Florida Surveying and Mapping Society

July 9, 2019
FSMS 64th Annual Conference Seminars!

Wednesday, July 24th
8:30 am - 3 pm

Seminar I

Forensic Approaches to Evidence Discovery & Location Course #9663 - 6 CECs Don Wilson, PSM. 

Proper techniques for the discovery, processing and preservation of a boundary scene, whether an entire land parcel, one boundary, one corner, or a related feature. 

Seminar II

Minimum Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys Course #9664 - 6 CEC's Gary Kent, PSM.

 Standard Detail Requirements for ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys became effective in 2016, and the program presenter continues to field questions on the ALTA/NSPS Standards from across the country multiple times a week. These questions range from certification issues to research issues to dealing with atypical surveys and more. This program will emphasize the most significant additions and modifications found in the 2016 standards in addition to addressing certification issues, dealing with lenders, the optional items of Table A, and the Relative Positional Precision measurement standard. 

Thursday, July 25th
8 am - 10:30 am

Seminar I

Court Testimony & the Presentation of Forensic Evidence Course #9665 - 3 CECs Don Wilson, PSM.

 An overview of judicial procedure, rules of court and rules of evidence, and the role of the expert witness. Emphasis is placed on the surveyorattorney relationship and working with forensic evidence, including trace evidence, and cold cases.

Seminar II

Sea Level, Tidal Date & Water Boundaries Course #9666 - 3 CEC's George M. Cole, PLS, PE, PhD.

 This presentation will be based on a publication in development which will be a much updated version of the venerable WATER BOUNDARIES book (John Wiley & Sons, 1996) and will cover some interesting new twists. The major topics will include the following: Sea Level Change, Tidal Variation and Datum Planes, Tidal Coastal Boundaries, Riparian and Littoral Boundaries, and Boundaries for Riparian and Littoral Rights.

Don't forget to sign up for these additional seminar offerings. It's a great opportunity to learn from these knowledgeable industry leaders! 


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