"The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them."
Ida B. Wells 1900
We love taking Project Truth to Southern California, teaming up with CBR's (Center for Bioethical Reform) G.A.P. Project. The injustice display is 15 feet tall and is a powerful presence on any campus. The two campuses for this adventure were Rio Hondo College in Whittier and Cal State Long Beach .
As soon as we arrived, the students and some faculty started challenging our team members...and for four days we were shining the Light into the hearts and souls of thousands of wanna-be adults. Alex, above, steps onto the sidewalk in front of the display and immediately a crowd forms to hear our message. It went on like this every day.
Matt, in the red shirt above, was on a mission to shine and testify of the truth. Most students were respectful, with an occasional unbalanced student interrupting a conversation. Our team is trained to handle those moments and usually our actions work. Many times other students will tell the troublemaker to be quiet and thank us for not getting upset and for having the right demeanor.
We are often asked if we are afraid or nervous when confronted by the darkness. Our team loves to be in the midst of the battle knowing that "the battle belongs to the Lord." So while we might sometimes have moments where fear or uneasiness creep into our minds, each of us has hidden God's Word in our hearts. Herein is where our strength comes from and with confidence and boldness we love these lost people, witnessing to them about the righteousness of God. With time spent in the trenches, or as the Lord calls them, "the fields ripe unto harvest," we love being surrounded by the lost.
The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

When the wicked came against me to eat up my flesh, my enemies and foes, they stumbled and fell. Though an army may encamp against me, my heart shall not fear...

And now my head shall be lifted above my enemies all around me ...
Teach me Your way, O Lord, and lead me in a smooth path because of my enemies...

Do not deliver me to the will of my adversaries...I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living...

Be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart... Psalm 27
Case in point, Hannah, in the hat above, had one of the biggest crowds surround her and listen as she presented a message most of these students had never heard before. When Hannah told them, "The best way to avoid the risk of abortion is to stay a virgin till marriage," a loud roar could be heard all over Cal State Long Beach. But this bold warrior, pressured by lions, stood her Biblical ground, planting seeds of truth into these troubled youth.
Abra, in the blue jacket above, the Arizona director of G.A.P. (Genocide Awareness Project) , traveled to So Cal to join us for the week and wasn't disappointed. She and I stood listening to and asking questions of the students who shared some strange ideas about how life should be. These students are learning many concepts in their college echo chambers that are tripping them up when an important decision must be made in their lives.

One of the worst ideas they are taught is that our worth and value are not found in our humanity, but rather in what we experience and contribute to the world . This reckless idea is instrumental in giving them the misdirected justification to look down on others and to wrongly justify the killing of womb babies.
Below, we did get some opposition, which was even rebuffed by some of the students as unnecessary. But feelings seem more important than reason and logic for many students. They did get to listen in on our conversations though.
When we first arrived at Cal State Long Beach these signs below along the walkway to the quad were letting us know we were at the right place to present the Gospel!
Ignasio, in the blue shirt above, who worked for Lila Rose of Live Action for awhile, engaged a crowd at Cal State explaining to them that the standard for right and wrong is the Bible. While getting a groan from some students, others were open to acknowledging the need to have a starting point and admitted the Bible was a good reference point.
The student in the brown shirt eventually put down her nasty homemade sign and had a great conversation with us. Matt is putting together some of the videos we collected of these encounters. We will put them into our later letters and on our Facebook page Project TruthCA soon.
We set up barriers to make the days go more smoothly, along with the college providing undercover police and administrators to keep the students from crossing the lines of civil dialogue.

Emma, above, stood in this one spot for over three hours fielding questions and giving logical and reasonable answers to the questions asked.

One such question we often get is, "What if a woman is going to die with her pregnancy. Should she have the right to abort to stay alive?"

Our short answer is that when a woman's life is at risk, EVERY effort should be made to save both the mother AND the womb baby. When the time comes in which the mother and/or baby will not make it if the pregnancy continues, it is ethical and right to separate the mother and baby through surgery while attempting to save BOTH of them. Therefore you are not trying to kill the baby, rather you are trying to give equal value to both the mother and the baby. In situations like an ectopic pregnancy, the technology may not be advanced enough to save the baby, BUT try to save the baby too if you can; never intentionally try to kill the child. This good ethical answer seems to satisfy most students who ask as they have never heard the correct answers to these common challenges.
Above, I look small while standing in front of the display, but am able to use the photos as powerful tools to get our message across. When someone says "our display isn't changing anyone's mind," I point to the picture behind me and tell the student that the little girl pictured would beg to differ with him. Many students finally see the injustice of abortion and change their minds.
Throughout each day students come up to tell us they have been moved by our message and will never be the same.

Above and below is the husband/wife team of Greg and Lois Cunningham who are the founders of one of the first real pro-life programs in America, CBR. Greg has been a mentor to me for decades and I am proud to stand with him in the battle. They are both very good communicators. The students didn't know who they were in the presence of during the Cal State Long Beach event.

Below is one of the many students who braved the critical crowds to thank us for our stand against the liberal agenda on their campus.
Below are other students encouraging us to never give up.
Below is my new hero, Jose, who is a blind man. He is a man who believes in our mission and somehow follows us online. When Jose found out we were going to be in So Cal he figured out a way to join us and stood all four days with our team offering our brochure to students. I am humbled by this great man and his resolve to make a difference no matter the obstacles in life.

Thank you Jose. I will never forget you.
Retired RN and warrior Carol, below in the middle, uses the skills she learned in Bible Study Fellowship for many years to warn students of the pitfalls of humanistic thought being shoved down their throats at Rio Hondo College.
Abra's dad John, pictured below in the blue cap, probably remembers the inspiring words from long ago that are good for these moments. Marine General Lewis Puller said as his men were surrounded by the enemy, "All right now. They are on our left. They are on our right. They are in front of us. They are behind us...they can't get away this time!"
Great video clips on some of these conversations at the colleges coming soon.
We are on our way to San Jose State tomorrow and Wednesday. Pray for the harvest we will encounter.
Here is an edited 5 minute clip of what we are up against - Students who feel there are no consequences for wrong feelings and decisions. At the end she shakes my hand and says "good talk." Even though I challenged her lack of biblical belief, which isn't on the clip, and was strong with her, she listened and walked away with a pebble in her shoe. Click on the arrow in the photo to watch.
Thank you for standing with me
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