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Volume 3 Issue 4     April/May 2019
IDS Has Great Spring Deals For Awesome Outdoor Sound
We're all done with winter and the patio and yard are ripe for entertaining. Have you thought about your outdoor sound system needs? Whether you're ready to totally rock out in your yard, pump out so much bass that your patio furniture rattles, or just read a book to soothing backround tunes, now is the time to get it done!
If you want music that simply envelops you from any point in your yard, you'll love Episode's landscape speakers and Origin Acoustics' outdoor speakers. These systems of speakers and subwoofers hidden throughout your property can handle all your music needs. You'll never see them; you'll just be immersed in sound. To learn about our Spring deals, contact us today to learn more at 516-625-6060.
Control4 and Music
For awesome home automation, Control4 fits the bill. Using this system for music takes its capabilities to another level. You can access millions of songs, playlists, podcasts and radio stations through a variety of streaming services. Everyone can listen to and control their music from anywhere in the home. Play the same music throughout, or listen individually in separate rooms. Sonos is one whole-house music system that works with Control4.
If you're ready for an even more customizable music experience, say hello to HEOS. It's the newest music system from Denon, and it plays nicely with Control4. With speakers that can be arranged vertically, horizontally or even mounted on the wall along with Wi-Fi connections and outstanding quality, this is a system worth considering. The HEOS wireless music system allows you to stream from your favorite music service on your network with a smart phone, tablet, or even by asking Alexa to play it for you. Outrageous sound, with even more custom solutions. We'll get you hooked up in no time! Call us today for a free consultation: 516-625-6060. Learn more about HEOS here.
Disney Plus is Coming
Just when you thought you had enough streaming service bills, here comes Disney Plus! This service will go head to head with Netflix and other big players in the streaming arena. It's slated to begin in November, with a monthly cost of $7. When it launches, you can look for 7,000 episodes of TV series and 400-500 movies, along with 25 oriignal series. If you're a big Disney properties fan, you'll want to set the countdown timer now. Learn more here.
For Printed Selfies
Have you ever taken a selfie and wished you could print it out right away? You can now with Polaroid's Mint--it's a camera and a printer in one. With a fair price tag and a small pocket size, you'll never have to just wish again. Check it out.
Shopping for a Big-Screen TV? Call IDS!
If you're in the market for a 55", 65" or 75"+ OLED TV, call us today! We'll explain the difference between OLED and other TVs, and we will help you find the right TV for your watching style (movies? sports?), your room lighting (bright? dark?) and your room layout (straight? angled?). Our pricing is more competitive than Amazon or Best Buy, and we offer 10% off installation of any TV purchased from IDS. Contact us at 516-625-6060 or  by email.
An affordable way to maintain your systems
If keeping your home technology systems up and running is important to you, let IDS help you maintain your electronic lifestyle and avoid significant down time. A Peace of Mind Service Plan will make sure those products keep performing like the day you purchased them!
Contact  us today to learn more.
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