September 21, 2018 ______Update 120
Ernestina in New Bedford Harbor
H.F. Gerry Lenfest; philanthropist and longtime supporter
of Ernestina-Morrissey dies at 88

We are very sad to pass along the news that H.F.”Gerry” Lenfest, a great benefactor of the  Ernestina-Morrissey , passed away on August 5th. We regret he will not be able to see and enjoy the beautiful strong renewed vessel be launched, but are pleased he was able to see how far  Ernestina-Morrissey  has come and to know what a difference his support and leadership had made.
This short video by talented film maker Richardo Lopes chronicles his remarkable life and philanthropy.

Thank you, New Bedford!
The City of New Bedford showed its commitment to Ernestina-Morrissey by authorizing $100,000 in Community Preservation funds recently.

Soon the Ernestina will no longer be just a “dockside attraction” but a SAILING ambassador for the Commonwealth and for her home port New Bedford!
The next time you see one of the  Community Preservation Committee members
or  City Councillors thank them for their hard work and dedication!
and we LOVE your new logo!

Whiskey Plank Status
SEMA raised nearly $10,000 from the generous members of the Whiskey Plank Club. THANK YOU!
The shipyard changed the schedule, as you can see from this photo taken on September 12, and turned from planking to working on the deck framing and on  fairing, caulking and oiling the hull.
They have added several strakes recently and we expect the last plank to be set in October.
Planking and Trunnels
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hammer a trunnel
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** Mattapoisett, MA ** September 27
and ** Rye, NY ** October 20

NMHS logo
NMHS has posted an index of all back issues of Sea History magazine. This is a great organization that has supported Ernestina-Morrissey since the 1970's as you can see when you check the links. Just scroll down to Ernestina or Effie M. Morrissey and check out this resource.
Maura Hanrahan has written a biography of Bob Bartlett which will be released October 1. You can listen to a podcast of an interview on the CBC HERE.
"Unchained Man  explores the truth behind the myth of Robert Bartlett, while honouring the life of a central figure in international polar exploration and Arctic history."
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