."

"In ten years your generation will be gone and die off. Then we will be free from your old ideas and be able to do what we want." (We heard this more than once.)

"I am a biology major and the heart does not start beating until the 16th week." (I told her to Google it so she could find out that the baby's heart starts beating at 21 days. She reluctantly did and was not happy with what she found. She must not have been paying attention in Biology 101.)

These foolish statements by students give us an opportunity to direct them to truth and show them the trouble with being in a government-controlled echo chamber, merely repeating what they heard... although I can't believe some of these thoughts come from the classroom.

Some students take our correction well, while others struggle.

"The way of the fool is right in his own eyes; but he who listens to counsel is wise." Proverbs 12:15
Hannah, above, holds class with some students and directs them to right thinking as they read our material in the quad.
We have many open hearts and minds on every campus and their statements are an encouragement to our team throughout our time in the trenches.

These following statements were some from just the past two weeks:

"Thank you for coming to our liberal campus. We don't see any opposing views here and it's refreshing to hear the other side."

You guys are the bravest people to come here. Can't believe they let you on this campus."

"I saw the photos and walked away asking myself how I could be pro-choice after seeing what abortion looks like. I wanted to come back and tell you that I read your brochure and have changed my mind. I am now pro-life."

"I have recently been asking myself why God would even care what I am doing on this earth? Does He even care about me?" (That's called "opening the door for the Gospel," which I shared with him starting with John 3:16.)

"I wish I wasn't alive. I don't think anyone knows I exist."

"Thank you for coming on our campus. I have several friends who have had abortions and all of them are broken and wrecked because of their abortions. If they had seen these photos, they wouldn't have killed their babies."

"My twin sister had an abortion four years ago after pressure from our whole family to abort. I am ashamed that I also encouraged her to abort. Now I deeply regret it because my sister is not the same sister. I can tell she has changed, and not in a good way." (I ached over her words to me about her sister and pointed her to the Cross, encouraging her to go to WWW.AbortionRegrets.com to find healing and to rescue her sister. She told me she would make her sister watch the testimonies on that web page and seek the counseling offered on our website.)
Beth, above, in her straw hat, is able to love this confused student because the Lord is giving Beth a spirit of compassion for those lost in their sin.

In preparation for our campus ministry, we do not ask the Lord to bless the things we are doing, but instead we ask the Lord to direct us to do the things He blesses. At the end of each day we marvel at seeing God's handprints all over the day.

Prayer warriors back home are warring against the forces of evil who are trying to stop us and the effectiveness of their intersession is seen in the changed hearts and open doors among the students.
While leafleting Santa Barbara High School, a student approached Carole and asked for the brochure we were handing out. As Carole gave it to her, the student said, "I want to read this because I have come to realize that I am living in a liberal echo chamber and want to get out. This abortion issue is one of those areas that I want to reexamine."

At dinner Carole shared what this student had said and we were all excited about an eye-opening sound bite that would stop the students in their tracks. So the next day I started using that line by saying to the college students, "We are here to rescue you from the liberal privilege echo chamber. Please read our information and be set free from the echo chamber."

It worked, and many students knew right away what we meant. It has become a great challenge to the minds of the students, admitting they truly are in an echo chamber, parroting what their professors tell them without challenging the professors.
It actually rained one day while we were on the U.C. Santa Barbara campus. We grabbed our umbrellas and the rain did not hinder the students from talking with us.
I have included a link to the Santa Barbara City College newspaper editorial about our Project Truth team visit to their campus. The editors tried to redefine free speech and attack our visit. But what happened next is the hand of God at work. Following the editorial are two FANTASTIC comments from people we do not know. Please especially read the comment by Mark McIntire . He appears to be a lawyer and carefully destroys the editorial with precision.

It continues to be a great semester of ministry at these colleges, sharing the Gospel with more people than ever before, handing out more materials to the point that we are almost through 100,000 more brochures.

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Pray for us as we travel to two large Arizona college campuses next week and stand with the warriors from the G.A.P. outreach. Our Project Truth warriors will also leaflet some local high schools in the afternoons and get the Arizona citizens thinking about the truth.
Please go to the theater and see the movie GOSNELL. It is a true story and a MUST SEE.
2018 Fall College Outreach
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