Daily Volume III (074) | Friday, April 2, 2021
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Quote of The Day

" The actual price the sellers get seems to be the fairest reported price, although they still have other costs. As you say, the inflated price is only used to give the false impression that the vehicles are worth a lot more to sellers. The collectors know what they have to pay for the vehicle when they sign the checks. It’s up to them to determine if it’s fair. Showing both prices is the best way."

(Reader David S. commenting on our thoughts about most traditional auction houses insisting on including their fees in the "sales price" in our Market Manipulation post from last year.)
Six New Videos On Why Guys With Rides Auctions are Better!

On Monday we launched a new landing page for people new to GuysWithRides containing six quick videos explaining how our auctions differentiate our offering from all of the others. Email us what you think!
Our daily Craiglists "Classifinds" features provide detailed pricing estimates and a brief background. Today's feature cars include videos.
Mature Muscle: 1968 Buick Skylark GS400 – $23,000 OBO
In 1968, if you wanted more luxury and convenience built into your muscle car, chances are good a Buick GS400 such as this white-over-black example currently would be on your shortlist. Reported to be all original and featuring a five-year-old restoration appears to be...
Twin Turbo Grand Tourer: 1993 Toyota Supra – $66,500 (SOLD!)

Unfortunately, Rad Era Editor Jeff Lavery's unmolested Toyota Supra find illustrates just how hot these 90s icons are right now despite the asking price on this one set at $66,500. The ad for this example, for sale by the original owner, was deleted overnight.
Ahead of its Time: 2000 Honda Insight – $4,500
Rad Era Editor Jeff Lavery observes how amazing it is to realize that some vehicles that were initially the brunt of jokes among enthusiasts have re-emerged as delightfully charming in a way that makes them more desirable than when they were new. The 2000 Honda Insight...
We can't write in detail about every cool classic we find, so "Classifind Cuts" provide you with just-listed Craigslist leads.
LS Swapped: 1957 Chevrolet 210 Street Machine – $40,000

If you’re looking for a classic summer cruiser that has been thoroughly updated, this may be the car for you. The excellent photography combined with the detailed description has us liking this LS-swapped 210 sedan...
Sleeper Sedan: 1960 Studebaker Lark – $12,500
Sometimes we come across a ride that offers a lot for the money. Our latest example is this 1960 Studebaker Lark just listed yesterday. We recommend reading the seller's detailed description of what has been done to this Lark sedan to make it a sleeper street machine to be respected...
This time of year, it's not uncommon to come across "Classifinds" we assume had sold, however fresh listings on Craigslist prove otherwise. Here's the latest one we've come across over the past week.
Five Months Gone: 1996 BMW E31 850Ci – NOW $38,500

March 26, 2021 Update – After having us believe this stunning BMW sold quickly after posting, it appears the seller elected to keep the car over the winter to sell their 850Ci once the weather warmed up. More promising is the fact the price of $38,500 is now $1,400 less than the original ask of $39,900.
Our Auctions are Free Until Sold for the Seller while buyers pay the lowest premium of any curated collector car auction. Here's our latest offering currently available to bid on
1966 Oldsmobile 442 L49 4-Speed - BIDDING ENDS TODAY!

Bidding ends at 7:00 pm tonight on this gorgeous all-black 1966 Oldsmobile 442 we photographed and videotaped. This 442 features the very desirable combination of the 400 cubic inch L69 tri-power engine and factory A/C. The seller is also offering free shipping to the winning bidder (conditions apply)
Thinking about selling your ride? Give Us A Try!
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Guess What Ride 34: Buick Riviera Hidden Headlights - ENDS MONDAY!

"Guess What Ride" is our game designed to test your collector car knowledge.

Grille-Mounted Hidden Headlights were a styling trend of the late 1960s. Buick designers took it to the max by creating new takes on this styling cue every model year between 1965 and 1969. The collage above contains front-end views of Buick Rivieras for those model years.

If you think you can identify the five model years, pick the correct letter combination that correctly sorts the grilles in chronological order.  

Guess correctly and you'll be entered into a drawing for a Car Care Kit valued at $124 fulfilled by our friends at Car Care Specialties.

The contest is now open and will run through Monday, April 5, 2021!