We've gathered together some wonderful resources to add to your Pesach 5778. Celebrate the Chag and start of Spring with us!

Gideon Aronoff, Executive Director
Masorti Foundation

I t has been a whirlwind of activity over my first months as executive director of the Masorti Foundation. Over these weeks I have had the pleasure to meet rabbis and laypeople in the Conservative Movement who share my love for Israel and for Masorti’s vision of deeply rooted traditional Judaism that is inclusive, modern and egalitarian. Through its passion, programs, Kehillot and advocacy, the Israeli Masorti Movement is breaking ground and building bridges to ensure that a full Jewish life is available to all.
This edition of our E-Newsletter focuses on Pesach, and how the holiday helps us to address contemporary challenges of Zionism and refugee protection. We hope you will find the teachings, videos, texts and songs to be inspiring and enjoyable additions to your family’s holiday observance. And that you will seek out your own place in the partnership of Israelis and Diaspora Jews that is Masorti.
I welcome feedback from Masorti’s friends and supporters to help us educate and engage in the United States about Masorti Movement Judaism. Please feel free to reach out to me at garonoff@masorti.org
Warm wishes for a joyful and meaningful Pesach!  Chag Sameac h .
Getting Ready for Pesach
14 Nissan, 5778, March 30, 2018
Make your Passover celebration and your Seder especially meaningful and even a bit challenging this year.

Read the in-depth Teaching Guide prepared by Rav Siach and the Masorti Movement in Israel. The texts and the explanations are sure to make you think and spark lively conversation at your Seder.

Watch a sweet and deeply moving video with song and lyrics by Israeli composer, Alma Zohar. It's about the journey from slavery to freedom and about what it means to be a refugee today Get inspired and reflect on how this relates to our obligations to refugees today.
For another great video, watch Rabbi Michael Graetz , a founder of the Masorti Movement in Israel, explain the connection between the Haggadah and Zionism.
Rabbi Gordon Tucker Explains the Four Children...you haven't heard this before!

If your think you know the story of the four children and their questions, Rabbi Gordon Tucker's teaching will make you think again. Read more...
Dreaming of a Jewish & Democratic Israel? You can help make it happen.
The Vision Statement for a Jewish & Democratic Israel is a central advocacy effort of the Masorti Foundation and our partners in Israel.

Over 700 people have signed the statement including the leaders of Masorti and other major organizations in Israel and North America.

Read the Statement and then scroll down and add your name. Your voice has power! Use it to help make the Israel we want for ourselves and for future generations.
Get Your "Va'ani Tefillati" as an app in time for Pesach
I srael's first egalitarian prayer book is now available for your smartphone or tablet. (Grateful thanks to the Rabbi Jeffrey and Judy Wahlberg Fund for making this possible.)

The Masorti Flower, Perach Ha Masorti, the name of our newsletter, reflects a teaching by Chaim Nachman Bialik about the flower, seed and fruit of Agada and Halacha. Read it here .
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